Boat thieves, vandals strike two Sandusky marinas

Vandals jumped two marina fences and went down the line vandalizing, burglarizing and pilfering from boats.
Emil Whitis
Oct 17, 2011


Vandals jumped two marina fences and went down the line vandalizing, burglarizing and pilfering from boats.

Venetian Marina and Sandusky Harbor Marina were the spots hit, but how hard remains a mystery.

Jody Allen, a boat owner who kept her boat at Venetian Marina, said $800 to $900 worth of merchandise including a TV, a DVD player, prescription medication and liquor was missing from her boat when dock neighbors called her.

"I probably still wouldn't know what happened if the other owners hadn't called us," the Medina resident said.

Loss estimates in dollars weren't immediately available, but Allen said she heard that at least 25 boats were broken into at the Venetian Marina alone.

Read all about this and the police response to the break-ins by picking up a copy of Tuesday's Sandusky Register newspaper.



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