School report cards released; local districts show improvement

(UPDATED 10:19 p.m.) The standardized tests students took last March may seem like a distant memory as they head back to school this week, but their teachers finally received long-awaited grades based on those results.
Annie Zelm
Aug 24, 2011


(UPDATED 10:19 p.m.) The standardized tests students took last March may seem like a distant memory as they head back to school this week, but their teachers finally received long-awaited grades based on those results.

Four local districts saw a boost in their overall ratings this year, according to state report cards the Ohio Department of Education released Wednesday.

The Clyde-Green Springs District propelled from a rating of "effective" to "excellent with the distinction." Although seven other districts received excellent ratings, it was the only district to earn that extra designation. Huron and Norwalk school districts both received "excellent with distinction" ratings last year and lost the extra gold star this time around, though both are still considered "excellent."

This year, 352 districts across the state earned ratings of "excellent" or "excellent with distinction," 56 more than last year, state superintendent Stan Heffner said.

The state uses a variety of benchmarks to measure a district's success, including students' overall scores in reading and math as well as adequate yearly progress, a federal formula that measures achievement in certain subgroups, such as ethnic groups and students with disabilities.

Statewide, about half of all districts met their targets for adequate yearly progress, though school officials pointed out that the federal No Child Left Behind plan has continued to raise the bar required to pass that category.

Only four of the 12 local districts the Register examined met the overall mark in that category — Bellevue, Danbury, Margaretta and Port Clinton — although many individual schools within the districts met their targets.


School and district designations

EXC+ -- Excellent with distinction

EXC -- Excellent

EFF -- Effective

CI -- Continuous improvement

AW -- Academic watch

AE -- Academic emergency

Performance Index is on a 0-120 scale. Indicators are the number of state benchmarks met out of 26 unless otherwise noted.



York Elementary EFF 7/8 98.6

Bellevue Middle School: EXC+ 8/8 99.1

Bellevue High School: EXC 12/12 100.9


Berlin Elementary EXC 9/10 100.5

Milan Elementary EFF 7/10 96.8

B-M Middle School EXC+ 6/6 102.5

Edison High School EXC 12/12 105.3


Green Springs Elementary EXC+ 8/8 103.2

Clyde Elementary School

McPherson Middle School EXC 8/8 100.7

Clyde High School EXC 12/12 98.7


DANBURY EXC 25 100.8

Danbury Elementary EXC 5/5 98.2

Danbury Middle School EFF 10/11 99.8

Danbury High School EXC 12/12 105.7

HURON EXC 25 103.4

Woodlands Intermediate EXC+ 9/10 101.2

McCormick Junior High EXC 7/7 103.3

Huron High School EXC 12/12 106.5


Margaretta Elementary EXC+ 9/10 101.5

Margaretta High School



Monroeville Elementary EFF 8/10 97.1

Monroeville High School CI 14/17 98.3


League Elementary EXC 5/5 95.8

Maplehurst Elementary EXC 5/5 100.4

Pleasant Elementary EXC 5/5 101.7

Main Street Elementary EFF 5/6 95.3

Norwalk Middle School EXC 6/6 100.1

Norwalk High School EXC 12/12 100.9


Meadowlawn EFF 7/8 98.5

Perkins Middle School EFF 6/8 95.9

Perkins High School EXC 12/12 102.2


Jefferson Elementary EXC 8/8 94.7

P.C. Middle School EFF 4/8 92.1

P.C. High School EXC 12/12 104.2


Hancock Elementary EFF 3/10 81.6

Mills Elementary CI 3/10 81.3

Ontario Elementary EFF 7/10 94.2

Osborne Elementary CI 4/10 88.3

Venice Heights CI 4/10 86.3

Adams Junior High CI 1/6 84.2

Sandusky High School EFF 8/12 93.2


Vermilion Elementary EXC 3/3 101.8

Sailorway Middle School EXC 10/10 95.5

Vermilion High School EFF 13/15 98.2

*** No data available for Put-in-Bay or Kelleys Island school districts. Building data not available for Ellis Elementary, Lyme Elementary, Ridge Elementary, Shumaker Elementary, South Main Elementary, Vine School, Briar Middle School

Pick up a copy of Thursday's Register for a full round-up of how local districts performed. See PDFs of the full report cards below.



