Hayride overturns in Perkins Twp.; 28 people injured

(Updated 11 a.m. Sunday) Dozens of people were injured late Saturday after a hayride overturned on Patten Tract Road south of Bogart Road in Perkins Township. The driver of the hayride is charged with drinking and driving, among other charges.
Sandusky Register
Oct 23, 2011

(Updated 11 a.m. Sunday) Dozens of people were injured late Saturday after a hayride overturned on Patten Tract Road south of Bogart Road in Perkins Township. The driver of the hayride is charged with drinking and driving, among other charges.

Perkins emergency personnel responded to a call at 10:37 p.m. of a hayride that had overturned in the 6200 block of Patten Tract Road.

Twenty-eight people were injured in the overturn, investigators later confirmed.

Capt. Steve Reiderman, of the Perkins Fire Department, said victims were being treated for bumps, bruises and possible broken bones.

Victims still were being tended to and transported at 11:30 p.m. Eight victims were taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center, two were taken to Fisher-Titus Medical Center and six were taken to The Bellevue Hospital. Emergency vehicles still filled the road as of 11:50 p.m.

Two passengers from Castalia later had to be transported from Bellevue Hospital by medical helicopter to Mercy St. Vincent Hospital in Toledo for serious injuries. They were Ruben Cruz Jr. and Raynoldo Cruz.

Jeff Matter, 47, of Milan, who participated in the event, estimated there were about 120 people on the hayride. That's an accurate count, according to the Patrol, which said that about 30-40 people were in each trailer.

Three caged trailers were being pulled as part of the hayride. The first two were being pulled by a tractor, and the third followed and was being pulled by a truck. The second trailer being pulled by the tractor turned over on the right side of Patten Tract Road, where it still sat at 11:50 p.m.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol said the driver of the tractor, Michael L. Hermes refused to take a field sobriety test and was arrested by troopers for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol. He was not injured in the overturn. He was taken to the Sandusky post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, where a warrant was issued to draw blood from him for alcohol tests to be performed at the Patrol's crime lab.

Hermes, 47, was also charged with aggravated vehicular assault, open container and failure to control and jailed at the Erie County jail. He's scheduled to appear in Sandusky Municipal Court at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

The crash is still under investigation by the Patrol, and the names, health status and addresses of the 28 injured people is still being compiled.

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  I'm going to take a shot in the dark!  I'd put a small wager that Country Girl was actually raised in the City and just moved to the Country recently.  You can smell-out the thinking, if I don't like it or like doing something, then nobody should be engaging in the activity.  I sense the 9-5 and home in the yard till dark and watching what all the neighbors are doing.  The difference between you and most people on the Hay Ride is we respect your choices even though we live worlds apart but our way of enjoying life is far different from yours.  I've lived mostly on the "EDGE" my whole life and I think "If you are not living on the edge you are taking up to much room."  I don't endanger others or their property.

Just Thinkin

Hey, All you Blogger experts, grab your notes ,photo's and power points,Mike is due in court this morning Get down thier and show the Judge all your expert  knowledge of this wagon flipping, With all the posts on here from the experts who were thier and have inside information it is your duty to attend and set the OSP strait and nail Mike to the cross !! Hurry up . if not you all should be held in comtempt for not producing your FACTS 


Hey "I Judge" ~

I think it completely funny as hell that you think you heard wild laughter from Hermes when the tractor he was driving had an enclosed cab. Wow miracle ear... you must have been on another hayride! There  is no way in hell you could have heard anything at all not even if he was screaming inside the cab!


Has the Mason Jar been put up for sale yet?


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Just Thinkin

@ GMADD, I am not a Hermes, nor related in anyway, But I am a Friend of the family and I've known them to be fun loving ,caring and willing to help anyone ,I was not thier so unlike all the experts on here I can't rush to Judgement on these  half truths that are being spread. Have a good day and go fish some where else.I am not taking your bait on this, It's childish as you seem to be , you foolish little person LOL


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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained personal attacks. Discussion Guidelines


Okay people this is getting a bit much....What does being pregnant before marriage and being Holy have a thing to do with this accident. Don't you people have anything better to do?

Al K Hall


I Judge you

Maybe I didnt hear wild laughter. Maybe just maybe it was the howle of a distant coyote.


Was he really trying to pop wheelies in the tractor?


Even in the blogs,
time to circle the wagons -
or what's left of them


Truth of the matter is that his BAC HAS NOT been released to even him!!  NO ONE will know the results for a month or two...  I'd watch what u say until u have ALL the facts!! 


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My husband Jeff, my son, my daughter, and I have been friends with the Hermes Family for over 20 years and they are the closest extended family that we have had the pleasure to know.  Our family grew up with their family and they are wonderful people who contribute to the area and are very generous in everything they are involved in (Perkins Schools, Relay for Life, etc.).  Every one of them would absolutely give you the shirt off their backs. Why would anyone post negative comments about this family?

