Dogs available for adoption

(Now with VIDEO) The Erie County Dog Pound features these dogs available for adoption:
Tom Jackson
Jan 15, 2012


(Now with VIDEO) The Erie County Dog Pound features these dogs available for adoption:

• Ali — Neutered male lab mix, 2 years old. Housebroken, friendly, gentle and calm. Available now.

• Joker — Male boxer mix, 2 years old. Housebroken, outgoing, loves people and playing with toys. Available now.

• Dusty — Male pug mix, 5 years old. Housebroken, fun, energetic dog who loves stuffed animals. Available now.

• Roxy — Female Rottweiler mix, 3 years old. Housebroken, sweet, a little shy at first with men. Available now.

• Rott mixed pups — Two fun-loving, energetic females. Available now.

• Hubble — Male neuter pom mix, 12 years old. Sweet, happy-go-lucky boy, nicely behaved.

The Erie County Dog Pound, 2900 Columbus Ave., Perkins Township, is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10-10:30 a.m. Saturday and Sunday. 419-627-7607. Adopting a dog costs $45, including license and first shots.


Licorice Schtick

Pug mix??? Riiiight. They're selling Pit Bulls and Rotts. Perfect.



What is wrong with Pit and Rott mixes? If they are raised correctly they are perfectly lovely dogs.
Unless of course you are one of the people that raise them to fight!

Do you?


I have adopted a lab/pit mix from Toledo Humane Society (who thought she was lab/boxer).  After we moved to a larger house, we adopted a purebred Rottie from Sandusky County Dog Warden.  There is NOTHING wrong with these dogs.  I am really sick and tired of people trying to tell me my dogs are "bad" or "vicious" ! My dogs live with 14 year old twins, play with a 4 year old neighbor, not to mention the other children that they greet and play with in the yard!  My dogs are never unattended, and NEVER alone outside.  This is NOT because of their breeds, this is because of other peoples insane ideas that my dogs will attack them, and I will not lose my dogs to someone elses stupid behaviour.  In the human world this equals RACISM.  In the dog world it is BSL (breed specific legislation).   We need to learn to STOP stereo typing in BOTH the human world and dog world.  I would leave my children alone with my PIT MIX and my ROTTIE over many human babysitters anyday! 



It isn't just about upbringing. Historically, dogs have been breed not solely for physical traits, but behavioral traits, too. Pit Bulls were bred for prodigious strength, especially in the jaws, combined with a propensity to clamp on and shake, fighting to the death. That combination presents special risks, and to deny it is just . . . denial.

That's not to say that ALL Pit Bulls will attack or that some Pits won't lead a loyal and devoted life with out incident, BUT estimates attribute 1/2 to 2/3 of all fatal dog attacks in the U.S. to Pit Bulls, even though they account for only about 5% of the dog population. Numbers like that you can't just dismiss due to bias or imperfect data.

Sure, an expert like Cesar Millan can and should rescue Pit mixes and bring them into his pack, and bless him for that, but to bring a dog with Pit Bull characteristics and unknown lineage into a household of non-experts, especially with children, is just reckless, and to encourage others to do so with false and baseless assurances is complicity to child endangerment.

Lots of dog attack prevention stuff at:

As always, death threats may be sent to:


Factiticious ... you are right on!

When people ignore volumes of written data on canine behavior and run around with their heads in the sand, proclaiming what wonderful pets they have, it is a recipe for disaster. It is clear that they know NOTHING about dogs and dog behavior. People who know nothing about these animals should never be allowed to own them. They will protest that they have a right to own anything they want and they are correct on that, but leaving kids around a Pit or a Rottie is just asking for it.

I loved the poster who recently, in another dog thread, was writing about how wonderful both of his Pits were and then he went on about an organization in Toledo that spayed and neutered these animals at a good price and how his neighbor's Pit calmed right down after having been neutered, of course it tore one of his dogs face off through the fence before then! The guy was a walking billboard and didn't recognize it!

