Mascot strikes out with senator

Politician urges Cleveland Indians to change name.
Associated Press
Aug 7, 2014


It's time for the Cleveland Indians to drop their name and Chief Wahoo mascot, an Ohio state senator says.

Eric Kearney, a Democrat from Cincinnati, introduced a resolution Wednesday that would encourage the baseball team to adopt a new name and mascot, citing racial insensitivity. He also sent a letter to Indians owner Lawrence Dolan urging a change.

With the Indians in the midst of a four-game series with Cincinnati, Kearney said it's the right time to introduce the resolution. The Legislature is on summer break.

American Indians and others have protested the use of the logo for years at the team's annual home opener, complaining that the mascot mocks them and their heritage. It's part of a national debate over the use of Indian nicknames in sports that has regained momentum in recent months, particularly the campaign to get the NFL's Washington Redskins to change their name. In June, a federal trademark board ruled the Redskins' trademarks protections should be canceled because the team name is disparaging to Native Americans.

At an unrelated Thursday news conference, Indians President Mark Shapiro said the Chief Wahoo mascot "represents the heritage of the team and the ballpark" and will remain in place. He added that the team will continue to build and promote the use of the block "C."

Kearney, who said he's a big baseball fan, didn't expect major change right away but said Thursday he's "asking for a discussion to occur." Retiring the Indians' name and mascot would show that much has changed in the 100 years since the name was adopted, he said.

Kearney is the former running mate of Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald. He withdrew from the ticket in December amid questions about tax liens.



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Eric must be a tool.

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Eric is not a tool. Tools are useful. Eric is a stool.



Dwight K.

Oh come on


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From the Grave

It won't change how people think. But if they do retire the name, I'd like them to just be "Cleveland" with no mascot or team name, so they'd be starting something new rather than just picking some horrible name like the "Rockers."

MI Smooth

This is the same Eric Kearney that Ed FitzGerald picked and didn't properly vet as his running mate. The same Eric Kearney that owes tens of thousands of dollars in delinquent taxes. I wouldn't put a lot of stock in anything he says. He's had his 15 minutes.


The name "Reds" offends me due to the fact it reminds me of menstruation.


The name "Reds" offends me because it promotes Communism


Glad to see that the state budget is balanced, school funding issues have been resolved, local and county government state funding has been restored, unemployment close to zero so that Mr. Kearney can concentrate on something of such import. Please no offense meant to Native Americans.


Liberals... Laying their ideology on lunchbox taxpaying democrats.

This is where your party is taking you.

Start thinking for yourselves..


I am a just left of center liberal and this crap is crap. Don't give up Chief Wahoo. I am tired of all this politically correct crap. I like the Redskins too and I have Cherokee in my blood.


The democrat party is no longer about carrying lunchboxes and paying taxes.

Its about takers.

I lump you in with them.


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You must be one of those ultra right conservatives. You fascist wing nut.
If more people would be closer to the middle, whether conservative or liberal, then our country would not be held hostage by the likes of the tea party.


Your first sentence indicates a number of things about you... None of which are flattering. 'Bet you got A's in creative writing ! Not!

I'm just someone who is sick of carrying a lunchbox so I can pay other people's way....

It's likely that I'm paying yours...


Not really. I have earned my way through life. I still am earning it. So, you ain't paying crap for me.
I never took creative writing. But, I did get mostly A's in my 4%.
Your ignorance in lumping me in a category without knowing the circumstances is telling about your state of mind.


Ok.. Enough said...
But how would you deal with political correctness ? It's got a 20 year history and now is "normal".

Everything has become so politicized..


I, on the other hand, hope for a name change and the name I hope for is
"The Cleveland Steamers."
The mascot could be "The Duece" and on his jersey, his number would be the #2.




Remember the Washington Senators? Now, that offends me! Politicians don't deserve a team.

I know it will offend some but I cannot make everyone happy.


Pretty funny.

Dr. Information

Funny a guy from Cinci telling Cleveland to change their name. This is all crap.


The truth be told, the INDIANS name was to honor the native Americans that were on the original team in Cleveland. Politically correctness is BS.


PC was fine when the Clinton's started it..


As a liberal Dem I think this Eric guy is full of crappola. Keep the Indians name!