Exotic dancers protest topless at Ohio church

"I don't have a problem with people expressing their First Amendment rights, but at what point does it become harassment"
Associated Press
Aug 11, 2014


Exotic dancers from an Ohio strip club protested topless outside a church Sunday and engaged in a few heated verbal exchanges with church members.

Dancers from Foxhole North, a club in New Castle in central Ohio, staged the protest outside New Beginnings Ministries in nearby Warsaw, a church the club owner says has protested his business for years, the Coshocton Tribune reported.

At one point, six bare-breasted women marched from a street corner to the edge of the church parking lot; two women remained topless for most of the demonstration, which involved about 30 people who sat across the street from the church or walked around holding signs, the newspaper reported.

Tarps shielded the rear of the church, where most congregation members entered and exited Sunday. Several women came out of the church after services and exchanged words with the club sympathizers, the newspaper said.

In a telephone interview Sunday, club owner Thomas George told The Associated Press that four years ago, club dancers in bikinis protested and held signs outside the church, but that didn't stop the church from picketing his business.

"I don't have a problem with people expressing their First Amendment rights, but at what point does it become harassment," said George, who apologized to the public and other churches for Sunday's protest. "But they backed us in a corner, and we have no recourse at law."

He said judges have repeatedly denied his requests for injunctions to keep church protesters away from his property.

The church's pastor, the Rev. Bill Dunfee, told the Tribune recently that church members will persist in opposing the club. "We know what we're doing is working," Dunfee said.

Dunfee couldn't be reached for comment Sunday. No phone listing for him could be found and a recording at the church said voice mail couldn't accept messages.




it's time to change the law to include men going topless when they have bigger breasts than some women. It is insulting and gross to watch fat-bellied large breasted MEN go topless. double standards once again given that the only difference is below the waste!

The Answer Person

Why not also exercise your constitutional amendment rights and get out all those guns you people love? Next time they protest at the club, why not get out the paint balls and let them have it? better yet, ATTEND that church topless!


I have a problem with people who have no morals, going topless in front of children.

yea right

I have a problem with Id 10 T's who cant leave other ppl alone..and keep their s**t smelling nose out..who are they to judge..the church goes are sure to goto he!!..for judging


Men are topless in front of children all the time. Adults are the ones that TEACH children there is something "dirty" or "wrong" with breasts or nudity. Children are not born with a sense of shame for the body, they are taught that by parents and adults who see it that way. The same ones that teach children to call their body parts cute names like pee pee and wee wee.


Didn't mean to offend anyone with my opinion. I guess people breaking the law with lewdness is more appropriate to some.

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The Hero Zone

It isn't illegal for women to be topless in Ohio so no laws are being broken: http://gotopless.org/topless-laws


Thanks Hero.
I didn't know that, and I'm glad I have not seen it being practiced.


You beat me to it. Anywhere it is legal for a man to be topless a woman can too.

Dr. Information

Not true lady. Try going topless at soak city as a woman and you will be removed. Private property can set their own rules.


LOL, I know somebody who flashed the cameras on the coasters in her day. We'd rush to see the photos and watch the employees' reactions as the pics were censored.

Pterocarya frax...

I am reminded of a Rodney Carrington song:


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The Hero Zone

...hubba, hubba, hubba hey!


JMOP, you prude! Lighten up!


Thanks BigLex, though I do tend to lean toward the prudish side, I treat everyone I meet with respect.

As for the baring of breasts, unless being fed to babies, I would like them covered. Since men can't breast feed, that goes for them obviously. Just my opinion. Still, I don't think they should've demonstrated with children around period.

I was always into men with nice teeth and a clean shave kinda gal. Men, flaunt it if you got it!

From the Grave

Yeah, they kind of proved the church right with the topless protest. But nobody ever said dancers were smart.


I have a problem with all religions. Keep your misguided fairytale s to yourself. What's good for the goose, is good for the gander. Maybe if the " better than thou" church goers would stick to their OWN business, this wouldn't have happened. LOVE IT


Get them behind closed doors where no one can see them, I bet they are all closet FREAKS!!! LOL


The strippers or the Jesus freaks? Or both?


I agree with Mrs. Cowboy. The church folks are always attempting to push their morals on other people and after years of harassment, the dancers gave them a taste of their own medicine. Religion is like sexuality: don't share it with other people unless they agree to it.


Amen ladydye_5.

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The world is content in its ignorance of God. And when Christians come along and begin the message of sin, judgment and hell, they don’t like it.

