"Last Supper" at Knights of Columbus

Longtime home of group sold
Angela Wilhelm
Aug 27, 2014


The Knights of Columbus hall and former home of G.A. Boeckling at 614 Columbus Ave in Sandusky, will be under new ownership. Wednesday the group had their final dinner and meeting together at their current location.



Shame that no young men are interested.
Who bought it?

The Answer Person

If you look at the photos what "young" person would want to go there? Out of touch.


These guys are so out of touch with their charities and fundraisers for the needy. Who would want to go there when the young can sit on porches and smoke drugs and get a free ride. Old people just don't get it. NOW go back to work so you can get me a new Iphone.~~~ Sarcasm off
Look at those photos so you will remember what this country used to be.


Thanks Donegan, I remember and I take my part of the blame. What happened to us? selfish, do what you want "Free to be You and Me" LIBERALISM.
There is hope though, we can teach this young generation through our deeds, I plan to.


Good question. I hope it isn't a church.


Is the new owner a Dentist from Rocky River? A new office location perhaps?


How about another bar? Sandusky is attracting bars and bars only right now.


I hope it's another tattoo parlor.


"Last Supper"...Har...har...har....what humor....har...har...har...what literary wit....you guys should go on tour.


Why the older men in the photos?

A number of yrs. ago there was a book written entitled "Bowling Alone."

The subject was that many young men no longer had the desire or felt that they had the time to devote to fraternal organizations such as the KoC, Masons, JC's and others.


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The Hero Zone

It is very difficult to provide such a motivation, and this is coming from someone who offers it consistently to young people. I think it is due to a mix of factors (and I'm not listing them as criticisms against the organizations, in fact I think it'd be interesting to be a Mason) we see participation slide:

1. Supersaturation of socialization. You don't need to go very far in today's world to find likeminded people with which you can talk, eat, play games, etc. I would urge individuals to do it because face to face time is better than electronic time, but in an increasingly online culture...

2. "Hyperbolization" of organizations. You see it especially here. As soon as a Catholic is mentioned we go right to kid-touchers. Part of the Tea Party? Obviously you are 100% racist. Even the staff at the Register who reply are instantly jumped upon as being ultra left-wing Marxists when considered in the whole. So if someone does join, why bother talking about it with others when they just won't listen to you and are happy to loudly invoke stereotypes against you? "It's not worth the hassle."

3. Time capsule effect. Whether it is right, wrong, or viewed as backwards or progressive, many of these very old organizations are viewed (by younger members of the population) as antiquated and unable to connect with younger prospects. Even a comment above referenced looking at the picture to see what America once was. Unless there is constant, progressive community outreach especially to schools it will be difficult to bring new people into the ranks. Heck, even unions see this pushback.

4. Everyone's got an org. With the rise in giving fads such as Livestrong bands, ice bucket challenges, NaNoWriMo, and even traditional entities like the Humane Society there are so, so many organizations that are set up that it can stretch available volunteer/members in a community pretty thinly. Especially with the rise of (essentially) for-profit-nonprofits: http://www.forbes.com/sites/evan...

Just think of the massive amount of redundant social, governmental, and (usually politicians') pet programs that exist, all needing staff and volunteers. In the words of a recent meme "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That". If you are a part of an organization and the quote above makes you scratch your head, please refer to some other earlier points.

5. Many are just "cared out" or lack the time, money, passion, or intellect to join various groups, or, mandated sub-prime altruism. Especially when it comes to government we are told to think of this cause, that person, or use a politician's moral example as the law of the land. Many are suffering of the self because their lives have been assigned to living for/serving others'. So why join an organization that will continue to ask you to give more of what you don't have? You met a senator's criteria for being a good person, now you don't owe anyone anything (except the senator).

Anyway these are just a few off the top of my head which I hope isn't too bad for being so early in the morning. If anyone here is a part of an organization and would like to get some opinions on how to attract a younger base, I'll do my best to answer them. Again, don't take the above as a slam against anyone. It is simply a menu of possible contributing factors to a decrease in organizational participation.


@ THZ:

Good observations.

Another factor is that many of these orgs. were founded by U.S. immigrants who were looking for comradery in a strange new land.

Also, the K of C for one, was formed in reaction to the rise of the Masons, who the Catholics saw as un-Christian.

Many of the forces and thinking which propelled the formation of these orgs. no longer exists.

Lastly, the rise of the nanny state has made the need for such fraternal and philanthropic orgs, appear to many to be inconsequential.




Sorry to burst your bubble Mr. Zone, but being a Mason is far from interesting...it is incredibly, needlessly, painfully boring. Go to meetings for awhile and you will realize why nobody takes the conspiracy crowd seriously...


Re: "Mason is far from interesting,"

I worked with a one-time Potentate of the Chicago Shriners. They do VERY good work.

IMO, you shouldn't base an entire org. on one chapter.


Shriners do good work. True. Potentate is a funny name though.


I don't think the article said the K of C in Sandusky was disbanding -- they are just selling their hall? The hall could have a lot of potential, being the home of Boeckling of Cedar Point history.

Regarding the age of members -- some K of C councils have a lot of young members. There is a cultural shift in the role such an organization plays. In the past, fraternal groups usually had a bar, lunch counter, maybe a bowling alley, etc. for men to gather after work, away from their families. Now the expectation is that fathers will spend most of their spare time with their families, not at a social club.


Reminds me of the demise of the IAB club.

I know of one large city where the JCs were disbanded due to lack of interest.


Although there are many more complicated reasons for declining participation in charitable organizations, I suspect a lot of them are rooted in one very simple foundation: Why bother when the government will take care of it?

There was a time when the hungry, the homeless, the downtrodden, the beaten, the jobless, etc. could rely on neighbors, churches, and private charities for help. But since "Big Mother" stepped in, "charitable giving" is forced and coerced via taxation, and any leftovers are often kept by the individual. And why not? The individual needs all the leftover money he can get! Besides, Uncle Sam has made a point of pretending the "welfare" clause in the Constitution doesn't mean defense and the protection/encouragement of the free market but rather government giveaways. So why bother, eh?


I agree Sam.

The government will give anybody anything they want using someone Else's money. It helps them to stay in office.

While the non thinkers tell the government to increase the taxes on businesses so they can get more failing to realize that when business get an increase in taxes the consumer pays higher prices for their service or product. Businesses do not really pay taxes they just collect the money from the consumer and forward it to the government.


Does anybody know who bought it and what the plans are for it?


They must be growing in some places, Fremont has 2 K of Cs.


Does anybody know where they are moving to? I am interested in signing my son up. Seriously, these are good guys and support young men. Encourage college and give scholarships.