DeWine wanted investigator charged

Attorney General asked prosecutor to consider felony charges after he got info from her, Columbus Dispatch is reporting
Aug 12, 2014


Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine asked a local prosecutor to consider felony criminal charges against his equal employment compliance investigator after DeWine intervened in her investigation and she documented his interference, the Columbus Dispatch reported today. 

Kristine Cadek was investigating an allegation that a close associate of DeWine's sexually harassed an intern. 

The request to Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien prompted Demcrats to fire up their attack on DeWine's handling of the investigation. 

“Instead of defending the victim, Mike DeWine tried to punish the person who was helping the victim,” Ohio Democratic Party chairman Chris Redfern said. “He should be ashamed of himself.”

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DeWine cries 'smear'




This illegal speech and thought crime conduct by government prosecutors has to stop. The notion that anybody can be charged with any crime let alone a felony for reporting or investigating alleged wrongdoing by a public official is an outrageous abuse of power and violates the Constitution.

However, the irony is very rich, as the Democratic Party through Democratic Prosecutors and close friends of Redfern in Ottawa, Erie, and Cuyahoga counties are the biggest offenders of engaging in retaliatory criminal prosecutions for speech crimes. In fact DeWine hired one of them after he was terminated from Cuyahoga County for refusing to stop engaging in political activity while employed as an assistant prosecutor.

Ralph J.

LIKE. Republican DeWine hired Democrat Dan Kasaris from corrupt Cuyahoga County.


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Ben Crazy

DeWine need commited!


Mike Dewine is a snake. There is absolutely NOTHING that he does that honors respect! Get him OUT of office!


What attorney isn't a snake ?

Julie R.

I agree. Same with the attorneys that wear the black robes.


DeWine should be charged for alot of stuff. Failing to do his jo would be the first one

Sal Dali

Does DeWine know he is not the king of Ohio? It is pathetic he would go after an employee that was taking care of a victim's needs and just doing her job. This egomaniac is miffed because she was honest and documented his malfeasance. Imagine that. Maybe he should have instructed her it was off the record, aka another secret.


Redfern is Ohio's liar-in-Chief for the Democratic party. Don't trust either one of them. Redfern had a kid arrested for walking around his house when he had it for sale. And the prosecutor in Ottawa County fast-tracked the railroading of the kid. We need a lot of people replaced.

Peninsula Pundit

Your statements are true.
But this article is about DeWhine.
We won't be able to get any of these bad actors replaced as long as posts such as yours here are made.
Your post looks like an backhanded apology for DeWhine, really.
'Yeah, he's bad, but the other guy is worse!'
This kind of thinking is how they are able to remain in office, with the voters not trusting their fellow citizens to vote their conscience instead of party lines.
I know it is hard not to respond in that manner.
I've been guilty of the same, I admit.
But Redfern stinks and so does DeWhine.
It is time to put both out to pasture with wonderful retirement benefits and try to get people in who will put integrity above party.
A tough row to hoe, for sure.
It would also help for the public to encourage inclusion of third parties, as the reps and dems readily band together to exclude them.

Ralph J.

"It would also help for the public to encourage inclusion of third parties, as the reps and dems readily band together to exclude them." The Democrats in Ottawa County refused to endorse Judge Winters. Winters threw out Mulligan's manufactured evidence in that marijuana case. Plus there was perjury in court by members of the drug task force. Vote for Independent Judge Winters.


Winters isn't exactly an "Independent" these days. Hanging out with the guy he tried to defeat (Judge Haney) and the Republican-endorsed Ohio Supreme Court candidates. I'd have loved to crawled into the mind of Haney when that photo was taken! Not to mention Winters was at a Kasich rally in Port Clinton just a couple weeks ago shaking hands with the Governor. Looks like Winters wasn't endorsed because he's a Republican now. Not to mention his own legal problems at that court house. And the weird thing is that his COUSIN, Mark Mulligan is the only elected official who hasn't taken a side in this Judicial race… looks like Mulligan himself is supporting Winters (who is in turn trying to throw his cousin under the bus.) Mulligan looks like the biggest idiot here. I'm all for throwing EVERYONE out and starting over. Lets start with US Congress and work down.

