Update: Rollover on Ohio 2 injures 2

Both were ejected after car hit embankment
Mark Chandler
Aug 11, 2014


Update, today, 5 p.m.: Both passenger were listed in fair condition, The Patrol reported. 

Update, Today, 7 a.m.: Two teenagers were ejected Sunday when the vehicle they were in eastbound on Ohio 2 went left of center and struck a bridge embankment, the Ohio Highway Patrol said this morning. 

The vehicle overturned after crossing a drainage ditch, landing in a field.

Kaleb Gueide, 17, Napoleon, was flown to a Toledo hospital from the accident, which occurred near Toussaint Road in Carroll Township. 

Lindzey Chapman, 17, Defiance was taken by squad to a Toledo Hospital the Patrol said.  The crash still remains under investigation.

Prior post, Aug. 10, 2014, 12:36 p.m.

Two people were injured in a single car rollover on Ohio 2 at about noon today.  Traffic was backed up for 2 miles in both directions for approximately  30 minutes near Toussaint Road. 

According to the State Hwy. Patrol, the accident that happened near Carlton Road is still under investigation.

One occupant was flown to Toledo, while the other was transferred to Magruder Hospital in Port Clinton. Check back here for updates. 



Ejected=no seatbelts.


What was that brand of SUV sold by General Motors, known as the H1, H2, H3?





Licorice Schtick

I like GM but always thought their commercials depicting their SUV's deftly dodging rolling logs and rockslides were deceptive by deliberately and falsely implying a high accident-avoidance capability. In fact, high-CG SUV's are much worse at this than coupes and sedans, and carry a much higher rollover risk. Sadly, people buy these gas hawgs in part because they think they are safer.

Peninsula Pundit

That's clearly not an SUV in the picture.
I believe there was another accident involving an SUV, but this is not that.


how sad that this family who is suffering a horrific event like this has to read comments regarding nothing related to this article. I feel sorry for the kids involved & the family of these young ones!