Health agency urges vaccines as classes start

The Ohio Department of Health is urging parents to make sure children are up-to-date on vaccinations to protect them and their classmates as they begin a new school year
Associated Press
Aug 18, 2014


The department said children who aren’t vaccinated have a higher risk of contracting and spreading illnesses such as measles and mumps. Ohio has dealt with outbreaks of both of those diseases this year.

The mumps outbreak in central Ohio stood at 479 cases as of this week, with just over half of those cases linked to Ohio State University.


Separately, the state said 377 cases of measles have been linked to an outbreak that began in Knox County, with Amish people who had traveled to the Philippines.




Given that no proof of vaccination is required of illegal alien children, and that the powers that be have decreed those kids can attend our schools with YOUR kids, ensuring that your own family is as armed as possible against disease just became that much more imperative.


I agree completely!


"As armed as possible"? You want young kids to own assault weapons and take them to school?