Cedar Fair names new chief operating officer

Cedar Fair announced this morning that Richard A. Zimmerman has been promoted to chief operating officer of the amusement park chain.
Oct 17, 2011


Cedar Fair announced this morning that Richard A. Zimmerman has been promoted to chief operating officer of the amusement park chain.

"During his time with Cedar Fair, Richard has demonstrated the quality of leadership and high standards that make him especially well-qualified for this role," said Matt Ouimet, Cedar Fair president.. "As chief operating officer, Richard will be responsible for the execution of our strategic plan, leadership development and most importantly, for ensuring all our parks deliver the high-quality guest experience that Cedar Fair is known for." 

Zimmerman has more than 20 years experience in the industry and most recently served as executive vice president of Cedar Fair. He previously served as regional vice president since June 2007 and as vice president and general manager at Kings Dominion since 1998. 







Wasn't this the same position held by Jack Falfas?  Whatever happened to him? 

Leland Wykoff

"What happened to Jack Falfas?" Cyclone asks.

Well, that depends on who you ask.

The arbritration pannel says he was "unjustly terminated", and ordered his back pay and position restored.

Jack Falfas says he was "fired."

CEO Kinzel says he "resigned."

The Board ain't saying much of anything.





Raoul Duke

Another Dick.

Tool Shed

I thought Dik did away with this position.  I'm confused!!!!  Why wouldn't you bring Jack Falfas back into this position?  Wasn't he the best in the industry?



Its called hush money.  But either way cedarfair is taking off.  Kings Island and other parks had big big season.  And Cedar Point had a possible record attendance 2 weeks ago.  The new guys off to a good start.

Tool Shed


If you ask the former CFO, who resigned himself and sailed quietly into the night shortly after the law suit started, he will also stand behind Falfas' story.

I Judge you

Is it true that those scandalous nude pictures have been destroyed?


i know they'll eventually take the home office away from sandusky. you can bet on that!


The rumor on the street is that Matt is already making plans to move corporate to Knott's Berry Farm, where he recently placed 2 of his new corporate officers.  The question I have is, how is it that board member, Richard Kinzel, will still be allowed to have an office at Cedar Point for another year?  He is a board member after January 1st, not an officer, just a board member. 

Leland Wykoff


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How does it affect the city of Sandusky, or the park, if the headquarters moves to the west coast?  If indeed the new CEO's family has not moved to Sandusky, that rumor might indicate you are correct.   And do we make the assumption that Sandusky would lose significant revenue from the lost tax base resulting from top management moving west?  At the same time, how much did the new headquarter building cost?  Between that, fighting countless lawsuits, and the mess with Geauga Lake and Great America, how much money will have been wasted under Kinzel's watch?            


Why doesn't CP have to abide by the courts ruling to reinstate Jack to his old job.  I know they pulled a fast one by saying his job was eliminated, but it's back now. We are paying him to sit home, we are paying someone else to do his job, sounds like typical CP logic. They plot to keep the kids from making a dime extra, but they don't wince once when it comes to corporate wasting millions.............................