The Mailbag: Where is the Paper District Marina contract at?

Q: I understand there is a "punch list" that needs to be addressed with the Hoty Group regarding the Paper District Marina and the Northwest Chesapeake Public Plaza before the City will pay Hoty the remaining dollars due. Can you work your magic to get an answer on this issue?- Tim on U.S. 250
Jessica Cuffman
Jan 15, 2012


Q: I understand there is a "punch list" that needs to be addressed with the Hoty Group regarding the Paper District Marina and the Northwest Chesapeake Public Plaza before the City will pay Hoty the remaining dollars due. Can you work your magic to get an answer on this issue?— Tim on U.S. 250

A: Thanks for the question Tim. Acting city manager Don Icsman said there is going to be a “punch list.” But when large construction projects are completed, sometimes it takes awhile, he said. The city was able to take over operations of the Paper District Marina when it was “substantially completed,” Icsman said, meaning there was enough construction finished that the marina could start operating, but it was understood there was still a list of things to finish. The city is retaining $125,000 until the work is completed, but as parts of the “punch list” are completed, the city will make partial payments. Icsman sent an email to the Sandusky commissisioners updating them on just that question earlier this month: “A walk through occurred with Hoty Builders, John Hancock and George Poulos during which they delineated the items that need to be completed. Hoty Builders is currently working on those items.”
“George and John indicated that Hoty Builders will be forwarding to them a written itemization of the outstanding issues. George and John will review and edit, add and/or delete and this will form the basis for the final punch list.”

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Can we say stalling?  The contractor was done with the marina on June 16th and two months later there still isn't a punch list available. The city needs to quit dragging their feet and give Hancock and George a deadline to get the punch list hammered out.  It takes on the appearance that maybe the city doesn't have the money to pay the contractor the longer the punch list drags on.   

William Jeffers...
I couldn't get past the fact that the title of this article ended in a preposition. 
Captain Gutz

Billy J,

Is that something you have a problem with?


The punch list is usualy prepared in correllation to the size of the kick back.

Raoul Duke

Where dat at?


Let's cut to the chase. One of the key factors that Icsman isn't telling the people is fact: a lot of the contractors involved with this project haven't been paid!! Yes that's correct, after numerous visits to our GOB court system right here in the heart of Ohio where enemas are administered (Sandusky), numerous contractors and sub- contractors are being offered pennies on the dollar in our GOB courts here. Those that aren't accepting that offer continue to have their cases postponed to the degree of collapse of their companies. This is what the city so called law director - city manager aren't telling you. Then low and behold here comes Hoty. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone as in the past with their connection with the city and county. Actually the analogy of Punch List should be changed to Bucket List, since that's the way Hoty has always run their business. Don't be fooled people, Icsman is right in the middle of this cesspool and continues to wallow in it and will keep continuing to pad Hoty's pocket!!!


007 - do you not understand that Hoty has not been paid the $125,000?  Sounds to me like Hoty's not getting any favors from the City. 


This may be the reason the manager was fired. Did he dig deep enougnh to really see what was going on?

When will the City relize that the Marina is losing money daily. There are 1 or 2 boats in there during the week, not including the Fire Boat ( which I suspect no dockage money is collected from the SFD). During the weekend if you have a half a dozen boats there, it is a sight to be seen.

If the city would put out half the docks for seasonal rental, say 30 @ 1,200 per season, that would generate $36,000.

This would also attract transient boats, Many boaters go by and look at an empty Marina and just keep on going. Transient boaters also have a safety concern at an empty marina, they relize that they can be easy targets of crime. 

The Marina also lacks Cable TV, an amenity most boaters take for granted, They would like to see the local news, weather, also something for the kids to do while thet eat or shop in town.

It is time to mange the Marina Professionly and have it turn a profit for the city, instead of running up red ink.

WE NEED SEASONAL DOCKS HERE FOR NEXT YEAR. there are many boaters here in the area, that must sign dock contracts by mid September to keep there docks and rates for next year.


THE CITY CAN TURN A PROFIT HERE IF THEY ACT NOW. Couldn't that money be used for something useful in Sandusky.