Forum draws hundreds interested in Duke's discounts for all-electric homes

Almost 500 all-electric homeowners packed the room at a forum Friday to learn about a new energy company lighting up northern Ohio.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 22, 2011


Almost 500 all-electric homeowners packed the room at a forum Friday to learn about a new energy company lighting up northern Ohio.

Cincinnati-based Duke Energy Retail recently agreed to provide all-electric consumers a discount on prices, compared to FirstEnergy’s current prices for those customers.

On average, people can expect to save hundreds of dollars a year if they switch from FirstEnergy to Duke, said Sue Steigerwald, an area activist fighting for fair electric prices.

Steigerwald explained all the benefits of the new program to all-electric consumers during a question-and-answer forum at the Sandusky Community Church at the Nazarene.

For more information, contact Duke Energy Retail by visiting, or call 877-331-3045.

Also, be sure to pick up Sunday's Register for a story detailing Duke Energy’s new program.



 I am out of state and was unable to attend. Does anyone know what the current residential cost per kwh is?

Cracked Cherry

 6.46 per KWH.

Peninsula Pundit

Those who will not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

This saying applies to all the attendees at that meeting.

C'mon! We've all read in just the few past months how FirstEnergy did this same thing, only to yank the rug out from under the homeowners solely at their discretion.  They left the people who built these all-electric homes to pay current rates, which, as we all know, rank among the highest in the whole country.

Now here comes Duke, spewing the same pablum, and here are idiots readily lining up to take it up the keister from Duke.


Bring your own grease.


What is to prevent Duke from raising the rates once they snag you?

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Centauri :What is to prevent Duke from raising the rates once they snag you?

That would be a piece of paper known as a contract.  Obviously, those whining about First Energy ending their discounts, didn't know about contracts, or the need to READ them, when they built their houses. 

Business rule #1: Get it in writing

Corollary A to business rule #1: read it, and if you don't understand it, pay someone with the requisite training to read it and explain it to you, before you sign.

I'm betting Duke won't offer a permaneny contractual guarantee either.  In this economy, no sane business is going to permanently lock themselves into a potentially unfavorable rate.   The belief that any business would do so is what makes the people who bought into this discount scheme suckers.

An understanding of the basic economics of the situation might help these people.  When you build an all electric house, you're limiting your ability, in an unfavorable deal, to take your business elsewhere.  That ability is the entire foundation of your ability to get a better deal.  It's called competition, and without it, you're subject to, and at the mercy of, a monopoly.  ALL such situations promise some sort of reward - just like all good fisherment put bait on their hook, and that's what this discount offer is - bait.  Businesses do not prosper by doing things out of the goodness of their hearts - there's ALWAYS a catch. That's free enterprise capitalism - it can be harsh, just ask those idiots camping out on Wall Street, but it has produced more benefit than any other system.



Re: but it has produced more benefit than any other system.

Might want to change that to "But it has produced more benefit for some people".

As far as a "contract", when I was a pup, a handshake was a contract.

In the "old days" if you went back on your word you didn't last long in any business.

Today the more you lie the better the odds are you will get elected.




All these "homeowners" were DUPED into having ALL electric homes and fell for all those promises.  Now, they are mad about their own decisions.  You NEVER rely on a single source of energy as your SAVIOR to living along the north coast.  Especially banking that a single utility will be under contract FOREVER!  I see all these people and feel bad for them, but they made the DECISION to be 100% electric.  NOTHING lasts forever.  A few of you are correct!  What will prevent Duke energy from doing the EXACT same thing?  When these "teaser" rates expire, what is next?  More bellyaching and crying?  "Duh, get it in writing."  Here is a tip.  Electricity is made using oil, hydro, nuclear, or coal.  If ANYTHING affects these simple NATURAL resources, YOU are out of luck.  0bama is already demonizing the coal and oil industry so YOU make some intelligent decisions for a change.  It is ALWAYS better to diversify with energy.  You might consider gas and electric with wood/coal burning capabilities.  A few solar voItaic cells to run thermostats and a generator to run fans along with a wood/coal burner will keep you toasty and prepare food for weeks.  I know you liberals believe in that global warming HOAX, but I feel it is going to be a very COLD winter.  How are YOU preparing when the lights go out?  It will NOT matter what company you are with or what kind of "written contract" you have, the lights WILL go out.  You can sit in your all electric home trying to stay warm and BLAME the electric company in your misery, or you can prepare to rely on other sources of energy, just in case.  Good luck to all you "all electric" home owners.  YOU are the ones who decided to depend on these electric companies.  It was YOUR decision to invest in a single energy source.  You might consider outages from the weather, natural disasters, civil disorders or incompetent management by the electric company.  You might consider the total FAILURES of energy companies like Solyndra (0bama's half BILLION in tax dollars), Fisker Karma automotive (0bama's half a BILLION in tax dollars in FINLAND, Go UAW), Sun Power (0bama's $1.2 BILLION in tax dollars), SolarReserve (0bama's half a BILLION in tax dollars), Abengoa SA (0bama's half a BILLION in tax dollars), First Solar (0bama's half a BILLION in tax dollars), Enron (NO bailout, NO government loan guarantee with management going to PRISON).  LOOK IT UP for yourselves instead of being wayward and lost SHEEP who love to BLAME.  Ha! Ha!               


