REAL WORLD: Easy bein' green

SANDUSKY Young people are going green. No, not green with envy, green as in organic. All-natural and o
Sandusky Register Staff
May 9, 2010



Young people are going green.

No, not green with envy, green as in organic. All-natural and organic foods, cosmetics and hair products are becoming increasingly popular.

Grocery stores selling only organic food and salons with only all-natural products are popping up all over the nation.

Whole Foods Market, an organic and all-natural grocery store, encourages consumers to be more health conscious when shopping.

"We want to promote food in their purest states, free of anything artificial or hydrogenated fats," said Kate Klotz, spokeswoman.

Hydrogenated fats are artificial fats that can improve taste and shelf life for some foods.

Organic and all-natural is not the same, a common misconception, Klotz said.

"Something that is organic is all-natural, but something that is all-natural is not necessarily organic," Klotz said.

The difference between organic and all-natural foods is that organic foods are not grown with any kind of persistent pesticides or fertilizers, all-natural foods having nothing added to it.

The most popular organic foods on the market now are produce and meat.

Fruits and vegetables grown without chemicals often have more flavor and better quality care, Klotz said.

Another reason people are turning to organic and all-natural foods is because less people have food intolerances to organic food. Also, organic food provides good alternatives for products that commonly cause intolerances, like milk and lactose intolerance.

Young people seem to have caught on to the organic trend quicker, Klotz said.

"They are more aware of the benefits for their body," Klotz said. "It makes them feel better knowing they are not putting chemicals into their body."

The all-natural trend isn't stopping at food products. Many cosmetic and beauty companies are catching on.

The Aveda Corporation makes all-natural hair care, skin care, make-up and perfume products.

Some area salons have completely switched over to Aveda products.

"We think it's a good idea because it's not only good for your health, but it's also good for the planet," said Nicole Kaldes, spokesperson. "Plants are the best chemists, they provide the best ingredients," Kaldes said.

All of their fragrances are blended exclusively with organic essential oils as well as the majority of their hair products.

She said many young people are jumping onto this trend, but believes it will become more than that in the future.

"Young people are on the forefront of ideas -- creating them and taking them in at a rapid rate," Kaldes said. "The growth of blogs and social networking have created a virtual community that connect to form the branches of forward thinking. Eco-chic is 'hot' now, but it is just the beginning of a trend that will become the norm for the next generation."