Huron County deputy pleads to crash-related charges

A Huron County Sheriff's deputy - who broke 19 bones in a crash he caused by running through a stop sign - paid $80 in court costs for pleading no contest to failure to yield for a stop sign and failing to wear a seat belt.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 9, 2011


A Huron County Sheriff’s deputy — who broke 19 bones in a crash he caused by running through a stop sign — paid $80 in court costs for pleading no contest to failure to yield for a stop sign and failing to wear a seat belt.

Johnnie R. Harris, 48, was on duty in September driving an unmarked SUV when he ran a stop sign at Egypt and Miller roads.

He crashed into a pickup truck pulling a camper, causing minor injuries to the driver and his 4-year-old daughter.

Troopers didn’t file charges against Harris until later. The deputy was hospitalized for weeks with broken bones, a concussion and gashes to his head.

Investigators said he was talking on his cell phone when he drove through the stop sign as he was headed south on Miller Road.

Huron County Sheriff’s Capt. Ted Patrick said Harris remains off duty on medical leave. Patrick said Harris will be disciplined, but it’s unclear what that discipline could be until after an internal investigation is completed.

“He’ll be facing sanctions within our agency,” Patrick said. “We have not met with him yet.”

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The big question is WHO IS PAYING FOR BOTH VEHICLES? If it is the insurance of Huron County then the taxpayers are footing the bill. There has to be an element of responsibility on the deputy!!

I Judge you

From reading the article it looks like he was lucky he didn't get killed. Thank goodness the other two people weren't hurt, and hopefully he will recover completely.


Is anyone else tired of cops not practicing what they preach. I sure am!  And it just keeps getting worse and worse.  Latest info from State Highway Patrol says that accident figures are up and the number one attributor is distracted driving!  On top of his distracted driving, he wasn't wearing a seatbelt and he blows through a stop sign.  In my book, he should know better and should have used better judgement.  Heck, he gives tickets daily for the same offenses!  This just shows that he doesn't fully understand his job.  He is supposed to be a pillar of the community not a burden on the people. 3 strikes in one crash and you are OUT!


Im glad the others weren't injured. I would like to know who's flipping the bill on the cars repairs and medical bills. I would also like to know why Deputy Harris's fines were only $80 when the last time I got a no seatbelt ticket say ten years ago it was $90 and then well I dont know what the running a stop sign would be, but this sure seems like he's getting off rather cheap by the judge. Someone remind me why he was driving around in an unmarked car while he was off duty anyways?


Lugnut, read the article. He was ON duty @ the time.


 oops my bad,,


On duty but not on a run.  All the more reason he should be fired. 

Dont Worry Be Happy

Cops and Sherriffs are people yes but at the same time people hold them to a higher standard. When I read how fast Deputy Harris was going through that country stop sign and hit the Adams family kinda makes me wonder how he can he only be fined $80 and get a slap on the hand. My last speeding ticket was much more than that (which was deserved) he could have killed the Adams family because he was not paying attention and from the way it states he didnt even try to slow down upon the impact. He hit them going at a very fast speed, come on. Then it bothers me is that the Judge asked Mr. Harris how the Adams family was doing. Now has Mr. Harris actually contacted the Adams family to see how they were doing how did he know they were fine? I have not seen anything in the paper telling us how the Adams family was doing. Many bloggers have blogged asking if anyone knows how they are doing but I have not read anything in the paper. From what I have heard Mr. Adams is still not back to work because of a injury from the accident so in my eyes that does not seem they are fine. Don't get me wrong here im not trying to cut on Mr. Harris im glad he is going to be ok, I just dont think he should get special favors because he carrys a badge. I do hope he is punished for causing a horrific accident from the internal invesigation.  I to wonder why his carelessness will cost us.

For the destruction he caused I would say he got off pretty light as far as fines go. Said he paid $80 in court cost, does this mean fines? If so he paid about $30 for seatbelt ticket and $50 for the stop sign. In comparison Rocky River would charge you $120 for no front plate and not harming anyone or destroying anything. If he is “at fault” the insurance provider for his vehicle will have to pay, and we know what that really means. Thank heavens no one was killed, nice to see our safety forces practice what they preach.