As written in the Sandusky Register

2. Firm prices. There is no way those prices can go up for two years

So after 2 years, Duke raises the prices?

The offer is valid through Oct. 31.

Why such a short time to sign up before the deadline?

I don't care for pushy people or businesses who put the pressure on you.

Written contracts can be broken. Big businesses are known to break written contracts.


 Yes taxpayer, I am ready for winter, and all of the snow headed our way because of climate change. The water vapor from evaporation has to go somewhere. It was a bit wet this past summer, don't you think?

Yellow Snow

A two year (no hidden costs) guaranteed price
contract where you will pay 5.85 cents from Nov. to Mar, 6.99 during June,
Jul. and Aug., and 6.57 cents during the remaining Spring/Fall months.
If you're with OhioEdison now, to estimate  your winter  savings multiply kwh times .062 cents.  The heating season is where we will save.

Budget customers need to know that only the distribution part of your bill will be budgeted, your bill from Duke Energy needs to be paid in full each month.  You will still have only one bill, your new Duke Energy fee will be included in your OhioEdison bill.  Sue Steigerwald personally negoitated these prices for all of us.  If you missed the meeting, the website to sign on is  Takes only 2 or 3 minutes.

To stay informed on all-electric information go to where you can sign up to be on the email mailing list.  You will recieve periodic (a few times a month) updates.


@ Yellow Snow    thank you for the links.

I look to good service and not so much for cheaper costs

Here are a couple of customer complaint links for Duke and First Energy

"Duke Energy turned off my electric service because they made an error in their system."

I could not find any complaints against First Energy on the site.

I searched the internet for complaint links for First Energy and found few complaints. I want to be fair to both electric companies.

Duke Energy customer service is ranked #438 out of the 470 companies that have a rating

Duke Energy is the devil of utility companies.

If somebody can find a decent First Energy complaint link, please post it. I want to be fair to both electric companies.

Maybe they can supply the electric for the fence at the Mexican border?   Eriemom, Canada had its driest winter ever in 2010, they must be water vapor exempt.   The winter of 2008-2009 was one of the driest on average in the USA, followed by one of the coldest summers on record. The alarmist said that was a result of global warming. When its cool all is explained as a weather pattern, all else is explained as anthropogenic based on failed models and prophesy. I hope all the snow this year wont delay the construction of your ark.

Seems like just another buy in quantity and resell to consumer prank to me - just like all of the others.  Regardless of the rates that Duke promises you - let's not forget that First Energy still have the ability to increase and even as much as double the delivery costs of that electricity and Duke can't do a thing about it.  The actual discount rate on the actual energy used, is very low and the cost is very close to First Energy's charge for that energy as well - the high cost of your electric bill, just like your gas bills, is the delivery costs and they are not regulated nor are they fixed.  And lately it seems that most of the public utility commissions for all of the various states around Ohio are willing to destroy the residential users to help the business users.  I thought I read some time ago that the almighty PUCO with the governor's concent was going to allow the utility companies to give big discounts to businesses and pass along THOSE discounts to the residential customers.  Is this going to effect Duke as well?  It would seen since they are simply a reseller of the First Energy product, then it would make total sense that you should be worried about this - because the contract could have a built-in clause that if their cost increases by such and such, then the guarantee is void.  For those who believe a contract can help you - it doens't help a bit if you don't know whats in it until after the fact.

Just my 2 cents.  But we have all seen this before - haven't we?


Gila:  Raising the alarm to help others prepare. You need not actually state that climate change is a problem to prepare for the resulting changes. You don't even need to go against the republican manifesto, or become a God forbid, "liberal."

Climate Change is a better description than global warming, but I like climate chaos. There is more water vapor in the atmosphere. It is measurable. Weather patterns, not climate will determine where that vapor cycles as precipitation. As long as the current weather pattern continues we can expect more precipitation. Chaos--pours when it rains, draught when not. We can expect both impacts to continue.

Prepare, or not. It is your choice. Our military (DOD) leaders ARE preparing. So is NASA, DOHS, DOHUD, DOT, DOE, USAID,NIC, MCC,TVA, Peace Corps, USPS, FTC, RRB, DOL, FCA, SSA, MMC, PBGC, FEMA, to name just a few U.S. agencies.

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Centauri: Firm prices. There is no way those prices can go up for two years

FirstEnergy maintained the discount for decades, so this promise is for less than the last vendor actually delivered.  It's a little underwhelming.

Written contracts can be broken. Big businesses are known to break written contracts.

That depends on how they're written.  Of course, most of these people have no idea how they were written, if they even existed, because they didn't read what they signed.

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Kimo: Might want to change that to "But it has produced more benefit for some people".

Not for a minute.  Name one system that has produced more benefit or less misery.

It's responsible for most of the technological advancement of the last few centuries, and as far as WHO has benefitted, most of the people you would say haven't benefitted have a smart phone in their pocket.


The article stated that you were eligible if you had been on a load management system, which I am guessing uses a load meter, which I had until the end of Sept., when it was relaced, with no warning. When I questioned them, they said that they no longer had a residental load metering program in place, and that the meter had been "retired." Now mind you, this meter has been on the house at least 25 yrs. Coincidence?