Pelee Island water not safe to drink

Authorities closed Pelee Island beaches and advised residents and visitors not to go swimming
Associated Press
Aug 28, 2014


Residents of Canada‘s Pelee Island have been warned to drink only bottled water and to stay away from the beaches as toxic Lake Erie algae has reached its shores.

The The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit issued an alert this afternoon, warning residents that the blue-green algae bloom is affecting the water quality along the shoreline of the island. The microcystin that contaminated Toledo’s water system, rendering the water undrinkable from Aug.2-4, now is affecting private well water systems in Pelee Island, the authorities said.

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The health officials also warned residents not to bathe in or cook with the contaminated water and not to eat fish that has been caught in the lake. Authorities closed Pelee Island beaches and advised residents and visitors not to go swimming.

Report from the Toledo Blade




That's ok, it's Canada....Canada's stupid anyway.


They have better healthcare than we do... It may take too long to get it for them, but they still have it better. They also keep their noses out of international affairs.


Did you ever live in Canada? I think not but I did. Their health care system is horrible, wait in line for everything sometime for months.


What do you think it will be like with Obamacare??? How about the same or worse than Canada!!


I doubt that. Everything that Republicans predicted about Obamacare so far has been completely wrong.


8ballin......I do not believe you lived in Canada. If you did, it was when you dodged the draft back in the 70s.

AJ Oliver

Jeez, sorry to hear that - was just over there last week. We love the place.
By the way, on numerous occasions Pelee Island folks have assisted U.S. boats in distress - and have endangered themselves while doing so.
PLEASE REGISTER, can't you do something about your Jr. High level blogs?




I share your mindset, AJ. The problem is that the average level of schooling for most teapartiers is Jr. High level (if their lack of knowledge about grammar, spelling, vocabulary and punctuation is any indication). The Register can't do anything about their lack of schooling, I'm afraid.

Big Bob

"PLEASE REGISTER, can't you do something about your Jr. High level blogs? "


AJ Oliver

Hey REGISTER - I'd ask you to correct your misleading headline.
The warning from the Windsor-Essex Health Unit goes beyond just drinking water and swimming. It says, ". . residents are asked to not swim, bathe or cook with surrounding water. [and] Residents on the mainland, along with islanders are asked to not eat fish caught from the lake."
Unfortunately, this means Pelee is shut down.
And it begs the question of whether fish on the US side are safe to eat either - they are sorta the same fish after all . .

(Mr. Fly. I was referring to slappy's rather immature post.)


Alright dude cool. In good taste, I will remove my post. :)


canada has good beer. who would want to drink the water?

lunchtime 175

How do the fish know if they are canadian or from usa?

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the unsilent ma...

Border patrol is pretty worthless. Cant keep the mexicans out down south and cant keep the geese fish or mayflies out up north.