Cats available for adoption

(NOW WITH VIDEO) The Erie County Humane Society features the following felines for adoption:
Tom Jackson
Jan 12, 2012


(NOW WITH VIDEO)  The Erie County Humane Society features the following felines for adoption:

• Silverbella — 5-year-old white and tabby female. No children, no dogs.

• Bogart — 4-year-old neutered male tabby, front declawed.

• Slinkie — 4-year-old spayed female, gray and white. No children, cats or dogs.

• Salem and Tuffy — Two 6-year-old male black cats, neutered and front declawed. No other cats. Would like to be adopted together if possible.

• Smoke — 7-year-old neutered male, gray and white. Front declawed. No children, cats or dogs.

• Hollie — 4-year-old spayed black female. Good with kids, no other cats or dogs.

The Humane Society, 1911 Superior St. Sandusky, is open for adoptions from 1-6 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, and 1-4 p.m. Saturday. Normal adoption fees are: Cats/kittens $60, fees waived for cats 3-year-old or older. Fees including spaying/neutering and first shots if the kitten is at least 3 months old. Adoption fees vary for dogs and puppies. 419-626-6220.



or .... you could call the huron fire department and they will turn down a request to rescue a cat that's up in a tree (40 foot in the air) for the last 6 days cause they're too busy eatin' doughnuts and washing the paint off their vehicles (overkill clean)!


Now thats sad FRIZZLEFRAP~Is it still up there?   No one can do ANYTHING?   Awwww~I didn't need to hear that   :(


good news .... my neighbor called buckeye tree service and they hoisted cherry picker up to get the cat .... it became scared and it ran part way down the tree then jumped from about 10 feet off ground then took off running. the cat was sitting right above a squirrel's nest for all those days and i assume that's why it was up there to begin with. hopefully the cat is smart enough not to do that again .... evidently it had at least 1 life left outta 9.  not sure whose cat it is! what puzzled me is i didn't know till yesterday and neighbors said they heard cat meowing since last friday, or saturday (they weren't exactly sure which) and i said, " and to say you couldn't figure out where it was"? .... and the one neighbor said he was a hunter, he should know how to find where meows were coming from ..... then i said, "well why didn't ya then" .... doesn't take a genius to walk around a little ... turn your head different angles while walking and get a reading .... they thought first it was under my porch (next door to tree) .... and i thought ..... not too smart! ... thanks for being concerned .... have a nice day!

Hey maybe you two can pool your money together and rent a telescopic boom lift, and pluck the poor helpless little kitty out of the big bad tree

 Or, you could have a little more heart. My God, people these days. 


@GILA~I hope you don't think your comment surprised me in any way.   They are alll the same~hateful.  Typical of you and I consider the source~poor, heartless soul.   Maybe you should try and ask GOD for forgiveness for all you say/do~you never know if today might be your last.   Have a beautiful day ;)  


(may a cat urinate on your~well, uh~ never mind  LOL)

@itsntallaboutu, I simply offered a viable solution to the dilemma; forty-foot boom lift only about $225 a day. Had my intentions been to twist your underwear in a wad, I would have said buy a chainsaw or a rifle. Even I would not leave a cat in a tree for 6 days. Have a swell weekend



@FRIZZLEFRAP~thanx for the update and great news!   So glad there were people there to help the kitty!   GOD bless Buckeye Tree Service and the neighbor who called them!