Sandusky prohibits installation of outdoor wood-burners

Citing health and safety as primary concerns, Sandusky officials have banned anyone from installing outdoor wood-burning boilers or furnaces.
Andy Ouriel
Oct 1, 2011


Citing health and safety as primary concerns, Sandusky officials have banned anyone from installing outdoor wood-burning boilers or furnaces.

Homeowners who already own and use the devices will be grandfathered in, but there are only about four homes in Sandusky that fall in this category, fire Chief Paul Ricci said. 

Joe Smith, one of these homeowners, said his outdoor wood-burning boiler has resulted in heating bills that are only about $35 a month in the winter. "Sometimes it's only $4," Smith said. "And sometimes we even get a credit.”

Pick up Saturday's Register to learn why ex-offiico mayor Dan Kaman is opposed to the ban, and also check out a list of similar regulations in area cities.



I'm with Dan Kaman on this one.  There are more pressing concerns in Sandusky to be addressed.  Are they next going to disallow burning wood in fireplaces?  Give me a break!


I'm with Dan Kaman on this one.  There are more pressing concerns in Sandusky to be addressed.  Are they next going to disallow burning wood in fireplaces?  Give me a break!

Taxed Enough Already

 In that case maybe the City is in cahoots with the Gas Company.  


 There are only 4 homes in Sandusky that has wood burning stoves ? I thought many more would.



Wood, WOOD, concerns PLEASE.

They should be more concerned about CLEAN water, Ground contaminations, Why so much Cancers.


If you lived next to one you would complain too. The chimneys are not as high as indoor fireplaces. The smokes is ground level. If you drive on Barrett Rd at McCartney when they are burning you see smoke all around the houses and across the road. Instead of banning them they should require higher chimneys.


@ Taxpayer  "Chopping up all the birds"  LOL !!!  

@CCW, I agree about the chimneys not being high enough. Look at the old industrial sites where the chimneys were well over 100 feet. It would probably cost too much for most homeowners but it would solve the problem of smoking out neighbors.


So, you can have a wind turbine above your home making noise for all the neighbors to enjoy, chopping up all the birds and the blades breaking apart to perforate other homes, but NO wood burning furnaces?  And how about the city ALLOWING a group of "trim" loser, crybabies on strike to have several open burn barrels to keep warm all winter?  OK for the UNION, but NOT for YOU??  I call total BS on that!  I know the liberal mantra, "Let's do EVERYTHING we can to FORCE everyone to be "green" because we KNOW better than you!"  Oops, I forgot, liberals believe it will never be cold again because of the "global warming" HOAX.  Typical.  Here is a tip.  I have a gas heating system and a wood/coal box to burn when the power goes out.  I have used it in the past during our "tropical" winters, it works great, many others have the same setup and if anyone wants to complain, be my guest and eat an excrement peach!  When the power goes out because it is 100% reliable, maybe you wizards of smart who "know better than everyone else" can rub your brains together to keep warm or are you sitting on them?  Or, you can burn editions of the Register to keep your family warm.  Ha! Ha! 


How about pulling your head out of your a$$, let's be realistic the city wants to control the heating as they get a discount for people signing up for discount gas rates that are locked in for a 12 month period that works with the city. Ok let's move on, if the city is so concerned for people with breathing difficulties from the toxic smoke, how in GOD'S name can they justify dumping 3.5 million gallons of raw sewage into the lake, knowing that the lift station on the west end couldn't support the vast amount of rain we have had recently and releasing 3.5 million gallons of raw sewage. The Mills St. water tower is 1 million gallons and imagine 3.5 times that amount the city knowingly dumped into the bay!!! Take your snake oil somewhere else cause we aren't buying it, IDIOTS!!!

"First they came for the Communists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communist. Then they came for the Jews and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn't speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time, no one was left to speak up." Martin Niemoeller   THINK ABOUT IT!!!

Problem is that many of these systems aren't nearly as efficient as they should be and you have to remember some of the same folks wanting to put these in shouldn't even be allowed to operate a turkey fryer!


hmmmm, but you are allowed to open burn a "recreational" fire?


