Attorney: Unfinished road work caused hay-ride crash

An attorney says unfinished construction work on Patten Tract Road caused Saturday's hay-ride crash that left 28 people injured.
Emil Whitis
Oct 28, 2011

An attorney says unfinished construction work on Patten Tract Road caused Saturday's hay-ride crash that left 28 people injured.

Erie County workers were working on the road Thursday, placing fill dirt along a 7-inch drop-off at the shoulder of the road.

“I think the fact that they’re out there now repairing the road speaks volumes,” said Troy Wisehart, the attorney representing Michael Hermes, 47, of Oxford Township, who was charged with aggravated vehicular assault, open container, failure to control and refusing to take a breathalyzer test.

Hermes was driving a tractor pulling two hay-ride trailers full of people when the rear trailer overturned, the Ohio State Highway Patrol said. Hermes refused to take a breathalyzer test at the scene, but troopers obtained a warrant to get a blood sample from him to determine if he was driving while intoxicated.

His wife, Kristi Hermes, 46, was charged with tampering with evidence because she tried to hide beer bottles at the crash scene, troopers said.

Want to read what Erie County engineer Jack Farschman has to say about the Patten Tract Road project? Pick up a copy of Friday's Register.



How long does it take to get the BAC results?


depends if the tests are being done by csi: miami or local law enforcement...hahaha


Hey try pulling a double farm trailer loaded with people out bar hopping while you are drunk at night, who could ever see a problem?  There is a perfect explanation why his wife was tossing beer cans, the answer,  she is anti-recycling?  During this same time frame how many sober persons have driven off this same road and overturned a trailer, answer NONE, its called lack of personal responsibility....



We have one sicko posting how funny this could have been, of course consider the source...


Hey Captain Gutz, ever think he may not have a record?  Or are you too stupid to figure that one out?  

And I remember seeing the record (posted on here by 007) of the LeBrown fan who went to the Indians game wearing a Miami Heat jersey.  He was white.

Not to speak on behalf (or in defense) of 007, but I think the rap sheets which get posted on here are because those people ("Cackles," the idiots shooting at each other, etc) have a lengthy criminal record.  It just so happens that most of them are NOT white.  Maybe that's a sign of which race is committing a higher percentage of the (violent) crimes and not the prejudice of 007.


Does anyone have any facts on this question? I know it is illegal to ride in a boat, or a camper on a trailer when being towed by a truck on the roadway. Wouldn't the same go for a hay wagon, or are they somehow exempt from this? Just curious....

All taken

 I was wondering the same planb. I didn't realize it was legal to bar hop on a tractor pulling  trailors. The news on t.v. said they had already been to two bars in Sandusky. Wonder if I could fit a couple people in my wagon on the back of my lawn mower. Sorry just had to say it. I realize this is not a joking matter but I did not realize this was legal, or is it??

Woody Hayes


Don't forget, that person can hover over ground in the flying wacko machine.


another lawyer trying to manipulate the facts

Phil Packer

I slide off the road during a snow storm once because of a drop off just like that on a "newly" paved road, with no edge lines. It was superbowl sunday(1985 or 1986, the Bears won). Why it had not been finished by then, I don't know, but the dropr off sent my car into a spin and into a telephone poll. I was sober, driving slowly, both hands on the wheel, not listening to the radio, and of course, no cell phone. It was at least a 6 inch dop off, and NO edge lines. I wasn't too happy.