Prosecutor laughs

Please tell me that the general public does not agree with what they are hearing from the Huron County prosecutor! I really think it
Sandusky Register Staff
May 9, 2010


Please tell me that the general public does not agree with what they are hearing from the Huron County prosecutor! I really think it insults our intelligence to think that we do not realize that the prosecutor’s office is giving preferential treatment to the employees of Huron County Children’s Services. The prosecutor’s office represents Huron County Department of Job and Family Services when they need legal advice or help. Talk about a conflict of interests!

You know that if you or I were accused of perjury, we would be served papers about it immediately. Yet, the prosecutor laughs and threatens them withholding evidence when people come forward with claims that county employees have lied. I truly believe that our county employees are all covering up for each other.

What I want to know is how do we get justice? How do we hold these people accountable for lies, threats, cover ups and dereliction of duty? Who do we go to? To report problems at Children’s Services, you must go to the prosecutor’s office and the Huron County Commissioners. Believe me, when I tell you that they did not give us a second look when I brought information about lies and false records that HCDJFS wrote about our family. In fact, the prosecutor laughed at us, too.

It is very obvious that Huron County Children’s Services is able to lie and get away with it. We know first-hand this is true because we are fighting those lies. The sad thing is these people can write whatever lies they want about you and your family. Then it is nearly impossible to get the records corrected.

In our case, it would take many “professional statements” to get our records cleaned. I told them I was getting a settlement from a speech pathologist to correct a statement about our son’s speech. According to Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, I have to get a doctor to write the statement. Amazing! It would take years to get our files corrected, and in the meantime, we are not acceptable as an adoptive family. We must hire a lawyer to prove that they lied in our files. They lie, and we have to pay for it.

Our story is not done. We do not know where this road will lead. Our one hope is that someone out there will supervise Huron County Children’s Services so that they cannot hurt more children and families in the future.

Michael and Ruth Blaisdell




It sounds like you should be contacting your legislators if the state of Ohio oversees Children Services and the Prosecutor. I think you can make complaints to the state also if you have issues with Children Services, and not have to go through the Prosecutor.


Just so you know, it is like this in every county in every state in the Union. The American public doesn't care. They want to keep their heads in the sand beleiving that CPS is a God given organization that is there to "protect" children.
The problem is the juvenile court! They do not follow the same rules and proceedures as criminal court. That is just wrong!
And writing your legislature is a joke. They will tell you it is "out of their jurisdiction"


You honestly think this is only going on in Sandusky? I belong to Colorado Family Rights Institute. Suzzane Shell is running seminars and instructing attornys that are not trained to go against DCS, it is hard for any family to find a good one. Bad courts are one of the biggest problems with our Children Protective Services. The lies, half-truths and nothing proved by DCS and the court just lets it go on like a rubber stamp. Then you are marked for life, you not able to face your accsurer. I think the Constitution over rides the Mondale Act of 1974. I live in Tennesse by the way and it is bad here.