Tesla seen on area streets

Area attorney first in area to have one
Melissa Topey
Aug 15, 2014



Dennis Murray Jr. is proving environmentalism can be fun and look unbelievable cool.

Murray has been walking the walk of environmental conservation for years now. He has solar panels on his home that have greatly diminished his use of electricity. The Murray and Murray Law firm's building on Shoreline Drive in Sandusky also has solar panels. About four years before adding the solar panels, he installed a geothermal system that reduces the family dependence on natural gas. Last month Murray added an electric car to the family fleet when he purchased a Tesla S.

The company wants to prove its technology and get it out into the public, so it has taken the risk onto itself with a lifetime warranty to its crucial battery system, Murray said.

The only things he has to worry about replacing are the windshield wipers and the tires, Murray said.

“These cars do not require a lot of service,” Murray said.

The company started to manufacture the Tesla S two years ago, there are not that many on the streets.

Murray picked his electric car up at the Tesla store in Columbus, where he was told his was the first Tesla sold in this area.

A service center will open soon in Cleveland, he said.

It is important to support developing technology and innovative companies that can change the world for the better, he said.

“It is also just fun to drive,” Murray said during a recent ride with a Register reporter behind the wheel.

“Environmentalists need to start shedding their sackcloths and show how being responsible to the earth can still be fun.”

The car glides silently. It is responsive in both its steering and its acceleration and deceleration.

The most fun in the car happens in the almost instant acceleration from zero to 40, Murray said.

Regenerative braking is responsible for the car slowing down quickly and recharging the battery at the same time. It slows quickly — so much so that while the car has a brake, there is not much need for an experienced driver of an electric car to use it.

The car's systems, and the weight of its batteries, make for a very stable car; sliding or even screeching of tires is unlikely.

The average driver drives about 40 miles per day, but Murray travels more than that. The Tesla S has a battery range of about 260 miles, he said.

He has never had trouble finding a place to charge the Tesla in his travels, which include an occasional trip back and forth to Columbus. For a trip back and forth to New York he planned to stay overnight at a hotel where he could charge his car.

The Tesla S has had some issues. Consumer Reports, which buys its vehicles anonymously, gave some of its top marks ever to the car last year but just recently said it has had problems with the Tesla S it owns. The magazine's car is under warranty, and Tesla has repaired every problem.

The company's direct from the manufacture sales concept has caused controversy with dealership networks.

An average conventional car emits 11,740 pounds of CO2 per year. There are CO2 emissions in the production of the electricity used to charge the car, but the car's zero in-use emissions do help to lower CO2 levels in the atmosphere. Those levels could fall even more as renewable energy sources gain more of a hold in the production of electricity, such as Murray's solar cells at home.

The technology will only improve in efficiency, but even now electric cars would work for the routine driving habits of the vast majority of drivers, said Holly Myers, Bowling Green State University lecturer.

She believes out of all the new technologies being tried in the automotive industries, such as hydrogen-fueled cars, electric cars are the most likely to take hold with the most people.

“People are already exposed to it with hybrids,” Myers said.



No mention of the car being built to low and when running over an object the battery has been known to be damaged and catch fire. The battery of there cars are attached to the floor.

Licorice Schtick

That's because it's not an issue. You must be referencing isolated freak incidents in which a large, strong pieces of metal damaged the car. It was news because the car is so safe. An ordinary car may have fared worse. And the design has been modified to make it safer still. Despite the ridiculous performance, it's a very safe car. In August of 2013, Tesla reported that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awarded it the highest overall safety score for any car, ever. Check it out.

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Red though?

I'll stick to by muscle car that goes 0-60


@badboy - are you trolling? The car is not built too low, the car lowers itself using active air suspension so when it ran over metallic objects such as a trailer hitch at high speeds (75-110mph) and created a leverage action between the road and the car it could pierce the battery pack. (If you were in a normal car that metal object would go through you or a passenger).

The car though lets you disable the lowering if you want.

And since then, they have added titanium armor plate and an aluminum deflector to prevent that.

That said, it is irrelevant. I mean do you expect every gasoline car review to remind you that gasoline is flammable?