The only response the world has is to hate the message and the messenger. It’s an old story.

The unbelievers had Christ nailed to a cross. They haven’t given up their hatred, they’ve just redirected it to those who represent Jesus Christ.

Are you unwilling to take a stand for God’s Word because you are concerned with what people will think about you? As Christians, God expects and commands us to stand against the evil in this world.

Every Christian must give themselves to obeying Christ’s command to be salt and light to a lost and dying world.

If there isn’t any antagonism in the world toward your testimony, then you don’t have a visible testimony.


You call it sin. Not everyone does. What do you say to the cultures of the world that are topless but still Christian? Not everyone has the same views of nudity as you. Nudity and sex are NOT SINS. Can you point those out in the bible? Is there a Commandment against that?


I mostly call them third world countries.


So part of their culture to wear beads, jewelry, and adornments. But you still look down on them? For what? Their breasts are showing? Because YOU find that wrong? Because they are different than you or not of your standards? Yes they may be third world countries many of them centuries older than our "civilized" world we live in.


I don't look down on them at all in that area. Their civilization hasn't sexualized breasts. To them, it's the norm.


I am not ignorant of God. I know all about him, having been indoctrinated the myth as a small child and having gone to church for 50 years. After reading "The God Delusion", I decided that he belongs in the same category as the hundreds of other Gods that humans have invented over the millenia. I discarded God because I DO know all about him.

I don't hate Christians or their God, and don't tell them how to live their life. I DO dislike when they presume to tell me how I should live my life - especially when I live a more moral life than most Christians.

From the Grave

If you know the truth, then just ignore them. It's easy.


I personally have no problem with all this. We can only be thankful that the church goers did not protest topless. Some of those women, whew no thanks. When was is deemed immoral for women to go topless anyways? Millions of teenagers jump headlong into puberty by looking at Nat geo magazines filled with topless women from the Kajagoogoo tribe in Africa. They ironically hit No 5 on the US charts with the song "Too Shy" in 1983.
A woman's breast are naturally occurring glands. Not some disfiguring growth like Joseph Merrick had. That dude was gross and offensive running around all willy nilly screaming "I am not a animal" at random strangers who stared at his huge F'n head. If he didn't want people to look he would have kept the grocery bag on his head.
The old guy at the end of the bar once told me his thoughts about topless women "The reason i do not allow my wife to run around topless is because when she does she stretches out the tops of my tube socks tucking them in. But some women are just made for being topless. They have men who can afford extra socks when they get old and dog eared"


You know what it is? It's unnecessary. Our Sodom and Gomorrah culture has sexualized everything, including our children.
The church does not like the lack of morality exhibited by this "club". Good for them. Keep your clothes on, "ladies".


The church started the "protest" war. The club and others just returned the favor. If the church does not like this type of business, I would suggest they just not patronize it. I know I do not care for religion so I do not patronize churches. Unless there is zoning against adult entertainment, not much than can do. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. If the church can protest, so can the "ladies".


I agree w/ladydye. The church ladies fired the first shot across the bow, and continued to protest for years. SHOULD they be surprised that the dancers finally responded in kind?

yea right

tick tock tick tock i am seeing into the future..yes there it is in my crystal ball..i see what is to become..as more and more ppl disbelieve or can't see the point into bowing down to a make believe God..that God will disappear in about 100 yrs or so..


ladydye is right about this. What bothers me is when you call it lewd if it is in the public but privately .....not so much. Breasts... big deal, everyone has them. It's part of the body given to us by GOD remember?


I hope children did not see the display. Two different scenerios here. Adults from an organization (church) protest on property of club where women take off their clothes, some may be on drugs, some may engage in prostitution (who knows, in a godless society, i'm sure one day they'll be honored above other occupations); the audience of the club are adults. Second scenerio: topless women show up at a property with children and adults. Children are probably confused by the display and should not be exposed to it. Two different scenerios. Of course, because people want to shove their fist in the eye of the church (for whatever reason and maybe for good reason, who knows), they equate the two situations. But they're not equal. One involves an assault on children who have done nothing wrong. I'm not worried about the church ladies. I am glad there is no topless joint next to my house. I can only imagine the problems that would come from that. You can sanitize it all you want, but you'll never change the reality that it brings trouble. Period.


Oh yes, because churches have never used children to protest abortion, homosexuality or other "adult" issues. You know for a fact that they did not use children in their protests? Churches have been known to use children also. Do "sanitize" the church either.


