Feddersen Pizza Dough rolls to Huron

Feddersen Pizza Dough has new owners, a new name and a new location.
Melissa Topey
Oct 16, 2011

Feddersen Pizza Dough has new owners, a new name and a new location.

Edmond Hoty, owner of Edmond Hoty Concepts, purchased the Sandusky staple from Carolyn Thomsen and last week moved the operation to Huron.

Thomsen's husband Helmet purchased Feddersen's from Ozzie Feddersen in 1964, she said.

The business is now Feddersen's Bakery & Dough, Hoty said.

But one thing is still the same: the recipe.

Thomsen confirmed the recipe was included as part of the sale.

"We hope to have New Year's pretzels offered," Hoty said. "Everyone we talk to, the first thing they ask is are we going to have the New Year's pretzels."

Health reasons forced Thomsen to make the difficult decision to sell the business.

"The company needed young blood. Physically I could not do the job anymore after having back surgeries," Thomsen said. "It needed to go to someone who would love it as much as I did."

Read more about Hoty's plans for the business in Sunday's Register.



Edmond Hoty, owner of Edmond Hoty Concepts, purchased the Sandusky staple from Carolyn Thomsen and last week moved the operation to Huron.

Another business leaves Sandusky


Well at least the pizza dough will still be made .I worked at Feddersens Bakery when the coffee shop was still up and running strong , I miss working there with the fine hard wroking people that carried on the tradition . You all know that it wasnt till many years after Feddersen sold the bakery that they started making dough for pizza houses cover all most all of nothern ohio . I know cause not only did I help make it , but I also helped deliever it as well .

Its a shame that they moved it from the downtown Sandusky area , and hope they ccan still keep it running strong in Huron

grannie G

Where is the location going to be in Huron?


So much for ECEDC.  Where were they when all this was going on? We had a company stolen right from under us.   You mean Sandusky couldn't accommodate the company within our own borders?  We certainly have a lot more to offer then Huron.  Sandusky needs to find out what went wrong and correct it before we lose anymore businesses to Huron or to any other city.   ECEDC was to retain jobs for us.

My thoughts

Hey Darkhorse:  Doesn't ECEDC stand for Erie County Economic Development Corp" and isn't Huron located in erie County?


T. A. Schwanger

Anybody in Bloggerville know how many jobs will be lost to Sandusky?  Trying to figure how much Sandusky income tax will be lost. How many of the employees live in Sandusky?


As for "MY Thoughts Say" regarding ECEDC, this move shows if business is going to move, or close, they will do so with or without ECEDC involvement.


At least the employees will feel safe when they leave work at night, no gun shots.

Julie R.

This is great!  Kroger's New Year's pretzels are ok but nothing like Fedderson's.


I also hate to see a business that has been in Sandusky for so many years leave. Fedderson's is a part of Sandusky history. I also think that Hoty should have made more of an attempt to keep this business in Sandusky. He can move to Huron if he wants, but we do want to know why he chose to move. I feel he at least owes us that much since we (as customers) kept the business going for so many years.



Mr. Hoty owes you nothing. He just bought the company. He made a business decision. If you don't like the idea that he moved his business, don't buy his product.

Norma J-C

I think the business may be going in the Sawmill Parkway area, which is right next to Rt 2 and it's a very good location for getting the product shipped in a timely manner. I hope they bring back the frosted sugar cookies and a coffee shop for the truckers while they're at it. Are you listening Mr. Hoty?

P.S. In case you haven't noticed, Huron is almost dead center in the middle of the state on the south shore of Lake Erie. Ceylon is the exact middle and their product can go global being on the lake shore.


LOL...ok all those dogging on the EDEDC for letting the biz leave, Huron is in Erie county, so they did their job..it is still in the county....secondly, if it moves to the Sawmill Parkway area, which I saw someone stated...it is what, 10 mins from where it used to be????  Really??  So I am pretty sure that the employees that are working there could still make the trip to go to work everyday.  It isn't like it is moving to the other side of the state.  thirdly, with all the violence in downtown Sandusky these days (no matter what the ficticious police study says), any smart business man isn't going to continue to bring/keep his biz downtown, to much of a risk. 


1813 sawmill pkwy ..... knew it was going to be on that road. huron needs more businesses.

Raoul Duke

I heard they are moving to Mexico. Bastards!

Captain Gutz

I heard they are moving to Africa. Bustards!




"and their product can go global being on the lake shore."

...and it wasn't on the shore downtown?

Now that entire block will be uninhabited except the couple slum apartments sandwiched between Fedderson's & the Keller "structure"...oh, and I almost forgot...many seagulls, pidgeons & monster sized black snakes. YUMMMMMM!!! I love the uninhabited waterfront!




 Now tourists will have another empty brick structure to ogle over, unless they turn it into another much needed condo or parking lot. The huge list of people dying to buy the building downtown include the following:
















yes ... i wish they would make pastries like they use to. when we were young we would stop by there and pick up a few to eat while we went fishing (about 7 in the morning) ..... hell, we use to even buy demores fish sandwiches too when we didn't catch anything  .... lol ..... cause they only cost 35 cents ..... and they were better then they are now, but, the fries were extremely greasy and we would stay away from them. wish sandusky would be like it was when i was young. things are just too expensive now and it's too hard to make a living .... what went wrong?


