Cavs pick up another All-Star

Kevin Love now joins LeBron James as the two seek to secure Cleveland's first NBA championship
Associated Press
Aug 7, 2014


Two people with knowledge of the deal tell The Associated Press that Minnesota and Cleveland have agreed to a trade that will send All-Star forward Kevin Love to the Cavaliers for Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a future first-round draft pick.

The two people spoke Thursday on condition of anonymity because no official agreement can be reached until Aug. 23, when Wiggins, this year's No. 1 draft pick, becomes eligible to be traded.

The deal will unite Love, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in a new-look Big 3 in Cleveland. Love is a three-time All-Star but failed to make the playoffs in his first six seasons in Minnesota.



big money
big ball
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baggeball overpriced and boring.


Then stop commenting on it.

B0ttom Line

Yeah we get it. You were always picked last in gym class. You're bitter and spiteful towards those with exceptional athletic ability. Sure they're overpaid. But whether you're interested in it or not, it's news. And people care.




They would of made the playoffs last year had Kyrie not came back. They need to trade him and a #1 pick for Love and keep the young kids.


Crazy. You are obviously not one with a great deal of basketball knowledge.


Overpaid whiners. Raise the basket to 12 feet, change the 3 point line from an arc to a line parallel with the center line 23' 9" from the center of the basket and make a ball that is dunked worth only 1 point. Make them earn some of their money.


Your proposed "rule changes" are idiotic.




A LOT of people in entertainment (and elsewhere) are "overpaid" like the owners of professional teams. Can you say, "Two BILLION $ for the Clippers?"
I only wish the Cavs had hung onto Wiggins. Oh well. Not my call. (I think it was LaBron's call.)


They are only overpaid because we as consumers give them our money.


Huron. You are so right. They get us with ticket prices, price of Nikes, Cable TV, etc, etc, etc.


By adding LeBron, Kevin Love and maybe Ray Allen, the Cavs are now the team to beat in the NBA.