Recall these people and replace them with intelligent representatives.


My family had one in the basement of the house we lived in in Sandusky. I wonder if the family who bought the house kept it? I am not sure how we would have made it through the blizzard without it. We had no power for 5 days but family came to stay at our house because we still had heat (even without the blower) and we cooked in the living room fireplace. With the econ & weather what it is we need all the help we can get Boo on You Sandusky!!!!!



 Any specific studies on the "health and safety" concerns?  Highly unlikely.


Hey City about you stay the he!! out of our homes.  You keep the streets clear in the winter, fill the potholes in the summer and make sure the police and fire departments are geared up for REAL emergencies.  


Other than that, you have absolutely no business sticking your nose inside our homes.  

6079 Smith W

Just another reason NOT to live in or move to Sandusky - like you needed one more?

Remember: Govt. can only take freedom (inalienable rights) away, they cannot and do not bestow them.


Didn't know Sandusky was located inside communist Russia.  Can't install a wood burning stove?  Someone needs to fire the pricks who came up with that rule. 

6079 Smith W

@ excel:

Soviet-sky - I like it!

Or how about the "People's Commune of Sandusky"?

Perhaps every American and Sanduskian should learn the words to The Internationale?




don't laugh about the commune idea .... it might happen sometime in the future ...... so get ready!


 Seriously ? What a crock of doo doo. Most people can't afford to buy propane and to get assistance is a joke. Been there done that,I make too much money being a single person,nevermind I don't buy groceries on a regular basis either. If you are not of a minority you are screwed! !If people want to install and use a wood burner, who is the city of Sandusky? to tell them NO they can't. Really ,is this what we've succumbed too? I'll be damned if I'm gonna adhere to that B S !!!!!!!! Got to stay warm however we can. The city ought to deal with REAL PROBLEMS in Sandusky. LMAO You can bet there's more than 4 woodburners in the area , GEEEEEEEEZ 


Free wooden pallets from the Sandusky Register      Doesn't anybody want free firewood?


better yet, use TODAYS REGISTER for your woodburner, to heat the house ...... that would put it to better use!


Ive already taken down 3 trees in my yard and given them to my neighbor who heats his home with a woodburner.  


We live in Sandusky, and I think I'll take down a couple more trees and give them to him.


Guess what.  I'm also reducing my yard's imprint on removing CO2 from the earth's atmosphere.  


Better jump on that City Commission.  I think you need to adopt some legislation that prevents homeowners from cutting down trees in their own yard.  




Mr. Kaman, thanks for having the common sense to vote against this.


 @ PT is your neighbor one of the 4 who uses woodburners in sandusky ? lol this is too comical !!!!!!!  and @ eerie please ?  really 


 Yes, he really is.  A few years ago he put an addition on his house and installed a large woodburner.  I've helped him with offloading the wood he brings in several times.  

I don't want to say where we live, because I'm worried that Smokey the Bear's "LumberNazis" might show up to give him some grief.


You'd think that they'd be more concerned with getting people back to work..........doing oh, I don't know....installing woodburning stoves, cutting wood, delivering wood.


Jawohl Commissioners, ve vill do exzacticly vat zhu tell uz to do.  


Burning dead wood is environmentally friendly. The problem is that breathing the smoke is not healthy. In urban locations, like Sandusky, this cannot be avoided. Even if the chimney is high inversions push the smoke to ground level.

If you live in the city you need to be respectful to your neigbors. Move to the country. We don't respect anyone out here.


How about defining the type of wood burning system the article is referring to.  The picture indicates it is the outdoor burner with the low chimney, that sends the smoke swirling along the ground, not an indoor device connected to a chimney that extends above the house's roof.  CCW_in_Sandtown explains the problem very well.  I believe Bellevue has banned them for a similar reason. 

Reporters need to remember to educate the reader as well as report the story.  A short definition of the woodburner would have clarified the story to most readers.


 @Bayshore I concur, I noticed as well the picture depicts an outside burner ,yet it doesn't change the fact that the city is trying to ban woodburners. It 's all a bunch of nonsense,why doesn't the city try to ban something else,like illegal immigrants or gangs , crime , drugs etc. What a joke !!!!


