The wrong dream

Sandusky is the hub between Cleveland and Toledo. Cleveland and Toledo are destinations with great waterfronts, restaurants and ente
Sandusky Register Staff
May 9, 2010


Sandusky is the hub between Cleveland and Toledo. Cleveland and Toledo are destinations with great waterfronts, restaurants and entertainment on the water’s edge, waterfront condos, boats, trains, airports, indoor and outdoor arenas, pro and semi-pro sports teams, colleges, parks, art museums, theaters and more. Cleveland and Toledo lost vital assets such as steel mills, auto and other industries. Lorain lost shipyards, auto industries, steel mills and other industries.

The great waterfront and condos, boats and sports arenas didn’t stop good jobs from leaving these cities and won’t bring good jobs back. Cleveland was once the fifth largest city in the country and is now the poorest city in the country.

A columnist suggested maybe we could annex Mexico, pay “departure tax” and have the unions make donations. For starters check out Wal-Mart’s Roadmaster, Huffy, Murray and Schwinn bicycles, appliances, electronics, clothing and more that once was manufactured in this country and you may

think we have annexed Mexico and others. If you find anything made in the United States, buy it — it’s a collector’s item.

Big business that got big and rich off U.S. workers and with the help of the Texas Rhinestone Cowboy took good jobs and our technology to foreign sweat shops. Why not charge them a departure tax and

re-entry tax when they bring their products back here? The workers are the unions who pay taxes and spend their money here. They are not millionaires and don’t make donations to our community.

If you have a living wage job, a health and pension plan, a healthy and safe working environment  —  thank unions.

Perkins and Sandusky took for granted Ford and GM as vital assets and other industries that are forever gone. Some workers have and some may have to relocate, affecting an already weak housing market, our already troubled schools and small business people. Our population is half what it once was. Too much emphasis is made on Battery Park condos.

The city doesn’t have money to keep drug task force officers, which breeds more crimes. People are waiting to go to our over-stuffed jail that should be expanded and there are not enough officers to adequately respond to emergency calls. Battery Park condo pushers think the condos, a sports arena and summer tourists are a hurry up quick fix for Sandusky.

I believe in dreams too, but not this one. The taxpayers deserve to keep their Battery Park and not be shut out from voting on it.

Terry Edward




I completly agree with you!