Truck fire on Ohio 2

Two fire departments on scene of blaze
Angela Wilhelm
Aug 18, 2014


A Chevy 3500 series truck caught fire in the westbound lanes of Ohio 2 Monday around noon between Ohio 101 and U.S. 6, Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers said. 

The driver later told troopers he was driving the speed limit when he heard a loud pop, then began to lose power. Next thing he knew, flames were shooting out of the engine compartment, troopers said. 

The man and his passenger pulled over and managed to escape uninjured — the truck however, was totaled. Troopers believe it was a mechanical issue. 

Sandusky and Margaretta Township firefighters helped quell the blaze. 


Tool Box

Troopers believe it was a mechanical issue? Really? Are you sure? I dunno..


Look out General motors . Here is another recall


Glad the guy is safe. GM sure is having troubles last ten years! The man could have been killed. We are driving around at 70 miles an hour with a gas tank strapped to our buttocks. How smart does that sound?