Dogs have instinctual behavior patterns and as long as they are not triggered you are OK. For instance a Setter will instinctively point to prey but if kept in the city as an indoor pet, that behavior may never be seen. It can be the most wonderful dog in the world and love kids but if taken outside and a bird jumps, it will point regardless of any training and I mean ANY training! The instinct cannot be suppressed.

Pits get their name from whence the breed came about. It was bred for "pit baiting" back in the 1800 in Ireland. Pit Baiting is when a bunch of guys dug a big pit and threw a bull in the pit. Before throwing a half a dozen Pit Bulls into the pit also, they would blow pepper up the bulls nose to pi$$ it off. The dogs would attack and kill the bull and bets were taken on how long it would take and how many Pit Bulls would survive the fight. The bull got lucky too!

I beg the parents of those kids that own Pits and Rotties, go to the library and learn about your breed. Please! Your picture is sobering but imagine what your kid would look like after an attack like that!


This is not my first rodeo.  I have had a Rottie in the past, and I have done MORE research on my dogs and the breeds than you probably have.  I am a responsible owner and have my dogs under my control at all times.  I DO know dog behavior and MY dogs.  I understand that many owners are not as responsible as they should be, and I understand how these INNOCENT animals are turned into something horrible.  Personally I am just tired of being told how my dogs are vicious, how dare I have them, or let my children live with them. 




You remind me of a TV show named "Fatal Attraction" where people keep exotic animals as pets, contending that they know better, and then they become victims of their ignorance. All I can say then is good luck! Obviously you've been warned!

Hey ‘Tonin, The number of children severely injured or killed by dogs each year is small compared to the number that are killed or severely injured by: auto accidents, drowning, household chemicals, falls, getting burned, choking, and from bicycles. Maybe when the parents are at the library they can educate themselves on those as well.   Bad dog owner = a bad dog, plain and simple. Backyard breeders also contribute to the problem. I would not leave an infant alone with a pit or any other dog. I don’t have pits but always have always had large powerful and tenacious dogs such as GSD’S and Akita.    I will agree that dogs, regardless of breed, can and may react out of instinct; this even includes the best well trained military or police dogs, I have witnessed it first hand with a Belgian Malinois.   Big difference between exotic animals that belong in the wild, and domesticated dogs; don’t you think?  

Well said, Patriot5.  I agree completely.  At one time (I'm not sure as it has been a couple of years ago) the #1 drug dog in American was a Pit Bull!  He was a rescue found in a drug dealers home, half dead in a freezer. 

And yes there is a BIG difference between a domesticated dog and an exotic animal



Dont pay attention to these uneducated post.  I have a part wolf and part german shepard.  He has been with us since a puppy.  He is now 10 and has only attacked 1 person because the little girl grabbed his face and eyes.  She was 2 years old at the time.  She is now 7 and you can barely see the scars on the 1 eye she has left.  It wasnt his fault, she should of not grabbed his face.  I was there when it happened and tried to pull him off but he was to strong.

I hope you never have to write this post.


So here's a hypothetical; if a newspaper runs a puff piece for a puppy pound featuring a no-papers Pit Bull passed off as a Boxer mix, are they complicit and liable if that dog later rips the throat out of a toddler?




The one that looks like a pit says boxer mix, not pug mix. Lets follow along people.


Wow. LifeTime Resident's post shoulda been the last word. Comforting that the wolf mix's attack on the 2-year-old wasn't fatal, but that does not make Pit Bulls safe.

data source:

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
  --John Adams


A seven-year-old girl whose face was savaged by a vicious dog is 'super-excited' about the prospect of regaining the sight in her eye as she prepares to undergo her 57th operation.

Amaya Hess suffered appalling injuries five years ago when she was mauled like a rag doll by a pit bull terrier.

The animal tore apart her ear, eye and nose, and ripped off her scalp, leaving the two-year-old in a coma for three months.