@JMOP - is there any car that doesn't go 0-60? A Tesla Model S was tested by Motortrends to go 0-60 in 3.9 seconds, that is pretty impressive for a full sized sedan. There have even been drag races where a Tesla beats a Corvette stingray.

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@ Weapon

I drive like an old lady, though I do admire the way a muscle car looks. I bought mine because it is a white convertible sports car with tan leather interior.
It goes 0-60 in 4 secs with the top speed of around 185 (or so I've been told).

I wasn't putting his car down, glad hes happy with it. I was stating the typical red that men usually choose.

Licorice Schtick

All internet comments will be interpreted in the most negative way possible and elicit hostile comments accordingly. Choose words carefully.

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How true that is Licorice Schtick.

I only wish there was a way to type your tones on the way intended.

Licorice Schtick

Right on about tone. You can't read tone but people complain about it all the time. It's best to assume positive intent unless it can't be read any other way, and even then, it's best to respond only to what is actual written, and ignore any inferred negativity. Maybe I'll try that some time.


Ok, and? You do realize what you linked only proves you were trolling right?

So you are aware the NHTSA investigated and found no issues. Tesla added the titanium armor and deflector plates and offered it as an OPTIONAL for people who are concerned.

So if there was no issues, why should there be a need for a mention? In comparison, there have been a bunch of recalls for fire from every other manufacturer. Does that need a mention?


It's interesting how quickly and vehemently you refereed to me as a "troll." Makes one think you are Mr. Murray.Or...you sold the car to him.


Neither. And at first I asked you if you were trolling. When you pointed to something that contradicted your own statement, that proved you were trolling.


It must be nice to have an article in the paper that flaunts how rich you are.

From the Grave

That's how most people felt in the early 1900's. Now, every idiot has a car, so...eventually, every idiot will have an electric car.


Everybody seems to think the Model T was the first car and forgets that many cars that looked similar to the Model T and many cars that were much fancier were built ahead of it for the rich while the common man had a horse, donkey or worn out shoes to get from place to place. The problem today is jealousy. Nobody should have anything nice unless everybody gets one.



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The Hero Zone

A geeked out the other week when I saw it after a Commission meeting. Mr. Murray was kind enough to let me contain my drool and poke at it. I'm certainly happy with the Prius V I bought last year, but boy-oh-boy when these get out of the early adoption phase (as well as Google Glass and some other things...) I'll become a late adopter for sure!

Good 2 B Me

I saw it last weekend. Quite a nice looking ride.

Finn Finn

I didn't see a price. How much?

Jason Werling

The base price of a Tesla car is approximately $60,000.


Price, schmice, Dennis Murray is not worried about the price of bologna, if you know what I mean!


The only price I could find was $69,900 to $93,400.


Depending on added features and design, it can range from $$60,000 to over $100,000. The 'Tesla Red' color and the panoramic roof dinged at least $4000 into the bill.


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Let me get this straight, you guys leave up all of the race baiting comments on other stories but I point out that a guy is balding and the comment gets removed?

Licorice Schtick

You're special.


Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I love my Jeep Liberty with a chrome grill and trailer hitch.


$69 K to $98 K I probably won't get one !http://www.autoguide.com/manufac... How are we going to charge these cars ? Bozo has killed the coal industry and no one wants Nuclear Power .The Chinese are destroying the global crap with coal. The volcanos put more carbon into the atmosphere everyday.


So we exchange one source of energy for another. Electric doesn't just come out of the air or the ground. We either use hydropower, coal, or nuclear to produce it. So let's take a cross country trip in our all electric car. Most motels are not equipped to offer charging stations. How much will it increase the cost of your room for all the motels to be retrofitted to accommodate electric cars? How much is it going to cost to provide an infrastructure to charge all these cars? How many existing jobs will be lost and how many new jobs will be created?


Ahhhh. Hydro and nuclear do not produce Carbon dioxide.


What you are linking is a Tesla Roadster, they don't make those any more. It was a limited edition car. That said a Tesla Model S price is about 70k to 120k (though they are much cheaper to fuel). Though most people will probably be more interested in the 2017 Tesla Model III which will start at 35k.(factoring in cheaper fueling it is cheaper than a 25k gasoline car).