Protesting is one thing. These strippers wanted to be crude. That's why they went topless. They wanted to one-up the church goers, because the strip club has lost half of its revenues since the church protesters.

No need to stuff the G-string, or pay for a cover charge if they're on public display. Not a smart business decision, but then again their business is failing.


You correctly point out the strippers are not very bright as they are giving it away. Also, it's easy to figure out why the strip club is losing revenues as the pathetic man boys who patronize these seedy dives are embarrassed by the publicity of the fact that they have to pay it. If it were socially acceptable the church protests would have no impact on revenues.

If the Church wants to play hardball they should take photos of the strippers at protests, provide them to children's services and ask to have them prosecuted for contributing to the delinquency of minors through dissemination of live pornography.


Women are allowed to be topless in public anywhere a man is in the state of Ohio. Your idea of live pornography is mute. It is NOT illegal, sorry. Your neighbors could mow their yards topless. The lady who walks her dog could do it topless. You can protest topless. Nothing you can do to stop it.


LOL..I did not say these women wore ball gags while parading topless in front of a church where juveniles are present. That would render them "mute".

However, check out: http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/2907.31

Public nude performances before juveniles can be considered disseminating matter harmful to juveniles based on community standards. Again, if the church members want to play hard ball, the parents of children exposed to this activity could complain to the police and children's services. I for one would question these ladies fitness to be a parent in view of their lack of respect for community parental standards.

So yes, if my fifty something neighbor decides to mow her lawn topless while my grand children are present, you can bet there will be a complaint lodged.


Yes, the poor children will be scarred for life because they saw a woman's breast. Telling the children they will burn in hell if they don't believe in an imaginary sky man won't affect them at all.Poor persecuted church goers. Free money, tax write offs, and you (wrongly) think it's your right to tell everyone else how to live. It's embarrassing how naive that all is.


People go to church to learn about God, love, forgiveness, and fellowships.

No one said children will be scarred for seeing breasts, but it doesn't take away the fact the strippers did it more for shock value, and hoping to get their name out there to bring in business.

As for telling someone how to live. What are protests for? What cause hasn't had a protest?


You have to have class to appreciate class. You are arguing with two women (or men or whatever) that have no class; therefore, you won't win. Using logic with these people doesn't help. They obviously have no decorum and will look to anything and everything to excuse naked women showing up at a family event. They obviously work from a different set of standards. So be it. Make your point and move on. Don't argue with those whose only intention is to find fault with everything you say. :~)


@MrsCowboy or whatever you are - Get off your high horse. Be embarrassed for yourself and no one else. That will keep you busy for awhile. I don't argue with people who cannot arise above gutter sarcasm. Your argument is with God and with the christian religion, so of course you won't be able to bring any objectiveness into your spewing. hahahahahaha.


Big words commonsensenow. You call facts gutter sarcasm? How can I have an argument with something I don't believe in?. You are the one spewing insults. Please stop acting like only moral people attend church. The xtian religion is not all about love, forgiveness, and joy. Sounds like someone hasn't read their bible.


God created women's breast so therefore women's breast are part of gods plan and should be shown and appreciated by all.
Let not what god hath made, let not man put up under.......... a shirt. Can I get a AMEN?????


I agree CommonsenseNow, no class.


Just because we don't have the same beliefs doesn't mean we have no class. When backed into a corner by facts, reason, and knowledge, that's all the "righteous" have---- you don't agree with us, so we are better than you. We are persecuted. We are offended. Really??? Last I checked, it was the year 2014


Amen Donegan

Just my Bropinion

If you truly want to make a statement resort to boobtactics

Truth or Dare

Not a fan of booby bars, but one must remember it's adults that are entering through those doors. Adults with a free will to do so, and into a business that more then likely contributes to the tax base. I can understand the "churches" reason for protesting, but on the flip-side their town has allowed the club to exist. Which existed first? Maybe they should be protesting at their city hall?

This just begs me to ask, no matter their Christian denomination, where were/are all the "church" protesters regarding the sexual abuse of children that has taken place within/behind the walls (be it a church or a school)of the religious and morally righteous?

What I find offensive are those that are so religiously right they're willing to ignore, to look away from such ugliness, yet join forces with, contributing billions of church $$$'s to lobby on Capitol Hill to capture seats in Congress, statehouses, judges' offices, your local school boards and city councils, all TAX FREE!