Robot wranglers score, but ad gag was a turkey

Thumbs UP: To the EHOVE Mavericks, a student team of robot wranglers aiming for the FIRST prize in a national robot
Sandusky Register Staff
May 9, 2010


Thumbs UP: To the EHOVE Mavericks, a student team of robot wranglers aiming for the FIRST prize in a national robot-building competition. They're combining inventiveness with technological prowess to solve a practical problem, and the challenge they give us is this: Find a way to make such minds want to stick around here when they're done with their formal educations, so we can be part of the future people like them are trying to build.

Thumbs DOWN: To the lingering distrust among people in charge, manifesting itself of late in Perkins Township, where trustees and police chiefs wonder at each other's motives -- with good reason, if history is their guide. Sometimes fact-finding is just fact-finding, guys. Besides, if local governments can learn to get along -- something we would have said was impossible a few years ago -- surely individual members of one local government can do the same thing. We're all in this together, people.

Thumbs UP: To Sens. George Voinovich and Sherrod Brown for trying to protect NASA Plum Brook fron budget cuts that might put a hole in the Perkins Township research station's parent facility, NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland. Whatever Glenn does, Plum Brook has the capability to play an important part in whatever the Bush administration wants to do in space -- and it's an important part of this area's desire to market itself as a possible haven for high-tech industry.

Thumbs DOWN: Or maybe more appropriately, the finger to the geniuses at Cartoon Network and its marketing firm who thought it would be a great idea to promote one of their late-night, miminally animated shows by planting mysterious blinking packages all over Boston and, apparently, at least 10 other cities where the reaction was more laid-back. In Boston, however, worry about whether the packages might do more than blink paralyzed traffic all over Beantown. We're all for humor and irreverence and young hipness, but c'mon, folks, have you read a paper or seen or heard a news story at any point since Sept. 11, 2001?

Thumbs UP: To the Erie County Care Facility, which has received high marks from families of people staying there. Besides the extra Medicaid reimbursement this earns for the Huron Township home for elderly and ill people, this should also reflect well on the staff members -- who further demonstrated their commitment to making the place work by agreeing to higher health insurance premiums for themselves.

Thumbs DOWN: To the Tampa, Fla., police who decided a three-year-old warrant against a 21-year-old woman for failure to pay restitution was more important than the same woman's report she'd been raped that night. She spent two days in jail until her lawyers clued reporters in, and by that time a jail matron had refused, citing religious reasons, to dispense the second half of a morning-after prescription. The Tampa cop shop is rewriting its policies to give officers more discretion, but really, how much judgment was required for a cop investigating a rape report to decide which was more important?

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