Hancock Street Block Party celebrates neighborhood

From East Monroe to Neil, Hancock Street neighbors who still live in the neighborhood or have moved elsewhere come back each year for the annual block party. See more photos here.
Jason Werling
Aug 22, 2011

From East Monroe to Neil, Hancock Street neighbors who still live in the neighborhood or have moved elsewhere come back each year for the annual block party. See more photos here.



It looks like a fun event.  Is there a reason that this gathering seems to be 1 color of people only.  I'm glad all had a good time, but things like this are not bringing our whole community together.  Maybe next year we should invite based on friendship and loyality to the neighborhood.  Would have loved to watch the dance group.



Great comment...I am not going there now, but yes it is always "one sided with their peoples"   Good nite


 Everybody is welcome at the block party. You could have gone, lifetimeresident. I would like to see the dance group,as well. Maybe next time, huh ?



Thank you Katelih! We have peolpe who always want something negative . Everybody is always welcome and always have been if there are people who chooses to not come because it was organize by blacks and is on hancock thats their problem but i for one had fun with the white who dont live by negativity and who is really trying to bring us together 


Why is it you people are always trying to find the bad in people? There wasnt anyonme commiting crimes so you have to comment on something else and make something positive negative. Do you ask why the county fair is geared towards white people? Hell no im so tired of tired weak people looking for problem! If you dont like blacks dont worry about them . If you would get rid of all the hate you would maybe come down and see its not only black . You would see kids of all races playing and people of all races having fun quit picking on everything. I dont see you asking why the fair has country bands and tractor pulls , i have yet to see a black erie county queen but every year we see in the register white people . Can we have something positve thats not messed up by thugs i know everybody would rather see us shooting each other so they can say look at blacks acting up again . But its something positive so im sorry we disappointed you but GET OVER IT



Advertise it then.  And quit trying to start a argument.  Lots of kids would have loved the blow up jumping houses.  My little girl just goes crazy when she sees them.  Dont let bad comments on here effect what we need to do.


The fair is geared toward white people?  Rides, carnival food, games,  looking at the animals and exhibits is a white people thing? What a ridiculous thing to say.

Captain Gutz



Like i said the couintry music , the tractor pulling , when it comes to the county fair where and what do you see as farv as the activities other than the rides are geared for other races . So lets not act like it is


mrjsiah says

Like i said the couintry music , the tractor pulling , when it comes to the county fair where and what do you see as farv as the activities other than the rides are geared for other races . So lets not act like it is


The county fairs are not geared to "other races", they are geared to the FARMING communities, and they celebrate THEIR heritage, whats wrong with that? Last time I checked, all  races ,creeds, sexes, were welcomed there. I'm willing to bet that a lot of Sandusky's elderly (now) black community, with their roots in the Deep South, understand those "activities", even if you don't. Get over yourself.

God Of Thunder

You kmow, it's because of most of you idiots, that no one in this community feels they can come together.  If you wanted to have fun there, then you should've went.  I don't think they had any signs out there that said 'Blacks Only'.  I see some white people in the picture, so don't go trying to blow something out of proportion because your kid couldn't play in a jumpy house.  Go there next year.


It would seem rather obvious as to why there weren't many white people there to speak of. From the photos it's right in the heart of Hancrack St, and Reese St. Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't there been a multitude of shootings, and drug dealings right at that very same corner in the last few months? I wouldn't consider the statements made to Idiotic as you so spew, no more than you wouldn't have a problem having your block party in the center of a KKK meeting. Do you expect people to just come open arms right in the middle of one of the towns worst drug, thuglit, crime, and ghetto area. I think that there should be a group of white people have a block party in the middle of Columbus ave. , and If you want to come fine if not then don't. Think outside of the box you live within, why do you think the city allows you to close a street for your party? If I have to explain it's not worth telling!!


Who cares what color these people are? Before I read the comments I looked at the pictures. You know what I saw? It wasn't color. IT WAS SMILES!! Looks like people had a good time. Hope the SR got a few remarks from the older people who have lived on this block for a long time. I love the history of people.

Bada Bing

I'm glad they all had a good time!  Looks like the kids enjoyed it to!


 Just one question. Who paid for this block party? If it was private money by local residents then great job! Keep up the good work. If it was funded by taxpayers dollars than stop the entitlement. If the county fair cannot be run without government funding it needs to stop also. 

We all need to support ourselves and not expect any level of government to fund our programs.


