Girl rejects sleeping arrangement

13-year-old locked herself in car after being forced to share living room with convicted killer
Aug 21, 2014


A 13-year-old girl alleges she's been forced to sleep in a living room, alongside a middle-aged man once convicted of murder. 

Huron police arrived at a home in the 900 block of Main St. on Aug. 10, after the girl locked herself inside a car and her mother called police, according to a Huron police report.

The mother and her live-in boyfriend claim they're trying to obtain custody of the girl, who has been living with her grandfather for the past six years, according to the report.

When police coerced the girl out of the vehicle at nearly midnight on Aug. 11, she told police a 45-year-old man is "constantly picking on her," and the pair sleep in a living room together at night.

The mother and her boyfriend told police they haven't yet made proper sleeping arrangements for the girl, who just recently started living with them, according to the report.

The boyfriend told them the man who lives with them "was convicted of murder over 20 years ago in California," according to the report.

In the report, the mother said she no longer wants the convicted man living in her home.

Police demanded the woman allow her daughter to sleep in her bedroom for now.

Additionally, they explained the eviction process to her and forwarded the case to Erie County Children Services for review.



Dear little girl,

You were very brave to stand your ground. Good for you. I'm sorry for the situation you are in. You are smart, do not be afraid to call for help again if you need it. It sounds as if you need to look out for yourself. Good luck.





meg a

well said


@DickTracey, Well said.

& Bravo to you 13 year old.
Brave and smart people like you are needed in this world.

Your neighbor

Great job young girl. Why would you do that to a young child. Glad she knows how to stick up for herself.

Your neighbor

Great job young girl. Why would you do that to a young child. Glad she knows how to stick up for herself.


Why or HOW did this killer from California come to live with them? Mom or boyfriend had to know him, he didn't just show up on the door step. How or why would a mother allow this ? I am glad the girl stood up for herself and did something about it. Better this, than a different kind of report later down the road. Hopefully Mom and boyfriend get rid of him and Children's Services keep an eye on the situation.


You would be surprised at the number of loony lefties in this area that take in complete strangers off the street to live with them. If you want to do it, fine, but you probably should wait until there are no longer kids in the house so that they don't become victims of your stupidity.


How many lefties? Do tell!


Don't go away mad turd, just go away!


So the cops left a child in an unsafe place even after they were notified of the unsafe conditions. Sounds like some cop has his head wear he wipes.


leave the police criticism out of it. they did what they could within the law. they made the mother and boyfriend give up their room. the girl should have been sleeping in the mother's room, not the boyfriend, and the two men should have been in the living room. good job to the police.


What the heck??? Please someone help this CHILD


So, weird stuff goes on in towns other than Sandusky?


Sounds to me like the 13 yr old is smarter than the adults.


I really think the fact the guy is a convicted killer is not the main issue. I think it is a bad ideal to allow any man around your children, especially girls. The young girl was right not to sleep in the same room. The mom should be ashamed of herself. I don't care if the guy was a priest. I would never allow any man to sleep in the same room with any of my kids. PERIOD!

Just a Girl

I hope they don't give the mother custody of this poor child-she obviously lacks good judgment. The boyfriend and the house guest obviously take precedence over the kid's comfort and safety. And if she hasn't had custody, must have had previous issues. Eviction process? Shove him out the door and change the locks.