The old saying:  "People in glass houses should not throw stones" applies directly to anyone that has felt the need to attack this family.  Mistakes are made by eveyone.  When the truth is revealed about this ACCIDENT, I sincerely hope the media (and everyone that posted something nasty) will offer an apology to this family for dragging their names through the mud.

The Dubois Family is very proud to be called friends by this family, and we are very fortunate to be a part of their extended family and friends.


That's just the way a lot of people are.  If they can't make someone feel bad they don't figure they have had a successful day.



I Judge you

Wild laughter as the pain flows from the victims and Sharon may or may not wish the victims could suffer forever!

I Judge you

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 Sooooo....Is it safe to say that next years Hayride Event is cancelled? Its too bad this accident happened..sounds like a lot of fun.



As someone on another thread stated....And I agree, If the bars sold the beer and the people took it off premises, that would be a major violation of liquor laws. The bar owners better have GOOD insurance or all get their 'stories straight.' As I am sure they will...  Those that are willing to give up their freedoms for safety, deserve NEITHER!

What I read here are many judges and no jury. So many people can not wait for a bad event to happen so they can jump on the blogs just to insult people. Everyone makes mistakes, some worse than others, however mistakes are mistakes and the only judge we all will face will be in due time. Both members involved have enough to worry about without the negative comments towards the Hermes family too.

Business decisions are made everyday when operating a business, some good ones and some will be questionable, this one may be a fail for the future, again, that will be their business not the bloggers on this site or any other site.

The Mason Jar has been pretty sucessful in their business decisions to get them where they today, 1 incident doesnt destroy everything they worked for, its a set back and no more. May god blesss the victims and the Hermes family, hopefully everyone will mend and the Herme's can grow from this accident for a better future.


From what my friends that were on the ride siad, they brought there own coolers as did most of the riders.  I may be wrong, but aren't bars allowed to sale alcohol to go as long as it's not opened?  I'm pretty sure but not positive.  I know years ago when the wife and I went to Mona Mi and had half a bottle of wine left, they kept it.  Now when we go, they seal the top with wax and put it in a sealed bag and we can take it with us.  When I asked, they explained that it was legal now, as long as the bottle was sealed.

Sandusky Kid

 I will not infringe on anyone's right to due process, as so many have already on here. I do not know the family, so these are unbiased, collected opinions from what I've heard about this case:

Any time someone is suspected of drinking while driving (ESPECIALLY when there are so many people who could potentially be affected by that person), it is a BIG deal. It bothers me when people do not consider others when making decisions. 

That being said, the amount of citizens coming on here solely to make ignorant remarks about this man and his family is PATHETIC. I know, I know. You have a right to free speech. However, your remarks reflect your maturity level.




My 2 cents:

The arguement that this man had been drinking should not be the main focus here, although it would be disappointing to his family, friends, and himself if he were under the influence of alcohol. The main focus should be why he thought this was a good idea in the first place. Allowing 60 to 80 people to be on wagons while driving down a public road (whether in the country or city), with several passengers who had access to alcohol that night, is just not a good idea. Perhaps a hayride in the farm fields would have been a better/safer idea without mixing in the public scene of a bar to stop at. I do not wish the worst for this man and neither should you, but whether you know him or not the person should be punished for creating this unfortunate situation. If you have a harsh comment to say about a citizens mistake then by all means say it if it makes you feel better, but ask yourself this question: why is it this man that you feel the need to make such bitter remarks about? If this were your family member or friend I bet you would argue back the same way and defend them. Lets be thankful that this is all that happened that night and nothing worse came out of it. Instead of arguing with one another how about doing this:

Pray for the people who were injured, Pray for the person being convicted, and most importantly...pray for yourself.

God Bless.

I Judge you

Yes indeed it was the passnegers fault the wagons tipped!


You are not a christian or you wouldn't be judging others.




Of course Wisehart is going to hang his hat on the drop off of the road. Let's be realistic, it's tragic that all those people were injured and even if they brought alcohol of their own in the wagon the fact still remains Hermes was intoxicated while driving the tractor period!! If in fact the Mason Jar ,that Hermes's own supplied the alcohol, well that's another twist in this scenario. Another scenario would be chartering a bus to a Cleveland's football game, drinks are served on the bus for the passengers and the driver of the bus ( who is supposed to be sober) drives off the birm of the road causing the bus to flip over and people get injured, does this mean no one takes responsibility? The driver is responsible for the passengers regardless if it's in a bus or on a hay wagon, sober or intoxicated he was driving!!! It stands to reason that Hermes pled not guilty, since any insurance will be null and void since the tractor is to be used for specific farm use not for hauling intoxicated people and having an intoxicated driver driving people through the fields and on an open roadway. Another note should be as to why his his wife was charged with a felony for trying to toss the beer in the cornfield. The legalities and law suits that stem from this will be alarming.


Hey all you farmers in Perkins


Vote for the best fiscal officer ever

Vote for and retain Diane Schaefer as Perkins Township Fiscal Officer