Perpetrator: The pit bull cut loose from a neighbour's garden and grabbed Amaya from her buggy



Hey Factitious, maybe you should stay inside, your probability of being killed or injured from a dog is slim. On average 4 kids die each day in the USA from auto accidents, many more seriously injured. The total fatalities in 2010 was 32,708(adults&kids)


You shouldn't trivialize dog attacks just because traffic deaths are worse.

The number say that Rotties and Pits taken together are about 40 - 50 times more likely to attack than other dogs.

So why shouldn't families have that information when deciding what kind of dog to bring into their home?

We think that in the U.S., emergency rooms treat upwards of 1000 dog attacks per day, but let's go with one estimate of 866 per day, conveniently 316,000/year or about ten time the traffic fatalies. I have no idea what a typical ER visit costs, but If it's only $1000 a pop, it would come to $316 MILLION. That's a significant cost -- less than the cost of traffic mortality and morbidity, but far from trivial.

Yep, there are a LOT of traffic fatalities in the U.S.; I used to say 42,000 year. Because of safety effort, it held steady at that for years even as miles driven went up. Then maybe in 2005 miles driven stopped climbing so fast. That combined with continued safety efforts led to a decline and now we're at 32K or so and dropping (I hope.)

As we identify safety hazards we expend a lot of effort to fix them through action and education, DESPITE RESISTANCE FROM THOSE WHO DIDN'T LIKE THE CHANGE: Seat belts, Safer cars, Safer roads, Fighting drunk  and distracted driving.

See the analogy?

Pit Bulls are far more dangerous than other dogs. People have a right to know that, yet those who would be inconvenienced by the truth continue to deny it.




Factitious- I knew the breed and the damage that COULD be done when I adopted my dog.  I adopted my dog due to the area I lived in required me to have a "small" dog.  When we found her she was 35# and was under the height requrement too.  She was a Lab/Boxer (or so the Toledo Humane Society thought).  I fell in love with her and took her home.  As she ate and became healthy she "filled" out and her lineage was apparent.   I made the choice to keep her.  Her temperment and her loyalty was enough to win the family over no matter what her DNA said. 

So yes pounds, rescues, and any other "adoption" agencies should make every attempt to be sure and know what breeds they are trying to adopt out.  There are MANY MANY breeds that are mistaken for pits too.  Some dogs are mislabeled and face death for "looking" like a pit.  Many in my town now didn't know what my dogs were, until they asked.  They would just say the little one or the big one.  After being TOLD the big one was a rottweiler, they were shocked and said "that's not what I THOUGHT a rottweiler was"

We can disagree all we want, there will still be people who abuse and mistreat animals, there will still be people who are undeducated, and there are still people who should never own ANY dog.

I will keep my dogs, I will give them the best lives they could ever have, and I will fight for my right to have MY dogs.  If you do not like my dogs or how I live my life, keep walking and don't stop to pet them.


ladydye_5- I totally agree with you. These dogs are made out to look bad by people but honestly deep down these are sweet dogs if they're treated right and raised right. Most rotts, pitts, bulldogs, and other "vicious" dogs are big babies. I love my bulldog even though everyone is scared of her because of what she is. She cries and runs away tail tucked when she hears thunder. She wouldn't hurt a fly, she's just a big chicken and if people think they're making a point that these dogs are bad... look at the dogs that are raised right. They'll change their mind.



We went on vacation to Hocking Hills with our dogs a couple of years ago.  MANY MANY children wanted and even ASKED to pet my dogs.  You would hear people talk and hear what people THOUGHT they were.  Many thought my rottie was a pit bull or a mastiff.  And everyone was shocked to hear the little one was part pit bull  They both were such good ambassadors for the breeds.  My children have friends over and they love my dogs and the dogs love kids.  ANY kid walks by and they want attention.  I too have a rottie that hides (or tries to hide) under my bed in a storm, she has even tried to hide under the toilet in the bathroom.  She will not go in the basement, and she will not go outside when it is snowing (something might hit her in the head).  It is the owner not the breed.  My dogs and I have changed ALOT of minds here in town, and I hope to continue showing people what a TRUE rottweiler and pit bull are!



