Huron PD gets warrant, busts door down to nab underage drinkers

Huron police had to obtain a search warrant to break up an underage drinking party at a Berlin Road home last week.
Emil Whitis
Sep 27, 2011


Huron police had to obtain a search warrant to break up an underage drinking party at a Berlin Road home last week.

Charged with underage consumption were four boys — ages 17 to 14 — and Brady Freeman, 18, of Huron; Lauren Kenaley, 18, of Berlin Heights; and Deonte Carter, 19, of Huron.

Carter was also charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, while three of the boys were also charged with obstructing official business.

The 16-year-old boy whose family owns the home was also charged with six counts of allowing underage consumption. His mother was out of state, the report said, so he was taken to the Erie County Detention Center.

Officers went to the area at about 1:30 a.m. Sept. 17 after receiving a report of some teens kicking cars in a parking lot. The officers arrived and saw some teens near a home in the 500 block of Berlin Road.

When officers approached the house they smelled alcohol, but the teens inside refused to open the door, the report said. Through an open bathroom window officers saw cans of Busch Light — apparently enough for them to obtain a search warrant from Huron Municipal Court Judge Bill Steuk.

At about 3 a.m. officers knocked again, and when no one answered they busted down the door. They found six teens hiding under insulation in the attic and four others in a closet.


William Jeffers...

LOL!! That insulation itches. 


Lack of parenting skills isn't a money issue, its a character issue.

Im assuming these kids went to the expensive high society Huron and Edison schools, but that isn't enough to make a good citizen out of someone.



Bet Judge Steuk was happy to be awaken at 3 am to bust some teenagers drinking. If the kids wouldn't have gone outside and advertised how stupid they were this would have been a sleepful  night for the judge. 


ten kids? sounds like some heck of a party. Maybe a Peter Brady party. hahahahahahaha!



Raoul Duke

When I was 18, I was drinking legally.

Julie R.

Oh my! What a dastardly deed! Four boys ages 14 to 17 charged with underage consumption. Why, this dastardly deed must be right up there with all the malicious and illegal dastardly deeds that the old boys and girls at the corrupt Erie County courthouse and others from Huron are known for!


Would you find it so funny if one of them had gotten in a car and killed themselves, a friend or even your loved ones? Would you find it so funny if one of them died from an alcohol or drug overdose, or suffocated when they passed out in their own vomit? Underage drinkers do not drink responsibly. Yes, I know, we all have "war stories" from our teen years, but I bet most of us have a tragedy that we remember, too.


OK, HOW IN THE HELL DID THEY SMELL alcohol through the windows and doors?  

I swear youth drinking is a NEW ONE.  While it is sad that the ages are so young, I thank GOD that when I was a kid and did stupid things there were no holier than thou attitudes.  Kids are kids.  Thank God no one was hurt.  However they are kids.........where were the parents to supervise their behavior?  At least when we did stupid stuff like DRINK UNDERAGE there were not lifelong consequences and records we obtained.  


that just shows ya how much dangerous work the police have in huron town ...... they do one helluva job directin' traffic after the games .... though .... especially on the cleveland road obstacle course ...... DID I SAY THAT? ....... WOW ....... (wonder how long it is going to take to fix the bridge that's been out of commission for the last 2 months? .......  hopefully before COLUMBUS DAY 2012!

Julie R.

That was my first thought, too ---- how can you smell alcohol through windows and doors? That just might end up in a book someday --- like the Disorder in the Court book about Great Fractured Moments in Courtroom History. Here's a true Probation Report given to a California court: 

The defendant reports his future goals are to graduate from high school and go to college. He states his primary goal was to be a police officer, but he will have to settle for being an attorney now due to a felony record resulting from this present matter.   


 The kids had 1 1/2 hours to get somewhere else...  Seems somewhat stupid to stick around after seeing cops looking through the window.  The smell thing is strange, but they could also see things from outside so I'm not sure.


i'll bet the cops were waiting outside ...... for someone to come out of the building ...... you know huron cops ..... they can drink coffee and eat donuts .... and wait and wait and wait and wait ..... forever ...... easy pay day ...... since huron is such a huge and dangerous town to patrol!

Woody Hayes

No worse than driving the mothership around with burned out headlights, even after the police told you about it, right Juliebeth?


This is what our children have been reduced too, Busch Light? Good god the recession has hit home when our children, The future leaders of tomarrow are forced to drink Busch Light, Maybe if they were drinking Hieneken or samual Adams the police would have jumped to the conclusion that the drinkers were more responsible and could afford (Through having a job) better beer and they would have just driven away. Smelling Skunked out 2 dollar a case rainwater isnt that hard to do, The only thing that smells worse id MD20/20.

 On a serious note kids do stupid things most of the time and thats how they learn, No Reason for the mistakes made to haunt them for life. As i said before "Kids do stupid things" get over it.

Julie R. says

"That was my first thought", ever?


Doesn't take much to get a warrant these days. Thank God for the Patriot Act.

The reason the kids couldn't leave was because a cop was posted outside, ready to pounce at the first sign of escape.

Lucky for the police that someone didn't send a bullet through the window they were "peeking" through. A prowler is a prowler, regardless of the uniform they wear.

Huron really doesn't need a K-9 patrol because of their "keen sense of smell."

The lawyers can sort it all out at $150 an hour (just before they cave-in to the plea deal because they don't want to hurt the chances of their other clients getting work release.) Hopefully, the parents will have the sense to spend their legal fees in Cleveland for real attorneys.

What is missing is the absense of any damage done to any vehicles, the reason for the beginning of the "investigation."

With any luck, they'll be four boys with their chances for a real job dashed becasue of the police record they'll be able to carry with them the rest of their lives.