Another misleading headline. I think they do this to get the bloggers going. Maybe advertising rates are based the number of posts.

The wood burners that they are talking about are not the kind that you would find inside the house. These wood burners are outside the house, usually quite a distance from the house. They are really external furnaces that then send the heat into the house.

 I don't know for sure but I would guess that they are external becouse they pose a certain amount of risk to the house.


Bayshore- they have banned the inside Furnace types also the outside ones are boilers the inside are a furnace

What a joke, I hate wasting money and that’s what happens when I heat the house and outbuilding with propane exclusively. I rely on burning wood; effort on my part saves big $$. Even if I have some slabwood delivered I still save money. This year trying out a muti-fuel add on. I could save even more, but my wife thinks 65 degrees is freezing.   Other cities are making more sensible rules such as location of outdoor furnace and height of stack. A friend now heats over 2500 sq feet with outdoor furnace set up; he claims they save almost 70% over using propane?   Eeriemom; it is not that we don’t respect anyone, rather we are self-reliant. This issue started years ago, coming from the eco-nazi camp.  

yeah, the height of the stack will do the guy down the block ..... REAL GOOD!


The ordinance is for outdoor wood burning hydronic heating furnaces (i.e. wood pellet, corn pellet,) only.   It regulates the distance from structures,  the minimum qualifications for the appliance and the amount of harmful smoke particles permitted. The ordinance is there to protect public health and safety. The ordinance doesnot prohibit wood stoves or any other heating appliance indoors or out. Please read the ordinance.



I really wood prefer to smell the aroma of wood burning vs. cabon monoxide. (just a thought)


you must have a one of a kind sense of smell ............... CARBON MONOXIDE IS ODORLESS!!!


you can have your woodburner and i'll buy the house to your west and put in a big old COALBURNER to heat my house ....... you would enjoy that black soot filling up your lungs!


all the nice woodburning citizens can burn to their hearts content ...... oh, by the way, make sure your chimney is vented into you lovely abode!

Sandusky DID NOT prohibit the installation of wood-burners

Seriously, Register? Did you read the ordinance???

Chief Ricci is correct. These outdoor furnaces are a bad idea in densely-populated places, and even the manufacturers don't recommend that.

Some cities have an outright ban, but the Sandusky legislations still lets you put one in, but protects the neighbors against the worst hazards. Good job, Sandusky.


Frizzle, thanks for the permission I just put another log in the fireplace. I wouldn’t want you living on either side of me; not in fear of what comes up your chimney but more about what comes out your…….


why thanks, gila ...... i am moving next door, whether you like it, or not  .... and i have a nice supply of dried cowshit to use in my woodburning stove ...... i'm sure you won't notice the difference!

Darwin's choice



'Wanted to buy"; left over fire wood

Kenny V

Moral of this story is the city fire inspectors are lazy and egotistical. They want to sit inside there new firestation we paid for, and cook their chili. Not do the job that they are being paid to do. They continue to drive business's out of this city.

My company had a plan to open a business or 2 with in the city limits, only to be told NO absoluly not by the fire department without as much as a face to face meeting. The only conversation that was had, was with cheif Ricci on the phone, and a meeting with a building department official. The building department is willing to discuss the planning, but the fire department would have the final say.

So come 2012 We will open our business(s) in another location outside the city limits.


I sure hope they don't outlaw the burning of old automobile tires in my ol' stove!! The soot saves me from having to paint my house. Ya' just have to like a black house.





There is an opening for a greeter in Elyria.................




If you print that there will be no fire, is that inducing panic?





so will the strikers at tsubaki be able to burn their oil soaked pallets again this year in those crappy burn barrels?


 If you can't smoke tobacco in public anymore then the pansys & do-gooders & smoke police should enforce this law to the max also. People with fireplaces in their home should be put out in the cold like smokers in the winter-and fined. Lets gt the Health Dept. in on this, too & blow some more $. 




They should also look after back yard fire pits as people in my area burn their trash as well as logs