As for powering them, there are plenty of generating electricity. Coal and Nuclear are two of them, others ways is Natural Gas, Hydro, Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Wind, Tidal, Geothermal and etc. The reason for the decline in coal is mostly because Natural Gas prices are so low. On top of that Natural Gas is much more flexible than coal.

Side note: the thing about the volcanoes giving off more carbon is a myth, look it up.


Who cares?


Evidently no one but the nut cases !


It's a coal car. The greatest percentage of our electricity is produced from coal.
But the way obamas EPA is going only a lawyer will soon be able to afford to plug a toaster in.


If the U.S. is to continue to be great we will solve this problem just like we solved all the technology problems of the past. Let the inventor invent while the doubters doubt.


If the U.S. is to continue to be great we will solve this problem just like we solved all the technology problems of the past. Let the inventor invent while the doubters doubt.


"The greatest percentage of our electricity is produced from coal."

By that you mean in the US or in Ohio? Because if you mean in the US, then no. If you mean in Ohio than yes. In Ohio, 70% of electricity comes from coal.

That said, coal in itself has been dying because natural gas is cheaper. Ohio is already building Natural Gas pipelines. And Ohio also plans to build some hydro along the Ohio river.


it's a coal burner?

The Answer Person

You need a marital aid.


I think we would all like to go green if we could afford it. Nothing like a Tesla red sports car to get through a mid-life crisis.


With the gigafactory will come the Tesla Model III which is the affordable Tesla.

Licorice Schtick

That would be mid-life crisis in Style. But I bet Martha picked it out.


LOL, There was a cover story in Time Magazine on Manopause and how to treat it (testosterone or red sports cars)

Beautiful cars inside and out...the drivers not so much.



Current update on coal regs !


Have a nice day.

Really are you ...

Have Ford build an automobile totally made in America with an electric motor. O wait Ford is made with parts from all over the world. Chevrolet? Dodge? Dang no American cars are currently manufactured entirely in the United States. But if I were to have an automobile with an electric motor like a Tesla, this Self Sustaining Personal Electric Generator I am going to make. You could drive it for as long as you wanted without ever having to stop and charge the battery.


Does the car look cool? Yes. Is it fun to drive? Apparently. But with that price tag, you'd need to be a Murray to have one!

Most people, given equal choices, will choose the one that's most environmentally friendly. But when the choices are unequal (in this case dramatically so), or when one option is simply out of the question (whether it's due to price or performance), cold hard reality is going to come out on top every single time.


The car is cost competitive with other cars in its class. But obviously it is not affordable for most. But it will pave the way for the Tesla Model III that will come out in 2017 will be affordable for most people buying a new car.


A niche product for the wealthy.


True. This car, to make up on gas savings, at the price tag of 120K will basically rot and fall apart before actual gas savings are met. Factor in the price of electricity to charge this car and you are better off buying a regular gas powered vehicle.


120k is for the maxed out all options. The base price is 70k. That said, if you were to buy a gasoline car in the same class as this car, it would cost much more.

Obviously if you are talking about cost savings. Unless you use the car as a taxi it won't be cost competitive vs a cheap gasoline car of a much lower class. That said, the Tesla Model III that will come out in 2017 will be affordable for most people buying a new car and would be cheaper than any new gasoline car factoring in savings on fuel and maintenance.


Can I get a loan like for a house....15 or 30 year mortgage on my new Tesla?


The Tesla Model III that will come out in 2017 will be affordable for most people buying a new car.


Starting at $35K. Maybe back to a 6 year loan???


Average new car sold in the US is over 31k, so 35k is about there. Factor in savings on gasoline, it is cheaper than a 25k car.

That said, what do you mean by back to 6 years loans? 55% of all car loans are over 60 months.


Sorry. Let's go back to 66 or 72 month loans. I remember when I could afford a 36 month loan.


What do you mean go back to? 65 month car loan is the national average for car loans. It used to be 70 months in 2007. In 2001 it used to be 57 months.

Overall, the biggest thing that changed is people's salary did not keep up with inflation and interest rates became much lower making it more affordable for longer term debt. But don't remember the average ever being 36 months.

To put it in perspective, average cost of a new car in 1995 was 20,450$. Factoring in inflation, in 2014 it ends up 31,982$.