It is funded by some residents.And donations taken at some churches . Once again everyone isnt on welfare and the reason it is on hancock is to bring the neighborhood together since so many of us like to judge. This has been going on for three years now and zero incidents.But yet people want to make sometheing negative out of something positive. If you ask most that are not white of the county fair , the 4th of july , festivals in huron milan castlia they will tell you tho they might attend there really not anything geared toward anybody but whites .



Thanks for the funding information. Glad to see a neighborhood coming together.

But, please explain your comment of a festival geared to whites. Are you talking food, music, fireworks or a parade?

Norma J-C

I have a 'driver's tan on my left arm and a white arm on my right. It's just to say that it doesn't matter what the skin color is, we are all members of the Human race so be nice to each other.


After all that street has put this City through , It's definately not a time for Celebration. Just a little out of character for the time..


Hmm.. maybe I'm the one color blind but I do believe I see white people in the last picture- one is dancing. I know one of the local churches received an invitation to go to the block party as well. Glad everyone stayed safe! :)

Truth or Dare

Just like Poverty is a global issue, always has been and will be,  so too is Bigorty and Racism.   The comment regarding the fair being geared towaqrds  whites............Not many African-American land-owning farmers in our area, now are there?   However, one need not  live in the country or on a farm to participate in the Erie County Fair.  You just need enough interest in something, such as sewing, crafting, raising rabbits,  then find a group to share it with.   By the way,  take a moment to look up some info. regarding the  poor within our country,  the Farmer will fall within that category.   

I think this block party is a grand idea!   I never realized it was open to the public,  thinking it was more of a neighborhood/family thing.    I'll remember that for next year.  Hope all, especially the children, had a fun time!     

  FYI;   Black folk don't have the corner of the market  on drugs, shootings, assaults and acting thug-like.  There are over 2,000 groups within our country that sow seeds of hate and discord, from religious groups, to white supremacy, to black nationalist groups, etc..  Hell, Ohio has 89 such groups on the watchlist!   Do a little research on MC gangs.   Seems we have our own lil  patch-wearin, color-flying, clubhouse hanging MC group.   Won't use the word gang cause we have none of those here, right,  organized or not,, that seem to have no problem w/confronting others, let alone the  police!  Hell, we block off an entire waterfront area for many  to come into our city AND PARTYYYYYYYYY.  They ride in, walk the streets w/open flasks, becoming publicly intoxicated and jump on those scooteers and ride right back through our streets to get to wherever they choose to lay their head. It's all good though, cause they bring $$$$'s into the City and County.      


If more of these block parties were held maybe the gangstas would realize that they are outnumbered by GOOD folks and not the trash that gets the headlines. How about every week a different block party and have a trophy awarded to the one that represents the best in people, get to KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOR in the NEIGHBORhood. Heck yes, I would love to learn how to do those white folks dances; I'm older and they don't take much energy to do a four count.   ok, its meant to be funny, don't take it personal white folks; learn to laugh with others.  


Great post Truth or Dare!

Great post indeed.


 Blacktigress....  lol...Do you mean...2 step ? I have to correct you.....The do-si-do requires much energy with the Square Dance, at my house !  lol


Yes the bike rally brings hundreds of thousands of revenue into the city and county. The food vendors must comply with health dept. standards and yes the city has to pay monies out for extra security, city workers to install blockades etc. The end result is what it's always about, Money!  How much revenue was generated from the block party? How much was spent for city workers to install the blockades? Did the health dept. inspect the food cookers etc? Block party or not, not sure if they charge or not, yet the food still must fall within state guidlines regardless since it's open to the public. These are things the taxpayer has to foot, not to mention clean up, hey scratch the last one, it wasn't cleaned up in the first place.


The pictures reveal plenty of white people there - even one of the dancers was white. Stop complaining because you were scared to attend. I didn't see or hear anything about violence or anything criminal for that matter.


 To mrjsiah says:

What changes would you make to the county fairs, community festivals and July 4th--a national holiday--to make them more appealing and "geared toward" the black community? 



So the festivals in Huron, Milan and Castalia are geared towards whites because there is nothing for blacks and hispanics to do? So only white people eat, and listen to music and play 50-/50 drawings? Only white people like to win prizes playing games of skill and chance?  Only white people like to watch parades?  And to end it all, only white people like to play in softball tournaments?


Now come on, that is just going to far.  And as for the fair contact the extension office and find out your local 4-H club.  Get your kid enrolled and involved.  It can be fun, and you don't have to be white to have fun. 

Just saying.


I think BLACKS in this community are the most racist and ignorant.  Get over yourselves.


Not a place I'd take my family.  Nasty!


as long as the kids had fun who cares 

p.s the racism in this comunity is 50-50  meaning not all the whies are racist nor all the blacks but the ones who are is even