SPD reserve officer fired after drunken driving charge

Sandusky police administrators say they've fired a reserve officer who was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and failure to control.
Emil Whitis
Oct 15, 2011


Sandusky police administrators say they've fired a reserve officer who was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated and failure to control.

Devin Phillips, 25, crashed his pickup into a utility pole at about 4 a.m. Sept. 18 on Cleveland Road, according to an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper's report. Phillips told troopers and firefighters that he crashed the truck after swerving to avoid a deer.

He was later taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center to be treated for injuries. A blood sample taken by hospital staff revealed his blood-alcohol content was 0.15 percent, well over the legal limit of 0.08 percent, the report said.

"It's a shame," Sandusky police Chief Jim Lang said. "He was a great officer.”

To read more about the crash and Phillips' short career with Sandusky police and other area law enforcement agencies, pick up a copy of Saturday's Register.



 Another "great officer" who didn't think the law applied to him.



His punishment for his NON-PAID position as a reserve police officer is appropriate.  Everyone makes mistakes and screwsup in life.  EVERYONE!  Not only will he have to answer to the charges of OMVI and his accident in criminal court, he will not be hired as a paid, non-paid, armed LE officer again.  All our deviant actions will have consequences.  I hope that drunk was worth it.  Notice the instant lying when he wrecked.  Typical.  People LIE to cover up a WRONG.  This tells me it was doubtful "he was a great officer" representing and serving the PEOPLE of the city.   


This is one big screw up for this young man.  A career thrown out the window.  At least he could have waited to do this when the union could protect him and then you get three strikes and you are out.  Fortunately for the city they were able to terminate him before the union got a hold of him. 


hey jim, how do u know he was a great officer?  youd actually have to go out at night to know that.  and taxpayer, its a paid position once again, so get ur facts straight before you blog........


Devin is a good kid who made a bad decision.  Let's hope he learns from this and becomes a better person moving forward. 

I Judge you

Do not taint the view of our Police Gods, they are above you and I and should be able to bend a few rules as they please.

Mime Bloggling

I'm just glad his "mistake" didn't cost anyone their lives.


Only full-time officers in Sandusky are allowed to drink and drive without penalty of firing. Most every other organization would take a dim view of employees doing  that,  but not the  FOP and union.

His mistake as a "wonderful officer" was not being hired full-time.

Would MADD and the DARE officer please debate that FOP defense?.


People make mistakes~I see all the haters of our LE, unions and everyone else are happy to see this article.   Good luck to this young man~I'm sure he will learn from his mistakes.   I'm sure it isn't an easy job~maybe that has something to do with his mistake.

Good night all of you perfect little people!



Great , now you are rationalizing an excuse for someone driving drunk and getting in an accident, Too much stress on the job? You are a piece of work. 

Good day to those who turn a blind eye to people who break the law that are public servants.


Devin Phillips, 25, crashed his pickup into a utility pole at about 4 a.m.

It's a shame," Sandusky police Chief Jim Lang said. "He was a great officer.”

I always believe in giving a person a second chance. The young man is only 25 and young people make mistakes, especially if they consumed alcohol.

Alcohol has a way to cause people to do some foolish things. Even one drink can lead to a second drink and onto more drinks.

You have a President who admitted to using illegal drugs and a former president who admitted to being an alcoholic

Lang said "He was a great officer"

I believe in second chances.




Poor timing by Mr. Phillips. Chief Lang has been hired to establish professionalism back in the SPD.  Trust is a horrible value to lose with your community. It's a tough and maybe impossible task Chief Lang has taken on. 


I am not condoning what he did MR. DONUT~Where did I say that drinking and driving was ok for LE?    I SAID people make mistakes~he is 25~what were you doing at 25?   I'm sure you were perfect~NOT.  You are just lucky they didn't blast your mistakes for people to blog their hatred.  He made a mistake~he has to pay~and he is.    YOU are the piece of work~my friend.

Some people feel the need to downgrade public servants no matter the issue.  

Also, some may think that I am in LE or some how related because of my~

"OFFICER DUNN REMEMBERED FOREVER"~    You are wrong~I just happen to be one of those citizens who has RESPECT and APPRECIATION for what they do for US everyday.    I will never forget (like some have)  the fact that Officer Dunn laid down his life for people like YOU and I~People are so full of hatred in this world today and then wonder whats wrong  with this country.


Hmmmmmm~they have my trust~they have always been there if and when I have ever needed them~you might NEED them someday.     Personal issue with LE Mr. Donut?



No personal issue. Just don't appreciate the double standard LE has seem to afford themselves. When we all play on the same playing field I got no problems.

I Judge you

How dare they charge this man/God? He has every right to drink, drive and even kill at will. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HtwL9XAvlU 

Forward Looking

It is too bad that this young officer made a mistake, but he has to pay for his mistakes. That is the problem with society today, everyone thinks that people should get another chance and another chance, and another chance. That is why there no one is responsible for their own actions anymore. I am glad Chief Lang parted ways with him because he is doing what he was brought into to do...accountability for the department.

I Judge you

Voting yes on issue 2 will help reduce this from occurring again.

Julie R.

Cops are no more above the law than anybody else is. If they don't know how to follow the law then hit the road, Jack!  (and that goes for your JUDGES and PROSECUTORS, too)


@I JUDGE YOU~   LOL~   I would be willing to bet that all the bloggers in this story are Republican~LOL.....Except me of course~   time to leave these blogs~can't argue with a Republican~THEY KNOW IT ALL     : O



Sorry to burst your bubble. Neither a Republican or Democrat. Don't have much need for either party. I make my own decisions. That must scare you. Someone not following lockstep with a political party.

Itsntallaboutu, glad you see no wrong in any police officers. Tell me if this kids job was driving a semi truck, charter bus, or pilot  would you still feel the same way? Police are supposed to be pillars of the law, some just criminals with a badge. He made a mistake, we all do, sometimes the ramifications of mistakes are worse than others.  
I have several friends that are/were officers in the Cleveland area, and know a few just by association. Some of those officers are big offenders of drunk driving off duty, especially in their own district, I know first hand.   @its, you seem to love public servants so much that you want everyone to look the other way when they screw up. My problem is they violate laws that they swear to protect, that makes them a hypocrite doesn’t it? He made a poor judgment (as we all do) and now will pay for his mistake just like Joe Public. What does that have to do with democrats and republicans, are you saying democrats will not punish public servants when they break the law?

Who said I was a democrat DONUT?  



Read your own posts. You made the reference that we bloggers are all republicans. Now, read mine. I never inferred you were a democrat. I love a great debate but you have to be somewhat logical or people don't take you seriously. Hint.


Hmmmm~Everyone wants to say I said something I didn't~typical.    lollollollollollollollol    ; O

I Judge you

Lets be honest here. Does anyone  care if someone on the Internet actually takes them seriously? Oh my someone wrote something I don't agree with, well I better get right on that and correct them. My Son taxpayer boy gets it, why dont you?


Any chance on getting a photo of Mel Burns' moustache on here?


Chief Lang certainly is in a precarious situation if he doesnt take a zero tolerance attitude toward the lack of use of any officers good judgement.  It is too bad however that this one incident had to bring an end the possibility of a good career for the young man in law enforcement in our city.  Perhaps remedial drivers course for drunken drivers, license suspension whatever the punishment for the average citizen and then demotion from his current position. There is need for administrative assistance.....