Holder arrives in Ferguson

U.S. Attorney General tells citizens 'we can make it better'
Associated Press
Aug 20, 2014


U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder arrived in Ferguson Wednesday to meet with federal investigators and reassure residents of the suburban St. Louis community torn by several nights of racial unrest since the fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old by a white police officer.

While walking through Drake's Place Restaurant in Ferguson, Holder told diners concerned about the recent clashes in the street, "we can make it better."

He also met briefly with Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson, who has been in charge of security after the Aug. 9 shooting of Michael Brown sent protesters into the street with nightly, occasionally violent clashes with law enforcement officers. The National Guard has been called in to help keep the peace.

"We're rallying against the criminals," Johnson said. Asked whether he had confidence in the local investigation of the police officer, Johnson said: "General Holder, by being here, is a guarantee on that."

The visit came the same day a grand jury in nearby Clayton was expected to begin hearing evidence to determine whether the officer should be charged in Brown's death.

Holder made his first stop Wednesday at the Florissant campus of St. Louis Community College, near the suburb of Ferguson where Brown was shot Aug. 9. He told a group of about 50 member of the Ferguson community that the "most experienced agents and prosecutors" would be assigned to the investigation.

Kiyanda Welch said Holder talked to her and other students about the unrest and their own interaction with police. The attorney general told the group, "change is coming," Welch said.

Holder was headed Wednesday afternoon to visit with FBI agents and other officials.

Outside the St. Louis County Justice Center in Clayton, where the grand jury was expected to convene, two dozen protesters gathered in a circle for a prayer, chanted, and held signs urging prosecutor Bob McCulloch to step aside. Nearly two dozen officers guarded the building's main entrance, which also was blocked off with yellow police tape.

McCulloch's deep family connections to police have been cited by some black leaders who question his ability to be impartial in the case of Darren Wilson — the white officer who fatally shot the unarmed Brown on Aug. 9. McCulloch's father, mother, brother, uncle and cousin all worked for the St. Louis Police Department, and his father was killed while responding to a call involving a black suspect.

The prosecutor, who is white, has insisted his background will have no bearing on the handling of the Brown case, which has touched off days of rancorous nighttime protests during which authorities used tear gas and rubber bullets to clear the streets of the St. Louis suburb where he was killed.

The protests were more subdued Tuesday night, with smaller crowds, fewer confrontations and no tear gas. Police said they still made 47 arrests, but mainly of people who defied orders to disperse. Tensions rose briefly when someone hurled a bottle at officers, but there were no reports gunfire or the clashes that had marked previous nights.

In a letter published late Tuesday on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, Holder promised a thorough investigation while calling for an end to the violence in Ferguson. He said the bond of trust between law enforcement and the public is "all-important" but also "fragile."

Arrest patterns "must not lead to disparate treatment under the law, even if such treatment is unintended. And police forces should reflect the diversity of the communities they serve," Holder wrote.

He said the Justice Department would "defend the right of protesters to peacefully demonstrate and for the media to cover a story that must be told."

The department has mounted an unusually swift and aggressive response to Brown's death, from conducting an independent autopsy to sending dozens of FBI agents to Ferguson in search of witnesses to the shooting.

As for the county grand jury, prosecutor's spokesman Ed Magee said Wednesday that there is no timeline for how long the process could take, but it could be weeks.

A day earlier, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said he would not seek McCulloch's removal from the case, citing the "well-established process" by which prosecutors can recuse themselves from pending investigations to make way for a special prosecutor.

Departing from that process, Nixon said in a statement, "could unnecessarily inject legal uncertainty into this matter and potentially jeopardize the prosecution."

McCulloch, a Democrat, was elected in 1991 and has earned a reputation for being tough on crime.

Ferguson city leaders said the mayor, the City Council and municipal employees have been exploring ways to increase the number of African-American applicants to the law enforcement academy, develop incentive programs to encourage city residency for police officers and raise money for cameras that would be attached to patrol car dashboards and officers' vests.

"We plan to learn from this tragedy, as we further provide for the safety of our residents and businesses and progress our community through reconciliation and healing," officials said in a public statement.

Meanwhile, Brown's funeral arrangements were set. The Austin A. Layne Mortuary, which is handling arrangements, said the funeral will be at 10 a.m. Monday at Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church. Brown's uncle, the Rev. Charles Ewing, will deliver the eulogy, and the Rev. Al Sharpton will also speak.