That said a 35k EV is far more affordable than it seems. Say you took a 36 month loan on a 25k gasoline car. (I am not going to count interest). You would end up paying 694$ per month + 200$ per month in gasoline = 794$ per month. A 35k EV on 36 months would cost 972$ per month + 40$ in electricity = 1012$ per month. So you end up paying 218$ per month more for first 3 years. But after the car is paid off, you continue paying 200$ a month in gas while only 40$ per month in electricity. Factoring in 11 years average lifespan of the car.

A 25k gasoline car will cost you 51,400$
A 35k EV will cost you 40,280$


Like all electric cars. It's an I feel good because I spent a lot to be "green", look at me statement. Probably has a government subsidy to make it "affordable"!

just observing

Article on an attorney buying a car, oh I forgot, its a Murray who is on the A list with the Register. Murray big time dem, Tesla, built at a factory in Fremont California, used to be union when it was a joint GM/Toyota plant, now Tesla states its union neutral, company was given $465 grant from the feds, buyer receives federal tax credit of $7500 after they can afford to spend $64-$87K. Second thought its a perfect dems car, government hand outs and a car for the 1%, will he be allowed to park at Local 913 the next time he wants their votes?


A Tesla is probably the only car that isn't a government car. Tesla paid back all the money it owes to the government. In comparison, Chrysler and GM lost taxpayers billions of dollars during their bailouts. Ford got 5.9 billion ATVM loan that it has yet to pay off from the government on top of over 15 billion from the Federal Reserve in the banking bailout. (Yes, most car companies double as banks)

just observing

You are correct, they did repay the loan using proceeds from their stock sales not car sales, but seriously a $7500 tax credit for those 1% who can purchase a $64,000 plus vehicle?
Big time dem who purchases a union "neutral" vehicle, where is Big Dog?


Let me speak for big dog. You rightwingnuts are off the wall. Lol. Dog can say it better. Where is he?


How they repaid their loan is their business, stock or car sales is again their business.

As for the 7.5k non-refundable tax credit, it goes to all EVs regardless the price. If you buy a 35k GM volt or 35k Ford focus electric, you get the same. If you purchase a 27k Nissan Leaf, you get the same. If you buy a 23k Mitsubishi iMEIV, you get the same 7.5k.

In the case of unions, they attempted to visit Tesla factory though the employees were not interested. You can't exactly force them now can you? (Tesla has some of the highest wages and benefits in the industry so yeah)


Re: "A Tesla is probably the only car that isn't a government car.":

A half-truth.

"Tesla Is No Success Story; Tesla is only profitable thanks to politics and tax subsidies."


Why not put your money where your 'mouth' is; buy the stock (TSLA) and a car.


Not a half truth, the truth.

Tesla took a loan from who ever gave the cheapest rate, simple as that. The ATVM loan program was lobbied in by Ford. The goal of the program was to provide up to 25 billion dollars of bailout money for Ford so that they can spare the embarrassment of all 3 US car manufacturers from going bankrupt. They then included a few other manufacturers in the loan so it would not seem suspicious. 99% of the public seems to know that Tesla, Fisker and etc got loans but none of them know that Ford got the biggest 5.9 billion loan. Mission accomplished.

Considering how quickly Tesla paid off the loan they could have take a loan from anywhere, they just chose the one with the lowest rate and paid it back in full 9 years early.

The tax credit goes to the consumer and for all brands of electric cars as I pointed out. Tesla does not get a penny.

On top of that, Tesla actually has disadvantages to deal with as they have to fight state laws that prevent them from selling cars directly due to auto dealer lobbies control over government.

And I do plan to put my money where my mouth is and plan to buy a Tesla, waiting for a feature.


Re: "The tax credit,"

Taxpayer subsidy.

Buy the stock while waiting.



Truth or Dare

Just imagine if Tesla wasn't eventually dissed by a big banker back in the early 19th. century, this car and much greater things would've/could've been around a long time ago! Greed, it can/will lead to the demise of great countries.


Heavy stuff! I agree with ya.


I think it's sharp as all get out! Also, to be able to afford a $60,000 car certainly doesn't mean you are a 1%'er by any means. I see too many Cadillac's on the road and them babies don't come cheap either. Good for Mr. Murray!

lunchtime 175

This is good to know. Maybe more electric cars will be developed to help lower the cost of them so everyone can afford to buy one.