Donate to fire victims

Online fundraising campaign has already collected more than $7,000 for Margaretta Township family
Aug 6, 2014


A fundraiser campaign has surfaced online for the family who lost its home to a fire Sunday in Margaretta Township.

In just two days, 131 people have donated $7,280 to the Hartley family through

Click here to donate to the cause.

Adam and Jill Hartley and their two young daughters lived in the Maple Avenue home. 

No one was injured in the enormous blaze, but the home is completely destroyed, as well as all the family's belongings and two vehicles.

Adam is a Perkins Schools teacher and assistant football coach. Kerri Ziegler, wife of head football coach Jason Ziegler, started the fundraiser page.


local man

Home insurance should cover everything except the deductible, where will the excess money go


My friend lost everything in a fire. It took at least 3 - 6 months to receive insurance money. This family needs money to live now.

Tool Box

God bless you all. I just donated.


You people don't even read the articles.
TOOL BOX : The web page was started FOR them not BY them.
LOCAL MAN : Have you ever lost everything in a fire? How do you know what their insurance policy says?

I don't know anything about this family, but you trolls need to quit commenting on bad situations that you aren't part of.


Who cares if they have to pay taxes, i am sure they will ! If you lose everything, i mean everything in a fire, I am sure the insurance company just doesnt cut a check to you the next day ! What are they to do for clothing, food, etc?!?!? you people dont make sense. I guess you wont be donating anytime soon !that is why its called charity, you CHOOSE the charity you would like to donate to !


Honestly, some people! If you don't want to give anything, don't. Choose another charitable cause somewhere else, or keep it all for yourself. No matter your choices, that's how charity is SUPPOSED to work (as opposed to government forcibly confiscating from you and redistributing it to others).

Yes, I'm sure they had insurance. But since when does insurance pay REPLACEMENT costs on many things? Most pay an estimated current value (and trust me, things depreciate according to insurance companies quite a bit quicker than you or I think they do)! Then there are the deductibles. The delays in receiving whatever reimbursement you're going to get. And so on.

Nobody should need to explain that to the protesters here. It should be pretty obvious. And again, it's all VOLUNTARY! Apparently, some people like to complain just to hear the sound of their own whining.


AGREED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pterocarya frax...

Maybe you have the wrong insurance company. My policy has guaranteed replacement coverage for structure and contents.