Wall Street protest spreads to Norwalk

The sign raising seen across the country in the last month protesting against Wall Street played out in Norwalk Saturday morning.
Melissa Topey
Nov 7, 2011


The sign raising seen across the country in the last month protesting against Wall Street played out in Norwalk Saturday morning.

Those involved in the "American Dream Movement, Make Wall Street Pay" protest said even on a local level people should make their voices heard.

"When we tend to think of these (protests) ,we think of foreclosures and people sliding off the edge; we think it happens elsewhere. I am here to tell you it happens here; Norwalk is in trouble," said Patrick Saunders, who helped organize the event.

Standing along Saunders holding up signs that read "I support the 99%", "Main Street not Wall Street" and "Jobs, Not War" was a small group of six people, including 6-year old Lucas Lester.

"I told him he was doing a good thing," said his mom Sherida Knott.

Saunders said he had hoped for a bigger turnout but he was not dissuaded in his rally against what he says is corporate greed and the growing gap between big business, rich executives and average citizens.

"Sometimes it's the voices of the few that speak for the many," Saunders said.

Saunders said he and his wife helped their children at times when they were struggling in a hard economy that put a lot of demands on them. When Saunders and his wife needed help, there was no one they could turn to.

He is tired of watching his family, his friends and his neighbors struggle.

"Intelligence does not get paid," Saunders said. "I want to give government officials intelligence tests, like the foreign service exam."

Protester Richard Amerince, who is with Move On, pointed out what he said were several failures in governmental policy, including the Foreign Investment Tax Credit Act that benefits American companies who move overseas by allowing them to pay tax in that company while wiping out domestic tax.

"A lot of people do not know about that," Amerince said.

Sandusky resident Skip Oliver was at the protest and plans to be at a similar protest scheduled for this coming weekend in downtown Sandusky at Schade Mylander Park.

Saunders said he is not stopping and is planning a "teach in" open to the public to talk about poverty and more. There has been no location or date set yet.


Just Thinkin

I kinda thought they were Nutty people, But after a personal dealing with our insurance company over some prescriptions, and knowing they are traded on WALL STREET, My view of them has changed they have a point that needs to be changed, When money can rule human suffering something is wrong and YES all stockholders are to blame

Eph 2 8-10

Me thinks some people need to study what Jesus said in the Parable of the Vineyard......




Good call, Eph 2 8-10.  I wonder how conservatives rationalize what many would equate to communist thinking.  It's a bit like talking out of "both sides of your mouth."  Conservatives tend to be Christian, but ignore this particular teaching.  It's like being pro-life, yet pro-death penalty.  Some people choose to ignore certain parts of the Bible in order to promote a particular way of thinking.  It's this type of hypocrisy that invalidates the Conservative point of view.

I am neither conservative or liberal. 

6079 Smith W

@ Eph 2 8-10:

The Bible can be quoted in an attempt to justify most any possible position even slavery.  

In this case, how about the Parable of the Talents that Mr. Sanders and the other economic illiterate muddle heads appear to be missing?


Where does Jesus say: Steal from the rich and give to the poor? Marxism is atheism.


6079 Smith W

I've got some sad, sad news for the economically and financially ignorant.

The banks, large financial institutions and money managers buy huge volumes of govt. debt. If they were allowed to fail, the govt. would fail as well.

It's always in a govt's best interest to prop up and guarantee the deposits of "too big to fail." 

If you think that foreigners like China are the largest holders of U.S. govt. debt - guess again.

The Biggest Holders of U.S. Govt. Debt: 


I ain't saying it's right, I'm just sayin' that's how it is.



Just thinkin says "SHUT DOWN WALL STREET". I can understand why he is saying it, but I just wonder what would happen to the little man's 401K and the investments of us older people if Wall Street did shut down. I agree that they make to much money, but so do big league ball players and there are some that still shell out the big bucks to go see them. Wall Street isn't the only ones who are overpaid. There are all kinds of movie stars, singers, etc. who have way to much money. Maybe Obama is going to get his way, and everyone will have an equal worth. The ones who don't work will be worth as much as the ones who work 60 or 70 hour weeks.

Rabbi says & Eph 2 8-10 says:

You are both biblically challenged. 

This parable has two meanings:

1.  It does not matter at what age you accept Jesus as your savior, you will still get to go to heaven. 

2.  Contrary to your cause, when you agree to work for a wage, you should do it.  Don't begrude those who have earned more than you.  Be happy with what you have.

Pro-life/pro death.  The bible clearly states and eye for an eye.  I know you will say that it also says to turn the other cheek.

How do liberals support allowing murders to live, and killing unborn babies whom have harmed no one?  That seem like a much more extreme position than protecting innocent lives and punishing evil.


This guy Patrick Saunders is sueing the Huron County Sherrifs and commisioners of Huron County. I think someone needs something to do.


This type of "sit down strike" behavior is so in the past.  What is it going to prove?  What is it going to change?  What is your adgenda?  I really think that most of these people are homeless, don't have two pennies to rub together and finally came out of their dumpsters to camp out in the open.  Well, have a nice vacation folks, but if your acts disrupt my investments or my 401k you better go back and hide in your dumpster.


The sad thing is that 6 people will follow this guy and this lame excuse for a newspaper thinks its news....

AJ Oliver

   Face it folks, Jesus was a liberal jew. 

   Actually, it's harder to be a christian than a socialist.  Socialists just have to share their stuff, christians are called to give all their stuff away . .   just sayin' 

Marcus M

actually Jesus was a conservative Jew, he strictly followed all the Jewish laws during his entire life.


so, how many of the "occupiers" have taken out a loan?  have used the banks money for credit cards?  how many of the "occupiers" have filed for bankruptcy and not paid back the money that they "stole" from not only the bank but all of the people that ultimately have to pay increased fees and or interest.


The New World Czar

This Saunders guy is the same one who made his presence known at BGSU-Firelands...


Sure, with goofballs like this walking around, Norwalk is in trouble. A stellar example of citizenry for the other five protestors to follow.

Marcus M

A midget only needs a small stage

I agree many ride on the system they curse, be that welfare, student grants, filing bankruptcy, etc. Its too easy to blame everyone else.   Even Cuba is moving toward capitalism, and the Scandinavian Model is nothing but a myth. Cant wait until we are taxed a realistic 40-50% of our income to support “social programs” Interesting to look at the history of socialism in those countries and negative effects. Redistributing the wealth will do nothing but lead to more poverty, inequality, less productivity and innovation.   Seeing as how we love the scripture; Hard work brings about profit, mere talk leads to poverty. Proverbs 14:23 NIV. I see a lot of talkers...........  
6079 Smith W

@ gilamonster:

Even the Swedes refused to use taxpayer money to save Saab.


GM in China is doin' real well.

Since we still own about 26% of GM, how hard do you think it would be to find some Asian buyers?

We also own about 73% of Ally Bank (the old GMAC). Let's get Goldman goin' on a sale.




Our free market system has evolved into one where as banks (the large ones in particular) and wall street are now holding all the cards to our mortages, retirements, general commerce and futures. The problem is they have prostituted their positions and now make demands via laws they desire to have in place to benefit themselves. Most, if not all of us, are caught up in their all inclusive trap because of the current economic structuring of our so called "free market" system. The regulations that had been in place after the Great Recession needs to be, desperately, put back in place and new ones instituted to harnass this new form of capitalistic greed. The answers are simple....it's the implimentation that is difficult.