Fight outside bar results in thrown knife stuck in man's side

Deputies say a long-running quarrel between two men took a felonious turn when one threw a large folding pocket knife that hit another man Sunday morning in Huron.
Emil Whitis
Aug 25, 2011


Deputies say a long-running quarrel between two men took a felonious turn when one threw a large folding pocket knife that hit another man Sunday morning in Huron.

The knife stuck into a Sandusky man, and its accused thrower currently sits in Erie County Jail.

Ryan Millis, 21, of the 7200 block of Darrow Road in Huron, was charged with felonious assault. The wounded man, Santana Trevino, 19, of the 300 block of Birchwood Drive in Sandusky, was transported to Firelands Regional Medical Center, where he received stitches and was later released.

Although the knife stuck into Trevino, the man Millis was quarreling with was Nick Wollf, 22, of the 100 block of Standard St. in Huron, witnesses told deputies.

Earlier in the night Millis and a friend were drinking at Knucklehead Saloon. At some point Millis got a call from another friend, Aaron Michel, who asked him to come to an apartment complex, Millis told deputies. When he and his friend walked out of the bar they spotted Michel, Trevino, Wollf and another man standing next to the building.

The group taunted the two men. Millis told deputies he felt threatened by the group so he took out his knife.

With the knife drawn and locked, Millis yelled "come get some," a sheriff report said.

"He threw the knife at Trevino and then got beat up," said Erie County sheriff Sgt. Jared Oliver.

Oliver said the knife stuck into Trevino's left side.

"The blade was about 31/2 inches long," he said. "I'm not sure how many stitches he got, but it was a pretty serious wound."

Witnesses told police Wollf and Millis got into a fight about a week ago.

"Ryan explained he was arrested by this agency on the 13th of this month for a fight he was in with Nick," a report said. "Ryan stated ever since then he still wanted to get even with Nick."

Ryan remained in Erie County Jail Tuesday on a $20,000 bond.



 Can't we just put these two in a room and let them beat the crap out of each other.

The New World Czar

He got a call from "another friend"? With friends like that...

Just Thinkin

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Was just in Knucklehead's this last Saturday on a poker run and 1st time I had been in there (nice folks, nice place), stupid youths though, agree with donutshopguy.

Richards Brother

Great idea donutshopguy! In fact can we put a lot of other punks in the same room and just let them take care of each other and make our world a better place in the process? Life is all about choices!

Just Thinkin

no personal attacks, white trash could mean most of the panty wastes in america, if the shoe fits wear it if not then you have nothing to worry about I did not call him a panty waste but as stated before if the shoe fits ? no personal attack meant it was not like I threw a knife into a crowd or something that stupid ! by the way stop using the PC rules and let people state truths no matter how much a dufuss gets his pride hurt ! and say that with love


this would have never happened if huron pd would have done their job. these kids have been bullying ryan for a few months. he called the cops every time everytime and they did nothin to help him out


Whats a 19 yr old doing hanging out at a bar in the first place?  And if they were outside, I know huron police  probably felt out numbered with three young men to even see what was up. Again cop are suppose to be Community oriented Policing, Shake up the department until the get it right!


Been a regular at Knucklehead Saloon for many years and never seen anything like this before. This is why they dont cater to younger adults there. Evidently they came there with the intent to cause / or face a Issue after they had their liquid courage. I agree with SimpleEnough and donutshopguy.

If they have all this anger and energy, why not join the army and take it out in the desert?


hell, the one kid's dad just passed away less then a month ago  ....... better walk back to the crossroad and go down the other path cause your headin' down the wrong one


I just got off the phone with Erie County Dispatcher, there is no record of this event happening at Knucklehead Saloon, also Huron Police has no record of  this. I am sure it happened somewhere but not there. More professional reporting by Sandusky Rag. Get your story straight!


it happened on the side of the building. ryan was jumped by the other boys and defended himself against a few punk bullys


This incident happened at Rye Beach Apartments not Knucklehead Saloon, Ryan and another friend were at the saloon then left. This info comes from an eye witness of the incident at the apartments. This is why the sheriff took the call and not Huron Police.

ERIE COUNTY SHERIFF    SUNDAY, AUG. 21      1:31 a.m. — 2200 block Rye Beach Road, Huron, large group of men surrounded another man; man pulled out a knife said “come get some.” The group took the offer; one man from the group was stabbed at least once. 



it really doesnt matter where it was at. everyone, everywhere is trying to stop bullying in schools and such. but what about adults who have learning disabilities and slow and isnt able to stick up for them selves. it needs to stop EVERYWHERE with all bullys no matter what age. again... if HURON Police Dept. would have done their jobs and arressted these boys the other7-8 times ryan called the cops on them, NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!!!!!


i cant be the only one who feels this way???


Thats what happens when the condom breaks, just sayin


 Don't worry Mojo, if it happens with in a block of a bar the register will place it there, How do you think the Underground got such a bad rep, cause of bad reporting.  You just got to be ready to get on here and correct things when they "get it wrong"