Brown will be buried at St. Peter's Cemetery in St. Louis County.




What a waste that will be. He will send the policeman to Gitmo.

Ben Crazy

if that was a White boy shot it would never had made the news.

The Big Dog's back

Cops don't shoot unarmed white boys.



Unarmed white teen shot by black cop in SLC.


The initial reports from this shooting, stated, "an unarmed white teen was shot by an other than white male officer."

Also note, that there are no riots going on by the white people, no looting, no Sharpton, no Jackson. No news cameras on site, no live reports.

No big deal, black cop shoots white unarmed teen.


Yep, that's the way I read it too.

Seems that the before, during, and after situations were totally different as well. The officer and/or citizens in SLC were not in life threatening situations either when the officer shot and killed the teen.


Dog's statement seems to be racist or pure ignorance.



Seven different unarmed black men killed by white people.


How many years did you want to go back, KKK?

We were referring to two shootings with in a week apart.

We are comparing apples to apples. White kid shot by black cop. NO RIOTS. NO NEWS.


They just beat them to death with their bare hands. You need to go out there Dog. You and Al Sharpton and the rest of the Race baiters can have a meeting discussing what to do now that everyone recognizes you for what you are.
"7/18- Jimmie Norman, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/18- Terry Taylor, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/17- Cindy Raygoza, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
7/11- Luis Aguilar, 91 year old hispanic male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/10- Brittany Simpson, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
7/6- Sarah Goode, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
7/6- Jeffrey Westerfield, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/5- Perry Renn, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/3- Laurey Kennedy, white female still in coma from beating by black male. No national news
7/3 Eric Mollet, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/2 Rupert Anderson, white male murdered by black male. No national news.
7/2 Jennifer Kingeter, white female murdered by black male. No national news.
6/30 Jim Brennan, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/29 Paul Shephard, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/27 Shirley Barone, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/27 Penelope Spencer, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/27 Inga Evans, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/26 Jake Rameau, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/25 Gina Burger, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/24 Nathan Dasher, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/22 Jonathan Price, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/20 John Whitmore, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/18 John Yingling,white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/17 Allyn Reeves, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/15 Michael Beaver, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/11 Angela Cook, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/11 Nathan Hall, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/7 Harry Briggs, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/5 Laura Bachman, white female, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/2 Robert Mohler, white male, murdered by black male. No national news.
6/1 William Headley, white male, murdered by black male. No national news"
Wonder why holders interested all the sudden? Be careful your Racism is showing.


I am not racist so that cannot happen. I just point out that Whites DO GET KILLED to refute dogs statement. Guess that bothers you somehow?
If you cannot see the double standard in the media I am sorry, you may be part of the problem.
Last weekend another 35 black people died in Chicago, I wonder where the outrage is?

The Big Dog's back

Plagiarising someone else's research ehhh dummygan?


You see how those quotes are around it? Yeah that means someone else wrote or said it first. Guess your basement education did not explain that to you.

The Big Dog's back

Who did the research? Gee, I can put quotation marks around something "dummygen".


Look it up moron, It is not my job to babysit you. I pay taxes for that.

The Big Dog's back

I think it's funny that all the right wingnuts use the same "token" white boy.

The Big Dog's back

Jimmie Norman:
The Officer was taken to Ben Taub Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The suspect was shot by another officer and was taken to Southwest Memorial Hermann Hospital. He faces charges of evading and capital murder of a police officer.

You just don't get it dummygan do you. Justice is working in these cases. What don't you understand?

B0ttom Line

Big dog you're a racist idiot. And most people on here know it.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

In civility thou seem'st so empty.

Ben Crazy

Sure they do, it just doesn't qualify as important.


Regretfully, most attention does seem to go with a white cop and black male.


"The White House has weighed sending President Obama to Ferguson, Mo., and has not ruled out a visit in upcoming weeks, according to sources familiar with the internal decision making."

Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/admi...

