Dogs available for adoption

The Erie County Dog Pound features the following dogs available for adoption:
Tom Jackson
Jan 15, 2012


The Erie County Dog Pound features the following dogs available for adoption:

• PATCHES — Male lab/collie mix, 2 years old. Housebroken, plays fetch. Fun loving, energetic, crate trained. Would need a 6-foot fence as he’s an excellent high jumper. No cats. Available now.

• EARS — Female shepherd mix, 5 months old. Housebroken, a sweet playful pup with lots of energy. Available now.

• MORACA — Female Chihuahua mix, 4 years old. Housebroken. Lovable, but likes things a little less hectic. Adult environment would be good. Available at 3:50 p.m. Friday.

• ABBY — Female doberman mix, 2 years old. Housebroken, outgoing. Needs strong leader and lots of exercise. Available now.

• ROXY — Female rottweiler mix, 3 years old. Housebroken, been at the pound and a foster home for 3 months. Prefers women, needs time to trust others but will warm up to men. Needs a loving home. Available now.

• BABY — Female lab mix, 1 year old. Housebroken, sweet girl, high energy. Available now.

The Erie County Dog Pound, 2900 Columbus Ave., Perkins Township, is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10-10:30 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. Call 419-627-7607. Adopting a dog costs $45, including license and first shots.



Half of these dogs should read like this.


Pick up at your own RISK.  Not resposible for side affects.

I'm starting to actually like Mike Vick.

Thats SAD!


Not quite sure what is wrong with a doberman, a shepard, or a rottie. 


Not sure if you were trying to be funny by bringing Mike Vick up, but instead you come across ignorant.


I have a male Dob mix that came from the pound.. best dog I have ever owned!!



Are we going to go through this AGAIN? That's fine, I have NO problem with it. I actually have a new Vick story to add, it was just released on 8/17/11: To Hell and Back-The Story of Michael Vick's Pit Bulls

From the National Canine Research Council: 

The problems with dog bite studies- Detailed research that goes into real dog bite reporting takes time and effort- An example of irresponsible media sensationalism, which leads to unfounded public hysteria-

From the American Temperament Test Society: 

The most recent study showed that of 122 breeds, pit bulls scored a passing grade of 83.9% (their reaction when placed in confrontational situations). Beagles scored 78.2% and Golden Retrievers scored 83.2%. -

From Bad Rap, who took in the highest number of Michael Vick’s dogs: 

Addressing the myths head on- The dogs’ journey to freedom and happiness- I read that all but one of Vick’s dogs were able to be rehabilitated and placed in homes—almost all with other dogs, cats, and yes….children. These dogs, in my opinion, serve as the very best ambassadors for the breed as well as other breeds that have been improperly labeled as mean, aggressive, or vicious. -

Looking toward the future, as more people become better educated, we will be seeing more of this:

Cleveland and Toledo repeal breed specific law-

I know it’s a lot of reading and without sensationalistic images, but stick with it—you might learn something.


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Dogs~ALL dogs get bad raps because of THE OWNERS!   ALL dogs  are GOOD dogs.   I know a dog one time that was protecting the children of a home and nipped~yes~NIPPED a stranger and he made such a big deal out of NOTHING the dog had to be put down~HE WAS THE BEST DOG I had ever seen!  He got punished because he was a large dog and he "NIPPED"~did not break the skin of some sissy man (maybe it was "lifetimeresident"?)because he was protecting children~phff~and people are stereotyping all dogs and maybe looking for a lawsuit?  Maybe?  Who knows.   How sad for this dog  :(

BTW~there is a pit bull a couple doors down from me and he is just the NICEST dog.   I'm not too sure he is being treated very well~but he is a VERY nice dog.   I hope he never runs into anyone like "LIFETIMERESIDENT".