Move on Marina District

I was a U.S. Marine and am the senior vice commandant of the local Marine Corps League Detachment. I am offended by the recent lette
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


I was a U.S. Marine and am the senior vice commandant of the local Marine Corps League Detachment. I am offended by the recent letter trying to tie the military men and women who died defending our country with the downtown marina district. Trying to persuade opinion based on fallen heroes sickens me.

Our constitution gives us the freedom to elect local government officials. In Sandusky, we elected seven commissioners with equal voting power to make decisions in the best interest of the citizens of the community. Their decisions are decisions based on facts, many of which we are not aware of or do not need to know. We have placed our trust in these commissioners.

Unfortunately, we have a commissioner who would rather play it safe for re-election than make a tough decision that will help our city. The time for going door-to-door has passed. Now is the time for the commissioners to do their jobs and move this city forward! Imagine if every time an opportunity was presented or a tough decision had to be made, time was wasted taking door-to-door polls. Nothing would ever be accomplished. And truly, door-to-door polls of a few city neighborhoods are not very scientific and do not represent the true feelings off all residents of the city.

A successful company with a proven record is ready to invest $175 million into our downtown. This includes residential opportunities, a hotel, a restaurant, retail and a sports arena. All of these are designed to lure people downtown, helping create new business and help existing business. We elected our commissioners to make decisions that will benefit our community. All the facts strongly point toward moving forward on this project.

People are retiring at an astonishing rate, selling their homes and buying condos outside Sandusky. Let's give these citizens a beautiful place to live in Sandusky so we can keep our good neighbors and maybe attract more.

The devil dances in empty pockets. Let's create places for our youth to work. Where can a 16-year-old work north of Perkins Avenue? A job is better than any youth center I can think of.

It is our responsibility as citizens to elect officials who will improve our city, create opportunities to work and improve our quality of life, and who will take the risks needed to make this city great.

The easiest thing to do would be nothing, or to waste time taking silly polls until the developers find another area to develop. We could continue to see our once-great city deteriorate, or we could take the risks many of those who founded this city once took to create a destination -- a place where people want to live, work and play.

Jeffrey S. Smith