Ralph J.

"Mark Mulligan is the only elected official who hasn't taken a side in this Judicial race…"

Ralph J.

"Mark Mulligan is the only elected official who hasn't taken a side in this Judicial race…"


The "kid" was a nineteen-year-old adult who spent an hour trying to get into Redfern's house and he reported it. What would you do? The perp get an expensive defense that included a PR campaign and the Register played along, consistently portraying him as a victim and referring to him as a "teen," which is technically correct but an obvious intentional distortion. The notion of wrongdoing by Redfern is just an opportunistic Republic smear campaign, perhaps initiated by well-connected parents, and Nor'easter is just perpetuating it.


I strongly disagree. It is unheard of in criminal justice to obtain a felony burglary indictment on the facts as revealed by the video tapes. At best it was a trespassing case and Redfern clearly abused his political power as Dem Chairman to call in favors with Prosecutor Mulligan and law enforcement.

You also forgot to mention that the teen had learning disabilities including obsessive compulsive disorder. Redfern in effect was picking on a handicapped kid to prop up his ego and throw his political muscle around as the kid's family were Republicans. He also abused his office to have Judge Winters removed from the case, knowing he would have seen right through the political nonsense and either thrown the case out or reduced it to a misdemeanor.

Yes, thank God the kid's family had the money to litigate this BS case as many others do not and Redfern and his ilk are able to abuse the criminal justice system as their private SS troops to advance their political ends and keep them in power.

By the way how do you feel about Redfern protecting his drug trafficking nephew and the kids' father Peter Redfern for all these years? That punk and his relatives ripped me off and I know for a fact he was taught well by his father.

Licorice Schtick

Unheard of to get a conviction, SOLELY on the tapes? Maybe. But an indictment? I don't see how it's so unreasonable to let a jury decide what he was trying to accomplish, given the incontrovertible evidence of what he had actually done.

Re: Redfern calling in favors - I don't remember that being reported. Is that allegation verifiable? Do you have specific knowledge, or is it just conjecture?

Since when does a learning disability excuse crime? Any alleged learning disabilities might be part of his defense in a trial, especially the sentencing, but it should weigh very little on the decision to prosecute.

Re: SS troops. Yes, thank God, for without his family's money, Redfern would have personally stripped him and thrown him in a cattle car to be shipped to a camp where he would be worked and starved until he could not stand and then gassed and thrown in a pit. Wait, no, pretty sure there was no danger of any of that; he was just going to get a trial, so that he wouldn't be punished unless he was actually guilty. But Godwin thanks you for keeping him famous.

Now, about Redfern's nephew, I have no idea what that's all about but it has nothing to do with this case. But now I see where the hate is coming from.


"I have no idea what that's all about"

The reply was directed to another poster. However, the topic is selective prosecution and abuse of power to under/over prosecute crimes based on political connections. Thus, unlike your uneducated legal opinions, the comments are relevant.


Law enforcement doesn't normally have video evidence of a crime being committed. That kid's parents should've saved the $50k they paid "i can't pay my taxes" Debaccoo and made that kid do something novel… apologize. Rich parents let rich kids get away with crap regular people would never be able to get away with and they don't expect their kid to apologize. Just another rich parent enabling their kid and blaming it on ADD.


Did you ever consider that the motivation behind seeking an indictment in this case to extract an admission of guilt i.e. an apology may have been a desire by Redfern to sue the wealthy parents, i.e. extortion by litigation? That theory would explain why Chris went crazy over the diversion deal and lack of apology.

The Redferns sold the expensive house and significantly downsized on Catawba to keep up the illusion of a residence in the district. Maybe the problem is Mrs. Redfern's lobbying income has diminished and the family is having a tougher time keeping up with Joneses.