Let smoking ban work

I think the recently passed law about the smoking ban was a groundbreaking decision and breakthrough. Smoking seems to be one of the
Sandusky Register Staff
May 9, 2010


I think the recently passed law about the smoking ban was a groundbreaking decision and breakthrough. Smoking seems to be one of the bigger problems in our country these days. With the passing of this law I think we are taking some positive steps towards improving our environment and the health of our local citizens. Hopefully this law will decrease the smoking rate among the people in our state. There is another positive feature that may surface with this ban. With Ohio passing this law other states may catch wind of the effort of trying to stop the smoking in public places. This law may also begin to gather momentum from state to state and perhaps our future will be smoke-free.

I also think people will enjoy going out to restaurants more. With this law being passed there is no more smoking in public places. It is very irritating when you are eating dinner and other people’s smoke is drifting near you and your food.

People may have a hard time with this law at first and think it is useless but in the long run I think it will make a positive influence on our state and eventually our country.

Elyse Kowaleski




Smoking is not a problem given minimal ventilation. The tobacco war is a transparent fraud.

You are setting a precedent for others to mind YOUR

Get a life.


In 1891 nearly 2,000 people died just in Chicago from unsanitary sewage and drinking water. Laws were passed,and they reversed the flow of the river to keep sewage out their source of drinking water.No longer will we inhale poisons that kill about 50,000 in the US per year.Second hand smoke contains 250 chemicals that are known to be toxic or carcinogenic.Soon the entire USA will be smoke free.


Smoking IS a problem regardless of ventilation. The tobacco war is a reality. Please take your smoking life outside away from the doors.


Buck, how much are you getting paid to badmouth tobacco fumes while ignoring 1000 others?


To Buck Rogers et al:

You make take a sadistic pleasure in kicking smokers around with the approval of corrupt politicians, but as Ed points out, you're setting a precedent for getting your own arse kicked.

I long for the chance.


I'm paid nothing. These are my personal opinions. Why threaten violence in an otherwise civil public debate? I take no sadistic pleasure. I just want the 22% of Ohioans who smoke to move away from non-smokers while smoking. The smoking ban was passed by voters. Politicians had little to do with it. As for ignoring 1000 others, should we do nothing about anything until we can solve everything completely?



Bless your heart, you'll argue with a traffic light.

The voters are misled by corrupt politicians and a lying media in the service of profiteering drug companies.

A passing car emits more pollution than a thousand cigarettes. Both are too dilute to be of any consequence.

The smoking ban is a reality, your "problem" is solved and you're still squawking for the sadistic fun of it. If it's true you aren't on the tobacco nazis'
payroll then you must be eaten up with political correctness.


Bless all your hearts! There was a lengthy public campaign. Politicians had very little involvement. The media was very involved. All the information was publicly available. Automobile exhaust is regulated to an acceptable level so that it is not seen or smelled in bars and restaurants. Tobacco smoke is VERY consequencial. Your accusations are false. Like 80% of Ohioans I do not want to participate in the ill effects of the tobacco habit.


Buck, after this I'm signing off.

I've been a heavy smoker for 53 years and have smoked over 600,000 unfiltered cigarettes with no ill effects. I don't suffer any ill effects from smoking bans either-- I stay home and put my money in the bank. And I'm spared the presence of your kind to boot.

What are you gonna squawk about next?


David, please consult your local hospital or cemetary to see how others have done with their tobacco addiction. You are in denial. You are posting but not squawking. I am posting and I am squawking. What is up with that?


What you don't seem to understand is that many nonsmokers have REAL PROBLEMS breathing cigarette smoke, and non-smoking areas of restaurants didn't work for us. Something had to be done because too many smokers didn't care how their habit affected other people. I remember as a child, when smoking was allowed in stores, being burned on the arm by a careless smoker. A majority of Ohio voters approved this smoking ban, so deal with it.


Rep. Bill Seitz of Cin., has called us all the Tobacco Nazis. He already is set to try an change the Smoke Free Law in the State Legislater. One change is to allow smoking in privite clubs, like the Polish Club and others. It has been great to walk into a Pub an not smell like a ash tray when you leave. Please e-mail your state rep. and tell them to keep the smoke free law intack. Bob Dupont Elyria Ohio