If you new the Damage That Could Be Done when you got the dog.  And you got it anyways.  Then your a moron.


 You know... The dog pound is an amazing place... My mom is a deputy there and you know if you honestly grow up around that place like I have and go in there quite a bit you will realize that those dogs aren't all doing anything wrong. Pit bulls aren't bad dogs and neither are rotwillers or american bulldogs. It's how the dog is raised and sometimes dogs are provoked to bite... maybe even the dog may have bad breeding in it. It's not the dog's fault all the time and you can't just exploit a certain breed of dog to be a "vicious or bad dog" I am an American Bulldog owner and she is the biggest baby in the world. Scared of her own shadow but sweet as can be. She'd never hurt anyone or anything. I've gone into the pound many times just to look at the dogs and I even get in the kennels to pet the dogs sometimes but the dogs are big sweethearts. Some dogs are just scared, some dogs were trained to do the things they do. Don't blame the dog, blame the crappy owners who taught the dog to fight, abused the dog, abandoned the dog. Don't go saying pitt bulls, rottwilers, bulldogs, and other dogs are mean/bad. Learn your facts and don't go bashing an animal until you really know about them. Some of you are just being plain ignorant and just need to stop while you're ahead. And btw, this page is made for selling these dogs. NOT for you to go saying that a dog is part pitt or those dogs are bad... No dog is the same. I've had 2 American bulldogs and they looked the same but they had 2 different personalities. You can't judge a book by it's cover. Dogs are like humans, don't judge them until you really get to know them.


How about some information from research that has no bias (unlike’s very clear one)? Or is that not sensational enough for the fear-mongers on the SR site?

From the National Canine Research Council: 

The problems with dog bite studies- http://www.nationalcanineresearc... Detailed research that goes into real dog bite reporting takes time and effort- http://www.nationalcanineresearc... An example of irresponsible media sensationalism, which leads to unfounded public hysteria- http://www.nationalcanineresearc...

From the American Temperament Test Society: 

The most recent study showed that of 122 breeds, pit bulls scored a passing grade of 83.9% (their reaction when placed in confrontational situations). Beagles scored 78.2% and Golden Retrievers scored 83.2%. -

From Bad Rap, who took in the highest number of Michael Vick’s dogs: 

Addressing the myths head on- The dogs’ journey to freedom and happiness- I read that all but one of Vick’s dogs were able to be rehabilitated and placed in homes—almost all with other dogs, cats, and yes….children. These dogs, in my opinion, serve as the very best ambassadors for the breed as well as other breeds that have been improperly labeled as mean, aggressive, or vicious. -

Looking toward the future, as more people become better educated, we will be seeing more of this:

Cleveland and Toledo repeal breed specific law-

I know it’s a lot of reading and without sensationalistic images, but stick with it—you might learn something. 


another good point to bring up, how many people really report being bitten by a poodle, or a yorkie, or any of the other so called designer breeds.  many of these dogs are very snippy and quick to bite. but being "cute" nothing is done about it other than laugh.  many attacks by "pit bulls" are often changed after the fact when it is found to a dog of different lineage

Julie R.

I feel sorry for Hubble. Poor thing at the age of 12 will probably never get adopted. Wonder why anybody would have a dog for 12 years and then give it to the Dog Pound? 


Julie R- It amazes me everyday the people that just give up their pets.   "we are moving, we couldnt afford him, we are having a baby, he needs medicene, or my favorite....I didnt know it would get that big" .   There are many people that should never own a dog, just as there are people that should NEVER have children. 

IT's TIME TO PUT A LIMIT ON HOW MANY DOGS THAT ARE GIVEN OUT       It's nice to help give dogs a new home I have one from the humane society. After that said, Their Ought to be a law about how the agency distributes the dogs. My complaint is how many dogs are given to A FOSTER HOME living in the city. I have a neighbor that had as many as 11 dogs at a time. you call the city they give you the runaround.    

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