I'm just so confused. Who's going to send the president to MO? I'm sure everyone is thinking "now what does that have to do with Mr. Holder in MO"? I'll tell you, absolutely nothing. Just thought it was interesting that the WH is sending the president places.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

And yet, if I remember correctly, the same White House led Pentagon withheld pay from Fort Hood victims as it wasn't an act of war, but rather, "workplace violence" (http://hotair.com/archives/2014/...). Our President couldn't even be bothered to meet with them when he visited because he'd be late for a fundraiser (http://houston.cbslocal.com/2014...). Meanwhile how many hundreds of thousands or millions is it costing to to send Federal officials to this case in Missouri? I'm not saying what happened wasn't a tragic event, but why doesn't AG Holder or our President instead do things like visit the border, or the family of a Border Agent who was murdered in front of his family by two illegals during a fishing trip (http://www.themonitor.com/news/l...)?

Though, at least since last year, the AG has spent about four million dollars in travel expenses (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/...).

Hey, priorities, right? Le sigh...

The Big Dog's back

You right wingnuts are all pizzed off that Holder is there. You right wingnuts would have a meltdown if Obama went there.


I am so glad that the president doesn't have anything better to worry about than a black thug/thief getting shot in Missouri. To bad he wasn't concerned about the reporter that just had his head chopped off. Think his priorities are a little mixed up here. First people, black, white and any other ethnic race get killed everyday and you don't see the president doing anything to help them. This is not something that the President of the United States should be concerned about right now, he needs to be worrying about how to get those AMERICANS home. It's all bs and everyone knows it, this guy isn't the first and won't be the last.


Actually, the President did do a press conference denouncing ISIS this morning, after it was announced that the journalist had been killed.


Then walked off the podium and straight to the first tee. Uninvolved as usual.


You are all missing the point.
It is not about race. You are all focusing on what the black guy did, or what the white guy did.

It is about what a militarized police force all over the country is doing.
It is also about the plague of gun violence all across the country.

There you go again

No, I beg to differ with you. Ask any "protestor" in Ferguson and you will here only what the cop did.


Right, you must've owned a business that was looted and/or burned to the ground. You must've had a family member that was shot by protestors. You must've had a Molotov cocktail thrown at you, or a rock. Your not the only person that thinks this way and that's ok, the problem is it's making the police hesitant to do their jobs, and their just putting a wall around the city and letting the rioters burn it and kill people.


Re: "U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder arrived in Ferguson"

For the American Bolsheviks (progressive Democrats), the nationalization and militarization of law enforcement in the U.S. is key to making this country "better."

Why isn't AG Holder in Chicago making it "better"?

The Big Dog's back

I told you, nobody listens to your off topic banter.


Don't punch a cop and then charge at him when being told to stop and this all could have been avoided.


Martial Law....soon coming to a town near you. Donegan has a very good point. They are looking for an excuse to provoke, then control all, including media. If only the people would realize that there are 2 sides to the story. Tired of some - like the looters - getting a free pass. Not ok for people to kill/beat up whites, any more than it is to do so to blacks or Hispanics. Not ok to single out white on black killing, when black on black and black on white killing is ignored/deemed acceptable and not worth stopping. Sickening.


America is often referred to as a violent country.

FACT: If the black crime statistics were removed, overall crime in the U.S. would not be dissimilar from that of supposedly 'safe' Europe.


Yep, a sad statistic but true.

The Big Dog's back

Fact: If right wingnut "Americans", hard for me to put those 2 words in the same sentence, weren't racist the crime rate would be lower.


Fact: If racist mutt could put together a coherent response someone might be able to understand you.

The Big Dog's back

Real easy knuckle, right wingnuts=racist=crime rate rise.


Re: "right wingnuts=racist=crime rate rise,"

So whites are 'causing' the large amt. of black-on-black crime?

Do tell.


A republican has not lived in Chicago in 30 years Dog. I suggest you go out there and investigate.
Another 35 dead in that Democrat utopia.

The Big Dog's back

Good one BD!!!!!!!


Hey bigdog, your backside licker thinks that's a good one. I'm sold. Now all we need is jazzblow to verify.


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Re: "Your (sic) a backwoods uneducated moroon,"

It's spelled "you're" college grad. lol


I went to college, and I learned how to spell "you're" in 4th grade. Can you use a can opener, or did you need to get a degree for that too?


I won't pick on you any more. I understand considering what happened with your mother and all. Have a good day.


Black officer shoots unarmed white kid who didn't resist, didn't punch the cop and was not a threat, but where is the outrage from the media? The answer is simple, it doesn't fit their racial pot stirring agenda.