The article stated that the City of Huron contacted Fedderson's about moving Fedderson's into Huron.  Did Huron or ECEDC first call the City of Sandusky to find out if the city could possibly accommodate the relocation within Sandusky's borders before taking a company away from Sandusky? I realize it is a tough world out there trying to bring  businesses into any city but this situation called for common courtesy. It does come down to the owner's call to choose any place he would like, but the citites are equipped with tools of persuasion in the way of loans that could have helped the owner in determining his relocation. I would like to know if ECEDC, the Ctiy of Huron, and the City of Sandusky where all notified as to the situation to try to keep the company in Sandusky,. if at all possible.  Yes, this company is still within the boundries of  Erie County but that is not the issue at the moment. The issue is team work and everyone being notified of the situation and not snatching companies from another city nearby without proper notification.

Raoul Duke

I think they should ask $500,000 for that prime location.

Raoul Duke

WaterStreetCooncat: I was never sure that they were still in business, so tourists who might have made their way down there probably couldn't tell either. If they sell this building at a reasonalbe price, then maybe someone will take a chance on opening a buisness there. And if the city would give temporary tax breaks for new businesses, and give grants for help wth the facade and sign... Everyone(in power)keeps talking about what needs to happen, but nobody actually does anything. Try something! Anything! The owners of these buildings are asking WAY too much for them. That would be fine if corporate restaurant chains were fighting over these spots(like on Rt 250 years ago), but they aren't. And they won't be. And we don't want them to be. So, we are counting on local people to occupy these buildings, and they need HELP And SUPPORT from the local goverment AND citizens.

So, they'll sit empty. Forever.



LOL ok first, I dont know how many ppl this company employs, but  my guess is it is what...20-30 max???  I could be wrong.  But it is acted by someone like this company employs hundreds of people and without that biz Sandusky is gonna fall into the lake.  If I own a small computer shop that employs a few people and I want to move my biz to a neighboring city for whatever reason, I am not bothering wasting my time contacting each city and erie county to say hey, me and my few employees are leaving unless you can do something and I wouldnt expect Sandusky to offer me tax breaks and incentives to stick around...is just silly.  It isn't like Delphi up and left sandusky for huron. 

William Jeffers...

What and the heck is a New Year's pretzel? 


And another thought, since Hoty is the person that bought and moved the company, maybe there is an outside chance he already has an idea of someone that would like to move into the building downtown???  He does do that as a biz no???  I mean I see Hoty signs all over 250 when driving around.  Don't know if he does..but just because it hasn't been mentioned doesnt mean it isnt so


@William...was thinking the same thing...

T. A. Schwanger

     Here's a thought Congeal, Moral, Merely, Ogre, Congeals, Congruently, Nonverbally" class="spell" id="sp-0" href="about:blank#">OMGrealy. While this may be a 20 or 30 employee move, start counting how many jobs have left Sandusky in the last decade and you'll begin counting hundreds.

     Gee I wonder if the move has anything to do with the sale of the Keller Building Condos  and possible  plans to tear down the Fedderson Building to make room for a Keller Building parking lot? If so, now we have reduced property tax along with lost income tax. Could be.

T. A. Schwanger
Sandusky May 2011

Columbus developer Thomas Fortin wants to turn the Keller building in downtown Sandusky into apartments, along with a retail section that could include a brew pub.

Fortin, of Thomas Fortin & Co., told city commissioners Monday he knows part of the Keller building likely can't be saved, but he still wants to develop half of it.

Historic preservation tax credits will be essential to make the project work, he said.

Fortin's vision for the project -- dubbed "The Lofts@Mariner's Cove" -- calls for 36 apartments that will each rent for $750 a month or less.


Jobs are leaving everywhere, so to believe for a second it is a Sandusky problem is crazy.  You should be thankful those jobs still exist and stayed in the county.  And if you are worried about keeping business in Sandusky, maybe start by making it a place where residents want to stay first.  Why would I put a business in a place where the residents dont even want to live???  When people start moving out of the city, why should a biz have to stay???  Fix the issues and maybe biz will stay, right now no reason to do so.


 A city having over 75% of homes being rentals and over 85% of the school children being on free or reduced lunches and breakfasts is not a sign of a healthy community. Why would a business locate here? These numbers show an overall lack of values in the community. This town survives on entitlement, 

Raoul Duke

Sandusky=tourism. Accept it. It's all we have, but we DO have it. We don't need the auto industry to survive, IF we do the right things. This isn't 1950 anymore, and it will never be 1950 again. Move on, Sandusky. We need bars, restaurants, and a casino, and hotels. Forget chain retail stores. Forget maunfacturing industry. Tourism IS our industry. We have a wide open water front, and 3 1/2 months to take advantage of it. And then maybe some REALLY clever person will figure out how to bring tourists here in the winter, too. All it will take is some single-minded focus to make it happen.

Having said that, I'm moving out of this dump...