Beware of scammers calling themselves surveyors

Erie County auditor's office warns public to stay alert
Aug 7, 2014


Erie County auditor Rick Jeffrey issued a warning to the entire community about staying alert for scammers coming to peoples' homes and acting as surveyors.

The warning comes just days after burglars misrepresented themselves and stole from a Perkins Township man.

"Employees of the Erie County auditor's office are currently not auditing properties countywide," according to a release from Jeffrey. "We have three employees or representatives of the county auditor's office inspecting new construction and random farms in the county. Those employees will identify themselves with a picture ID and will be wearing distinctive shirts that identify them as employees of the Erie County auditor's office.

He continued: "In addition, the vehicle will be clearly marked 'ERIE COUNTY AUDITOR'S OFFICE' with the county seal. If someone appears at your door and does not have a county ID or is not wearing apparel that clearly identifies them as employees of the auditor's office, do not allow them access to your property. Call my office at 419-627-7746 or your local law enforcement agency."


From the Grave

Beware of the DEEJ!


Be it a phone call or in-person, I tell 'em:

I don't participate in surveys.

(Repeat the above without changes as often as necessary. It's called the "broken record" technique and it has numerous uses.)


Surveys, as in surveying the property, writing details about a property. Not asking opinions.


Re: "writing details about a property,"

Then tell 'em you're busy.


What would a scammer 'surveyor' get out of surveying a property?


Oh nevermind I get it now.

Ralph J.

People need to look out others. If you see suspicious people walking around your neighbor's property, get the plate number of the car and model of the car. Then call the police.


Watch out for jaysus freaks as well. Jehovah's Witnesses cult have falsely predicted the end of the world 20 times. If that's not a scAm then I don't know the definition of the word.

No Wake

The word you're thinking of is deception, a scam is more along the lines of a predatory business transaction.

Julie R.

A scam is a deceptive or fraudulent act. Fraud is the use of deception, trickery, false pretense, or dishonest acts or statements for financial gain.

A good example of a scam was when sneaky attorneys and 2 fraud attorneys-in-fact from Huron (without the knowledge of the other 2 beneficiaries) transferred my elderly, incompetent mother's half to property (that was not owned jointly) over to the owner of the other half (their stepfather) on a forged POA hidden in the Lorain County recorder seven months before her death and then "signed" a new fraud TOD Deed that defrauded my mother's 4th beneficiary.

Another good example of a scam was when the Erie County common pleas & probate courts, knowing the property couldn't be sold through normal channels after a stepfather's death unless the fraud on my mother's half was acknowledged and the property put back into her estate, got around it by selling the property (with the 4th beneficiary defrauded) at a scam sheriff sale through a scam partition action and a fraud preliminary judicial report that falsely stated there were no defects in the title for the financial gain of the 2 (especially the one) fraud attorneys-in-fact.