Western Reserve grad stellar in MLB debut in Cleveland

Arizona Diamondbacks starter Andrew Chafin throws five shutout innings
Aug 14, 2014


Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Andrew Chafin, a Western Reserve graduate, hurled five scoreless innings in his Major League Baseball debut Wednesday in Cleveland.

Chafin struck out three batters, walked two and only allowed three hits after throwing 101 pitches. 

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somehow this matters


You took time to say the same thing about this kid, why? If you don't care don't comment! Don't ruin it for the people who enjoy sports and love the thought of seeing the kid next door excell!


Holysee, what have you ever done that matters? My guess is nothing! Actually, my guess is that you are a complete waste of flesh who enjoys making MORONIC comments. Instead of being negative (jealous), I think you should be happy for this kid. He's a achieved a level of success that few are familiar with.


Good luck young man. Congrats and enjoy the night.


Was a great night @progressive field! Great job Andrew Chafin and good luck with the rest of your season!!


Kid looked good on the mound. Good Luck. I think it was National Left Handers Day too.


why wouldnt anyone be happy for a kid that has had some success from the area no matter what conference or school?? lots of jealous people out there haters.. hope alex gilette makes the greenbay packers from clyde he wears no#1 on the squad a reciever good luck to all


Seems to me that Wally should look in the mirror. The nasty things he says about another person are appropriate for him/her.
Now, nice to hear a kid from around northern ohio is making a splash in the big leagues.


Lil' Baby crying again? Thanks for giving me the satisfaction of knowing that it gets on your nerves EVERY time I post a comment on here.


Say what?


I am sitting here laughing at how you think it affects me. I have lived long enough to be worried what a little twerp like you really thinks. You crack me up.


Congratulations, a kid with a goal and talent.


If they don't screw him up like Salazar they will get rid of him.


Congrads to Chafin Post 83 player.