Health coverage in jeopardy for 6,000 Ohioans

People living in the country illegally are not allowed to get coverage
Associated Press
Aug 18, 2014


Some 6,000 Ohioans who signed up for the new health care law risk losing their taxpayer-subsidized insurance unless they act soon to resolve questions about their citizenship or immigration status, according to the federal government.

The U.S. Health and Human Services Department said recently those with outstanding documents are being warned they have until Sept. 5 to show they’re eligible. Otherwise, their coverage will end Sept. 30.

People living in the country illegally are not allowed to get coverage.

Nationwide, more than 310,000 people whose citizenship or immigration details don’t match what the government has on file have been notified they must submit their information.

The health agency said many haven’t responded to repeated outreach efforts by mail, email and phone.

The letters, which are being sent in English and Spanish, notify enrollees with unresolved issues they still need to upload their documents to the website, or mail them.


yea right



So they are not "Ohioans" they are ILLEGALS. How were they even able to sign up in the first place? They are not responding because they are ILLEGAL. They do not want the government to find them. DUH.


Well DUH ladydye--believe it or not, they may be in this country illegally, but I'm also sure they know what a computer is eh??? You know, that square thingy that you log into and SIGN UP FOR HEALTHCARE on! I'm also pretty sure they know what planes, cars, electricty, you know, stuff like that is.

The Big Dog's back

Whoa, whoa whoa. This can't be. Right wingnuts said illegals are covered under Obamacare. Are they lying again, I mean still?


What right wingnuts said that? Is this just more of your jaw music?

The Big Dog's back

I understand the mind of a right wingnut has a memory span of about 2 minutes, but all the right wingnuts who posted on Obamacare articles all said illegals were covered.


I, too, have heard several conservatives say that, both in print and on this blog. No surprise there, since everything they predicted about Obamacare has been proven wrong.


[ sound of crickets chirping ]

Perkins Resident

Not this again with the illegal immigrants. Here we go.

lunchtime 175

if they not legal to be here then how did they get the insurance in the first place????? Didn't they check to see if a person was a citizen before they gave them insurance???? Its no wonder the united states is so deep in debt.


Wait...if they can't prove they're eligible by September 5, their coverage will terminate September 30? Why is there coverage for them at ALL? Why isn't the termination retroactive? And why aren't each and every one of them liable for each and every nickel of benefit they've stolen (less any premium paid, of course)?


Probably the same way you get your EITC before it can be verified.


What is EITC?


Make up your mind people. Before most on here complained about illegals being covered and now the truth comes out. They are not eligible just like the President said!


Re: "People living in the country illegally are not allowed to get coverage."

So "God's children" (to quote Mr. Westerhold) will be denied healthcare if they show up at the ER?

Florence Nightingale

Under EMTALA, no hospital that accepts Medicare can deny emergency (not routine healthcare) treatment based on the person's ability to pay. Kind of an unfunded mandate on hospitals, but the alternative seems inhumane. I don't think people here illegally should be able to get insurance - I guess hospitals just have to deal with that.


We agree Florence! I am not surprised.

Florence Nightingale

Haha! Me either.


States like CA give illegals driver's licenses; what's the problem with lettin' 'em buy Obamacare?


Are ERs allowed to deny TREATMENT if you have no healthcare?

Florence Nightingale

Not emergency treatment. See above, I didn't see your post before I commented.


Who pays for the legal migrant farm workers health care? Opps forgot taxpayers.

Dinghy Gal

How can they be "Ohioans" if they are illegaly in this country?

There you go again

Something tells me Obama will step in, make an executive order and grant insurance to these illegals, and all will be well. Don't worry about these uninsured....they'll be all right.


You do know what they say about " assuming " ?