City program aims to reduce number of stray cats

A Cleveland councilman says a program aimed at reducing the number of cats roaming city streets will start next year
Associated Press
Aug 18, 2014


The Plain Dealer reported Councilman Matt Zone said the program to trap, neuter and return the cats would be citywide. It would include the city’s animal control division and animal rescue groups.


   Volunteers and residents have tried unsuccessfully for years to shrink the city’s feral cat population. The director of the Cleveland Animal Protective League said one calculation using human census data estimates the city has about 56,000 stray cats.


   Director Sharon Harvey said the organization has helped sterilize more than 10,000 cats in the past six years, and the planned trapand-neuter program would expand those efforts.



First trap.....cut out the neuter and return part. Add one last step.

The Answer Person

How about help getting rid of all the skunks in the city areas?

Sal Dali

Trap neuter and release is the humane way a civilized society should go about reducing the feral cat population knowitall. There is an overpopulation because pet owners do not spay or neuter their pets; the animals are faultless and should not have to pay with their lives. Shelters and pounds kill animals needlessly every single day because they had irresponsible owners that turned them out. "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ~Mahatma Gandhi What does that say about you knowitall?


I don't like cats is what that says about me. Why waste a good meal? In china they eat cat. It is a staple in many countries. Ever watch Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern? It is amazing the things people around the world eat......much less waste than in the US, and more open to all kinds of animal foodstuffs.
I like Gandi. I don't have to agree with everything he said though. I think if you replace the word "animal" with "citizens" then that is a statement I could buy in to.
Unless you are a vegetarian, think how we treat.......cows, sheep, pigs, rabbit, chickens, duck, deer, fish, horses, etc.