Condo solution

Things have been quiet at city hall lately and
Sandusky Register Staff
May 9, 2010


    Things have been quiet at city hall lately and that caused me to think about the Battery Park project. You remember the project where they want to sell city owned property to a private developer? The one thing I have not heard talked about is Meigs Street. If we are going to have a big motel and a big sports complex, Meigs Street will never do as it is now. It will have to be widened and improved from Cleveland Road down Sycamore Line to Meigs Street and from there down to the project. I wonder what they have in mind? Will they buy up all the houses on one side of the streets or on both sides? If they buy both sides they could widen it to four lanes which will probably be needed to handle all the traffic which will be coming to the motel and the hockey games.

    Now I know all you people are wondering where all the displaced people from the two streets will be moving. N-o-o-o problem. They can take the money from the sale of their homes and buy one of the condos in the project, which will also help the developer with one of his problems.

John Sprau