Pending deal would give city dispatch to county

It's been talked about for years, but now it's at the cusp of completion - Sandusky and Erie County leaders say they're gearing up to place the city's emergency dispatch operations into the county's hands.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 18, 2011


It's been talked about for years, but now it's at the cusp of completion — Sandusky and Erie County leaders say they're gearing up to place the city's emergency dispatch operations into the county's hands.

Neither party will say when they plan to sign off on the regional dispatch deal, but one thing is certain: It could spell doom for at least a few city dispatchers who stand to lose their jobs.

City commissioners and Erie County Sheriff Terry Lyons said a regionalized dispatch operation would save Sandusky and Erie County money, as it would eliminate redundancies and require fewer dispatchers. The long-awaited and much-discussed project could also improve response times during emergencies.

To read more about what this project means for Erie County, Sandusky and other cities and townships, pick up Tuesday's Register. 


Marcus M

No voters for Issue 2, where are the unions at ?  Are they fighting for the these dispatchers?   Where are the dems on the city commission, all the county officials promoting this are dems.  They are eliminating good paying middle class union jobs. 


I absolutely love to see government jobs eliminated!  Keep up the good work!  Eliminate more!  And mark my words.  If Issue 2 fails, massive cuts will happen all across the state!!!  So please vote NO on issue 2!  I would rather see jobs eliminated than simple little bargaining be off the table!  I am thinking now that this was the plan all along!!!


I wish Sandusky could afford  their own dispatch so we could be in full control of our own operations.  Regionalizing has its good points and bad points, and it all depends on what you are regionalizing whether it will be good for the area.  It seems everything is being put under the umbrella of the County.  After a while, the county will be in full control of Sandusky.  The County is getting way too powerful and taking over Sandusky one step at a time.  The agenda to get things rammed through before the new commission comes on board is moving very rapidly.


Marcus M,

You can't have smaller more cost-effective government without eliminating and/or consolidating programs, and losing some "good paying middle class union jobs." Are you really coming out in favor of larger government, higher taxes, and multiple duplications of effort and services?

myname is right: If Issue 2 fails (and the short-sighted voter in Ohio might see to it that it does), the cuts will be draconian unless the tax rates skyrocket. Personally, I'm not in favor of either of those things!

Government needs to be run more like a business and less like somebody's doting and overprotective mother. Once that happens, the good paying middle class NON-government jobs will start to increase again. And UNTIL that happens, they won't.

Marcus M

If a local governments could control employee benefit costs at a level comparable with the private sector maybe there would not be a need to lose these dispatchers.   It is is interesting that democrappers are the ones cutting these middle class union jobs...... 

Until you wake up you the citizen of Erie county will be screwed right and left. The only way to get your point across is take away from Salary employees. Meaning take wages from them no one in this county deserves more than $95,000 a year we are to small. You the tax payer went backwards why shouldn't they. When has the upper crust went backwards they are not better than the rest of us.

El Guapo

 Lol at SpamAdams and his continual fear mongering.  If issues 2 fails as it should management can continue  to negotiate with employees to balance the budgets as they have been doing for years, as has been working for years.     Repubs want to take away money from the many and give to the rich who dont need it, IE milions to Diebold, doing away with estate tax .  The repugs keep foaming at the mouth that the government cant afford decent wages for cops and firefighters as the state is broke, then why cut revenue by getting rid of estate tax, which will hurt local governments and cause layoffs more than issue #2 ever would, of course idiot repugs will blame that on issue 2 or if it passes still blame cops/firefighters etc..  


Let's really reduce costs.  Disban the police departments in Huron, Sandusky and Perkins and let the Sheriff's department serve and protect the entire county.


Clean sweep of all top Salary city and county............They need to learn how to be multitaskers like they want everybody else to be.......................SERIOUS....


@justmakessense, spoken from an ignorant minion with no clue the amount of work and stress that goes with managing a department, especially one that is unionized.  When the union workers stop working after putting their 40 hrs in, the management works 60+ hrs a week, and most take work home with them.  Take a look at how much unionized employees have made in the past when overtime was abundant.  There were plenty making six figure incomes, in most cases exceeding the compensation of their salaried manager.  Honestly from what I have seen of your postings, you are nothing more than a broken record, without an original thought.

El Guapo

 Yawwwn , you appear to have a twisted view of reality.  Union members where i work routinely get mandated especially on hollidays which management of course have off.  I never see management work more than 40 hrs unless they want to flex it off the next week so they can have time off without using vacation time.  Yes i have seen workers make more than management but they have earned every penny.  While management sits at home during the hollidays many union staff will be pulling 16 hour shifts.  i myself have worked  months at a time without a day off with many 12 and 16 hour shifts in there.  You, no doubt, have not had to work those types of hours to think that union members dont earn that pay. And the reason for some union members making alot with overtime these days is do to staff levels already being drastically low.  if one worker gets sick others have to fill that position sometimes for months.

@yawwnn Leave your job and go some where else.........If your the type bringing home work you probably hanging around staring at the women or guys hanging around the coffee machine....And kissing a*& with the boss looking for a raise after firing somebody who works there............Didn't get the backing you thought LOL