Its name is Robert Pierson

A closer look at the freighter making a stop at the Sandusky Coal Dock
Jason Werling
Aug 25, 2014


"The Robert S. Pierson is the first vessel in the Lower Lakes fleet to honor an individual. Mr. Robert Scott Pierson, who died December 23, 2007 at age 71, and was very active in the Canadian shipping industry.  First working for Misener Transportation, in 1975 he started his own firm, The Soo River Company. More recently and until his passing, he worked for Lower Lakes Towing/Grand River Navigation Co. The formal christening ceremonies were held at Sarnia, ON on March 22, 2008, the vessel's sponsor being Sandra Mathies, partner in life of Mr. Pierson." according to

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Nice "Fight Club" refference!

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jibber jabber

who is buying all the Coal, polluting the air and water?


I am glad you finally think that. If you don't believe that,then go move by a smokestack and suck in the fumes. Then tell us if it pollutes.


Just sit and ponder without any electricity...


We have other ways.......hydro, nuclear. Not to mention wind and solar which is there for the taking.
downthemiddle......are you OK with pollution? I understand the electricity comment. I just don't understand how people do not want to progress away from fossil fuels. We have to use them now but why not wean ourselves off of them in a more concerted effort?