Ohio park says it set record on applying sunscreen

Effort part of campaign to raise cancer awareness
Associated Press
Aug 10, 2014


A southwestern Ohio amusement park says it has set another record in efforts to help in the fight against cancer.

Kings Island in Mason says 2,148 people participating Saturday broke the record for the most people applying sunscreen at the same time. The event is part of the park's campaign to raise awareness and money in the fight against cancers, specifically melanoma, affecting men, women and children.

Guinness World Records says the current record of 1,822 people applying sunscreen at the same time was achieved by Ann's Hope Foundation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in May.

Last week, the park laid claim to a mass head-shaving record as part of its Kicks Cancer campaign.

The records claims are subject to certification by Guinness World Records.




To bad . The amount of People should be at least three times this amount . If not more .
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Use sunscreen! My generation grew up in an age when getting burned was just part of summer. Now like many of my peers I suffer from melanoma.