Teenager dies after falling during hike

Friends and family are mourning the death of an 18-year-old man who died after falling 100 feet during a hike in a southeastern Ohio state park.
Associated Press
Aug 7, 2014


Hocking County Coroner David Cummin said Zachary Doherty, 18, of Uniontown in Stark County, was off the posted trail when he fell Sunday night in Hocking Hills State Park. Cummin said Doherty was hiking with his girlfriend.

She was a short distance away and took a photo of him standing near the waterfall moments before he fell. Family and friends gathered at Doherty’s northeast Ohio high school on Monday night for a vigil. Officials said this is the first death this year in the park, about 50 miles southeast of Columbus.

Three people were killed in cliff falls last year.



I was just there last week they have signs clearly posted to stay on marked trails but no one to enforce the rules in the 5 days we were there only saw rangers patrolling the campgrounds


Ohio has lost 25,000 government workers during Kasich's term in office 2011-present, due to his draconian budget cuts. This would include state park staff.

I would suggest you direct your comments to his office. Perhaps he can explain why the state's "rainy day fund" has ballooned, while jobs and state funding for essential services have been cut.


If signs are clearly posted to stay on marked trails then that's what people should do. State parks are not responsible if you don't do as suggested and there is no 'enforcement of rules' by park rangers regarding staying on marked trails. It's like laundromats not being responsible for lost or damaged clothing. It's up to each individual to be responsible and not endanger themselves.