OSU band alumni group still wants director rehired

A two-month investigation concluded Waters knew about but failed to stop a “sexualized culture”
Associated Press
Aug 7, 2014


Despite Ohio State University officials standing by their decision to fire director Jonathan Waters, the band’s alumni association said it will continue to work to get him reinstated to the job.


   Gary Leppla, a lawyer who handles the alumni group’s legal issues, said at a news conference Wednesday members are continuing to look into whether the investigation that led to Waters’ firing was proper.


   A two-month investigation concluded Waters knew about but failed to stop a “sexualized culture” of rituals that included students marching in their underwear and performing sexually themed stunts to get explicit nicknames — a culture he and his lawyer said he was trying to change.


   Leppla said Waters was never given specific guidelines to change the band’s culture when he took over in 2012.



Do you need "specific guidelines" to change such a culture?????


I wouldn't. It's this simple: Here are the rules, here are the consequences. You do X, you are out of the band. Simple.


And he wanted "You do X" or you are out as band director.


What would that look like? For example...no one is allowed to give a nickname to a band member that has sexual overtones? These are young adults, ages 18-21. Its a co-ed group of sexual human beings...not an easy group to police with black and white rules.


Could you be more specific what "X" is?


Nope, not if that person doesn't want it, or if others in the band don't want to hear it.


The question I have is why would the fired band director even want his job back versus maybe getting a major financial settlement for unjust firing? How many of you could go back to an employer when you know those that you'll be reporting to again are the same folks who fired you? Don't see how the employer-employee relationship can work at that point and the employee would be watched like a hawk and first little slip-up, he's fired again.

Dr. Information

Its college kids. Go to a local bar in Cbus and you will see 10x the vulgarity and sexual undertone.

Jesus, let kids have fun as long as there isn't anyone getting hurt.


But they aren't at a bar. They are in a school organization in which the people that participate have the right to not be sexually harassed. Such behavior has no place at an organized school group, I don't care of they are adults.


Some of you need to read the report. It's a lot more than nicknames and conversation.