Earthquake hits San Francisco

California governor declares emergency from quake
Aug 24, 2014

UPDATED 12:57 p.m.
Gov. Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency for the part of California's wine country hard-hit by a large earthquake.

The governor issued a proclamation directing state agencies to help respond to the 6.0-magnitude quake that struck early Sunday about 6 miles from the city of Napa.

Napa Fire Department Operations Chief John Callanan says the city has exhausted its own resources extinguishing six fires, transporting injured residents, searching homes for anyone who might be trapped and answering calls about gas leaks, water main breaks and downed power lines.

Callanan says three people are reported to be in critical condition, including a young child who was struck by part of a fireplace and airlifted to a specialty hospital for a neurological evaluation.

Inspectors are evaluating damaged buildings, bridges and roads.

Residents in the San Francisco area are bracing for more aftershocks in the wake of an earthquake today, the Weather Channel is reporting.

The aftershocks will likely continue, "probably for weeks," according to a Weather Channel analyst.

The Weather Channel provided the following account:

A preliminary 6.0-magnitude earthquake rocked the San Francisco Bay area early Sunday, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The earthquake struck 4 miles northwest of American Canyon, California in Napa County at around 3:20 a.m. local time. The quake was felt over a large portion of northern California, including San Francisco, with the strongest shaking experienced in Napa, Solano and Sonoma Counties.

According to NBC News, the earthquake knocked out power to more than 50,000 people early Sunday. According to the San Francisco Chronicle there were reports of minor damage to westbound Highway 37, but so far there have been no reports of major damage to infrastructure or reports of injuries.



I like the headline, a little wrong since the epicenter was in the Napa area. Just had to get SF in there though, wine spilt OMG : )


nature wins every time!


No reports of injuries? How about the 87 people that went or were taken to the hospital, three in critical condition?

yea right

Really I thought the real news reporting agency said it was Napa valley. 50 miles from SF. And the reported injuries what about them. Gee SR crap you ppl need to report news correctly. GET THE FACTS RIGHT.


This just in: The quake was caused by global warming.

Stay tuned for further environmentalist hysteria.


Gotta be Bush's fault!


Plate tectonics. Actually, Africa is spreading as a result. One day it will be split.


I guess some of the people weren't affected. I'm watching the 49 'ers play football at home right now.

red white and blue

Well observer we know it isn't obama's fault he is on
Vacation. Lol


He is back now.


Is he up to Bush's 977 days on vacation or retreat?


Re: "vacation or retreat?"

Ever been to Crawford, TX? Not to be confused with Hawaii or Martha's Vineyard.

So when's Mr. Obama gonna go survey the damage, 'feel the residents pain,' and work in a fundraiser or two?

The Big Dog's back

Gee pooh, you might be a right wingnut if you start sparsing President's vacation destinations.


"Obama has gotten it for playing golf—most conspicuously on the same day he decried the videotaped execution by jihadists of American journalist James Foley."

Yea, Mister smoothy-smooth. lol

The Big Dog's back

So you're saying James Foley's life was more important that Michael Brown's? Or any of the 1000's of people who have died? Should he not do anything but sit in the Whites house?


Re: "Whites (sic) house"

Is that where the White family lives? lol

The Big Dog's back

Yep, until 2009.


No, you wrote "Whites house." Who are the Whites? Do they live next door to the Smiths? lol


Hey Knowitall, are you familiar with the Bush ranch in Texas, or Camp David in Maryland? If you were you would realize the amount of presidential duties that can go on in such places versus Hawaii

The Big Dog's back

What can't the President do in Hawaii? Bush was "running" the country holed up in Nebraska on 9/11. Just because you and your right wingnut cohorts have simple minds doesn't mean everyone else does.


Cookouts. Ribs and beer! My kind of place. I have never been privy to get an invite to either so I am not sure what goes on there. Goofus, you sound like you know what goes on there? Are you CIA? :-)


Bush's ranch in Texas was a total phony prop to produce a total phony cowboy image of him.

The Big Dog's back

Yes it was.


Re: "phony prop"

Never been to Crawford, TX eh?


Does it matter ? How ?


Re: "Does it matter ? How ?"

TRUE. "Bush's ranch"? Off-topic.



It's on topic.
You have a big problem understanding how threads work.

Then : "Never been to Crawford, TX eh? " is off topic too.


Re: "It's on topic."

Answer the question then: Never been to Crawford, TX eh?


I have never been to Crawford, TX.

And so...?


If you had you wouldn't have written: "Bush's ranch in Texas was a total phony prop,"

Where do think that Cindy Sheehan was protesting?