Has the influx of Sandusky students effected Perkins Schools rating from Excellent to Effective?

Huron, Milan and Margaretta all have Excellent ratings.

Money vs Quality is always a fine line to balance on.


The school districts that have excellent ratings have more parental involvement.......Parents are actually parents, what a concept ! The apple doesn't roll far from the tree after it falls.  It starts at home, carries over into school and every other aspect of life.  Parental guidance and involvement is the key to molding these boys/girls into productive adults.  BE A PARENT !!!!!!!!! 


 Its hard to be a parent when the kid probably doesn't know who to call daddy.


I'm picking up what donutshopguy said:  How can Perkins School District rating go from EXCELLENT to EFFECTIVE and that be an improvement?  Is there something the reporter is seeing that we're not seeing?  Can there be some explaining? 


I noticed that Clyde-Greensprings is the only district with an "Excellent with Distinction" rating. This is the highest rank that you can get. Good for you Clyde-Greensprings. BTW, why isn't Bellevue and Monroeville's reports in this group of school reports? I am sure that the SR has many readers from these school districts too.

indolent indiff...

MARGARETTA EXCELLENT!!!    Nice job Ed and the current board  if you get the blame you should get some of the credit.  Cut the budget, AND improve academics!

teachers and students deserve it for their hard work.

I'm so proud


Congrats area schools and especially Sandusky City Schools for  continuing to improve. No other area schools face the challenges that these teachers and students tackle. Good Job!


 @ underthebridge,

I wondered the same thing. Perkins' Performance Index increased from 96.2 to 98.6, so I guess that technically it can be said that they improved last year. I'm sure that they're not very happy about their ranking being lowered, though. If I'm reading the report card correctly, it seems that they met their Annual Yearly Progress in every area except for reading with students who have disabilities. 


Very proud of the Clyde-Green Springs grade card....and that's with spending about $1600 per pupil below the state average.  Who said it's all about sports at Clyde-Green Springs?!


Congratulations and thank you once again to the Norwalk City School District, the administrators and the teaching staff!   It's nice to know that since Denny Doughty took over for Dr. Wayne Babcanec the district hasn't missed a beat.  In Dr. Babcanec's final year at Norwalk City Schools the district was rated Excellent with Distinction.  The Norwalk City Scool district has maintained their Excellent rating the past two years.  It's also nice to note that 4/6 NOL school districts all have Excellent ratings.  Shelby is considered Effective and Sandusky has improved their rating to Continuous Improvement. 


 Not to worry.....Elementary  students who receive FREE and REDUCED lunches automatically qualify for FREE tutoring if the school they attend is INEFFECTIVE ! Thats right...It doesnt matter if a kid has perfect attendance, does not cause disruptions, and tries his/her best at their studies, if their parents pay for their lunches,they will  be among the 23% who will not be offered the tutoring. 



What? Wow. That's ridiculous!

If a school is rated ineffective, ALL of the students should qualify for free tutoring! That's what we get for being responsible, I suppose.



 SanduskyMomOf3....Yep, that is EXACTLY what qualifies free tutoring ! SMH..I think..It should be ALL or NONE. 


SanduskyMomof3 - As I read it, the Performance Index is a score from 0 - 120 that reflects the number of kids who are Proficient, Accelerated & Advance.  They went up a few points there.  But it seems like they also did not meet their Adequate Yearly Progress marker, as well as Reading for those with disabilities. 


Right, but technically it can be said that they improved because the Performance Index is higher. (Not that I agree with that, mind you). I thought from looking over the grade card that they didn't meet AYP because they didn't meet the mark with reading for students with disabilities.

Edit: looks like very few area schools this year met AYP. Even Clyde missed it and they're Excellent with Distinction!


The print addition's article is disappointing.  It doesn't even mention Perkins School District's results let alone provide explanation of how they could improve scores and drop their rating from Excellent to Effectiive. WHY?


 The other day someone at the Hancock block party stated that some of those kids have never been to a mall.   I suppose thinking those same kids  went to a zoo, a museum, library or other educational type of experience with their parent(s) is out of the question.  I doubt if there is much book reading in those homes either.  Those kids don't have the same background knowledge and expereiences that other children do.  Kudos to those in Sandusky who work with those kids.  



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Now if schools could find more like Larry Powell from California,             that would be superb!