Defending the township

In his Dec. 28 letter, "Defending Dwelle," Mr. Caldwell stated. "It sure is interesting to see how the facts are confused and distor
Sandusky Register Staff
May 9, 2010


In his Dec. 28 letter, "Defending Dwelle," Mr. Caldwell stated. "It sure is interesting to see how the facts are confused and distorted . . ." and he would like to "clear the air." I couldn't agree more.

A year ago I was elected as a Perkins Township Trustee on "working together; employees, management, and taxpayers . . . for the good of Perkins Township . . ."

As far as "team playing," I'm playing for Perkins Township. Team players have supporting roles designed for the whole team to win. Working together (team playing?) with the Ohio Business College, we are now providing information online for the first time for all of Perkins Township; Students from the Ohio Business College are learning to build and maintain our website at no cost to the Township! We all win!

There are three trustees trying to do what each sees is in the best interest of Perkins Township. Do the three of us agree 100% of the time? No, but that doesn't dissuade us from working together (team?) for what is best for Perkins Township.

The letter erroneously alleges "you other two did not even have the guts to speak out against . . . or support an investigation" into allegations against Mr. Dwelle. I did explain we were exploring ways to save money in all departments, not just one. At the following meeting, Mr. Dwelle asked for an investigation from the county prosecutor into the allegation at the request of the township. Before proceeding, I requested that we, the Perkins Township Board of Trustees, defer the question to our legal counsel for a cogent answer. The board members agreed and legal counsel advised that since the allegation was made toward Mr. Dwelle and not the township or board, the allegation should be considered a civil matter between Mr. Dwelle and that person. The certain publicity from the requested investigation could, in your words "splash over township residents." Going forward, as you had prescribed, would have negatively affected the township's reputation. It had already been a tough year!

Finally, Mr. Caldwell wrote that I "rode the coattail of Bill Dwelle." The November 2005 election results clearly show I earned the majority of votes in 8 of 10 precincts: 1987 total votes to 1834 for Mr. Dwelle.

I hope now the facts are not as confusing and distorted to some and the air is now cleared.

Timothy D. Coleman, CPM

Perkins Township Trustee