Now's the time to kick some butt

Should the ban be overturned? Should it be amended? Should it stand? Maybe it's just time to quit. Forget what your mother or
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Should the ban be overturned? Should it be amended? Should it stand?

Maybe it's just time to quit. Forget what your mother or Little League coach said, sometimes quitting is the best option.

There is an incredible uproar right now over Ohio's new smoking ban. Smokers are furious. Some bar-owners share their outrage. Non-smokers are pretty much OK with things, though some believe smokers' rights are being stepped upon.

Hey, let's face the truth: voters approved the smoking ban in this state and it has now become law.

"It's about time. It's a good thing. Its a nasty habit. My grandfather smoked his whole life and he just passed away with lung cancer," Carolyn Olvera told a Register reporter last week.

One of the best options for dealing with the ban would seem to be quite simple. Stop smoking. OK, stopping smoking is anything but simple, but it is a simple concept. Stop what many feel is a negative behavior. It is proven to be unhealthy. There's a good chance it bothers your neighbor, or even a family member. Now it is close to being against the law. Why not just stop?

"I'm upset about it 'cause I'm a big smoker. But it also gives me the opportunity to quit 'cause its not worth it to go out in the cold," Michelle Meirovitch said.

Let that be reason enough. It's not worth going out in the cold.

We encourage smokers to make the logical step. Seek out help. Do whatever it takes to quit. Call the Ohio Tobacco Prevention Association's Ohio Tobacco Quit Line at 800-QUIT NOW. You can also try Firelands Regional Medical Center's Freedom from Smoking program at 419-557-7683 or Fisher-Titus Medical Center's Smoking Cessation Program at

Smoking is a dirty, unhealthy habit that is going out of style in Ohio. Millions of Ohioans say so. Smokers, your peers say it's time to put that light out. Why don't you do it?

Your neighbors and children will be happier and healthier. The government will he happier because it won't have to pay so much for medical care for you. And of course that cost is passed along to each and every taxpayer, so all of them will be happier also.

No, the ban is not perfect. There are lots of questions about how it will be enforced, if it can be at all. Will anyone actually see a fine? Who knows. That's not the point though. The inconvenient truth is that smoking is now outlawed in public places in Ohio because the public does not want smoking. Listen to that call smokers. The people are speaking and they are in the right. Smoking's day is done in Ohio. Quit now.